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Astrology of Eclipse Season, Part 1- Dynamic Energies, Major Life Changes-October 25, 2022*

Hey star-gazers! This is the first of two posts I’m releasing about the astrology of eclipse season.

We have two eclipses happening, one at the end of October and one at the beginning of November.

This forecast will cover the astrology and rising sign forecasts for the October 25, 2022 eclipse.

I’ll also be adding a brief footnote on retrograde Mars for each rising sign, since Mars is the ruler of this eclipse, and will be turning retrograde within days of it.

Big celestial changes are afoot over the next six months, so let’s dig in.


On October 25, we have a partial solar eclipse — where the Moon will be occluding part of the Sun — taking place at 2 degrees, 7 minutes of Scorpio.

This eclipse is occurring on a New Moon and so it can take on the quality of a new beginning in the area of our lives that Scorpio rules.

On the flipside, given that this is a South Node eclipse, this could also spell a karmic ending or a release of some kind, so make sure you note the axis across which Scorpio and Taurus fall in your chart, since this will let you know the topical areas that the eclipse may touch, but I’ll be providing an overview for all rising signs shortly.

Uranus is within a very loose conjunction to the North Node in Taurus.

If you’ve read my previous forecasts, then you’ll recall that I talked about the reactivation of its square to Saturn in an earlier post. This is an important echo signature of the overall theme of this eclipse series, so bear in mind this celestial configuration.

Scorpio is the place of the Moon’s fall. This is the sky temple of Mars, and a place where the Moon, with all its fertile and nurturing tendencies, can struggle in a cool, calculating and strategic sign that’s typically armed for battle.

The Moon, however, has dignity by triplicity, and so, in watery Scorpio, one potential gift the Moon may be offered is emotional depth and deep-seated transformation.

Now, eclipses are always slightly jarring and destabilizing events energetically, and so, this Moon, already intensified by its position in Scorpio, could lead us to feel more on edge or anxious.

The other thing to note is that the New Moon will tightly conjunct a Venus in the place of its detriment. This Venus — which has one of its homes in pleasure-loving Taurus across the axis from Scorpio — may struggle with issues around trust in relationships, intensity, fidelity, power dynamics and even money matters.

So, here, two planets, both with associations around care, nurturing, relationships, comfort and support, are in precarious positions where they could see difficulties over the next several months.

The eclipse ruler is, of course, Mars at 25 degrees of Gemini, squared by a separating retrograde Neptune in Pisces; thus, there could be an element of illusion to this eclipse as well, where Mars may come up against some friction between image and reality or struggle with knowing what facts to act on. This said, this is a very powerful Mars since it’s slowing down to station retrograde on October 30. It will have been sitting on this 25th degree of Gemini since October 21, making its effects more potent.

On both an individual and collective level, this could represent a period of sensory and information overload, mental burnout, or an escalation of conflict in the area of your life that has Gemini on the house cusp, but we’ll drill down more on Mars by rising sign later in this post.

As for this eclipse, given that the ruler is in its pre-retrograde shadow and approaching station, we’ll need to be careful of any reversals of circumstance at a later juncture, since retrogrades can often take things away, delay manifestation of something in our lives, or dredge things up from our past.

To evaluate the effects of this eclipse, I’d recommend taking a look to see if this eclipse is close to any of the axes in your chart — that would be the first, tenth, seventh and fourth houses, or, basically, all fixed-sign ascendants. Early degree Scorpio risings, this could be a massive moment for you in particular.

For cardinal and mutable signs, you look at the Scorpio-Taurus axis and see if you have any planets within a couple of degrees of this New Moon either in Scorpio or Taurus, or in the two other fixed signs of Aquarius and Leo, since these positions will all be in hard aspect to the eclipse.

In addition, everyone should look to the position of Venus in their natal charts as this point could also be wrapped up in the storyline of this eclipse.

Finally, look to the placement of transiting Mars in Gemini, as this planet rules the eclipse and can also be a prominent and related theme to this eclipse.

Now, let’s talk about the overall flavour.


This eclipse is part of Saros Series 124. “Saros” comes from the Greek, meaning repetition or repeated.

Saros Series 124, for example, began in 1049 and will end in 2347.

While going back to 1049 isn’t very helpful, looking back to more recent eclipses in this Saros Series might be as some of us could recall what events manifested in our lives around this time.

The last eclipses in this series occurred on:

  • September 11, 1950 at 18°53’ of Virgo

  • September 22, 1968 at 29 degrees, 35 minutes of Virgo

  • October 3, 1986 at 10 degrees, 22 minutes of Libra

  • October 13, 2004 at 21 degrees, 12 minutes of Libra

Think back to within six months of these dates and note whether your recall anything significant occurring and the overall quality of those events; this could help you understand how this energy affects your natal chart.

Another constructive theme to look at is the initial chart for this eclipse.

The imminent scholar and astrologer, Bernadette Brady, has done a lot of work with these eclipse cycles in her book, Predictive Astrology. (Note, that this is an affiliate link and I get a small commission on the purchase.)

She has shown that the initial eclipse had a Pluto-Mars opposition and the eclipse was conjunct Venus on the Uranus-Node midpoint, making this eclipse all “about being forceful and taking power.” It is said to have “a manic flavour about it, with great force or strength manifesting in the relationship area. Individuals experiencing this Saros Series may experience sudden events, like falling in or out of love, or sudden sexual encounters. The individual may also exert a huge effort in some group activity.”

This theme of manic flavour and the forceful taking of power has the fingerprints of Mars trining Saturn and Saturn in the sign-based square to the Nodes, butting up against liberating Uranus. Thus this signature could potentially amplify the feelings of control and desire for autonomy in our lives.

In general, some parameters for managing through the unstable energies of eclipses include avoiding the initiation of any new ventures, traveling, making any significant financial or relationship decisions, and exercising heightened caution in matters pertaining to health.

All this to say, let’s see how this eclipse energy will play out for all rising signs and what Mars turning retrograde could hold, beginning with Scorpio rising.



This eclipse is occurring in your first house, and it’s going to be intense. It’s in the Scorpio dwad as well, making this a double-dose of deep, transformative energy!

Venus, the ruler of both your seventh and twelfth-houses, is in a challenging position.

As I mentioned in the overview, this could cause some disruptions and additional challenges in the areas of your personal relationships, past karma and psychology.

The twelfth house can represent the place of our self-undoing and mental challenges arising from and relating to more difficult events in our lives.

On the extreme end, this Venus could point to a slightly rougher ride in those areas, as well as in your personal relationships.

Given that the eclipse flavour has an element of power and great force in the area of relationships, it’s not surprising to think about how the active Saturn-Uranus square, occurring between your fourth and seventh houses play into this.

You could want to be exerting control — Saturn — while your partner is desiring to break free — Uranus. Alternatively, it could be you, Scorpio, that needs to do something unpredictable, and given that Venus, the goddess of love, lust and romance, is tightly conjunct this New Moon, it wouldn’t surprise me if you saw sudden beginnings and endings to relationships or sexual encounters amplified by this eclipse.

On another note, this eclipse could see you release aspects of your past self that have been holding you back. This energy could have contributed to you keeping a safe distance in any of your close relationships.

While a healthy skepticism and distrust is part of your make-up Scorpio, this Venus, still invisible in the sky, could heighten sensitivity around trust issues, and with Uranus, still in a wide conjunction to the North Node and squaring Saturn, the backdrop of this eclipse could be fraught with energies that are desiring full-out liberation so that you can avoid confronting those issues head-on.

It’s interesting to consider the themes of greater personal autonomy and control, while the planet of responsibility and obligation transits your fourth house of home, family and foundations.

The October eclipse will usher in a new beginning in a very personal way for you — your worldview, health, constitution and personal psychology, and, conjunct the natural significator of relationships, this theme could reverberate through other houses in your chart.

You could see a theme of personal reinvention, desiring a transformation of yourself and your boundaries against the backdrop of more freedom and autonomy in a relationship.

Mars, the ruler of this eclipse, is in your eighth house of death, taxes, inheritances and transformation, but also secrets, sexuality and intimacy. It will be turning retrograde on October 30, until January of 2023, so we could all experience some delayed effects of the God of War’s apparent backward movement in the sky.

In general, Mars may bring in an additional dose of transformational energy, further echoing the profound change-making potential of this eclipse. It also emphasizes the themes of things falling away or metaphorically dying, but it could also signify new actions and beginnings in the area of your shared resources, debts owed, and other people’s money. Alternatively, it could simply be increasing the intensity of your personal relationships.

Ultimately, Mars could augment the relationship connection of this eclipse, given that Uranus and the North Node remain in your seventh house.


This eclipse is taking place in your twelfth house, and if this has you wincing, hold the phone!

As much as there can be some difficult topics activated by this eclipse in your twelfth, there are also opportunities for profound personal growth.

This eclipse could bring up challenges in the topics relating to your mental and physical health, or some potential ups and downs in matters pertaining to your work, friends and relationships, since Venus rules both your sixth and eleventh houses.

Over the next six months, it will be important that you remain aware of the heightened emotional sensitivity that this eclipse could activate for you. As the energy intensifies, we can sometimes experience difficulties coping with the emotional weight of events, and since the twelfth house can also rule escapism — and Venus, is, of course, a planet that can veer towards indulgence in the areas of overeating or obsessive spending — it will be important for you to remain mentally and emotionally present so you don’t lapse into any dissociative behaviour.

It’s important to remember that having benefic Venus conjunct this eclipse could help mitigate some of its challenges. Though debilitated by essential dignity and hidden from view, the ancients believed that an underworld Venus was unusually powerful and so it can also portend to favourable outcomes.

Given that this eclipse has a flavour of force or strength in relationships, or more manic flavours relating to them and the twelfth house can be a house of endings and release, you could ultimately be ending a romantic relationship.

This eclipse could also bring in a new job opportunity in a foreign country, since the twelfth-house can represent potential relocations, journey’ing abroad, and work-related travel.

It could also bring the topics of the expansive eleventh house into focus; this includes networks, friends, colleagues and your hopes, dreams, and aspirations.

Therefore, aspects of this eclipse could wind up being quite favourable, especially as the South Node could have you releasing past baggage in these areas of your life.

Because the twelfth house is also associated with secrecy and secret affairs and Venus is invisible in the sky, you could simply be embarking on a romance that you’re currently deciding to hide from the world. This signature could be further emphasized by Mars turning retrograde in your seventh house of relationships. You may make a decision about going public when Mars turns direct in January 2023, so consider anything you initiated in the area of your personal relationships back in August when Mars first ingressed into Gemini.

I will add a wee note of caution as well, since this axis can also be connected with health and illness.

Be especially careful in and around this time to look after yourself. With the Capricorn New Moon later this year conjunct the asteroid Hygeia, I’m emphasizing the important opportunity that all rising signs have for preventative health matters.

Finally, since the twelfth house is also associated with spiritual trascendence and self-help, now is a great time to get into anything that will help your personal empowerment. This will be an important counterweight to the intensity of this transit.


For Capricorn risings, this eclipse is taking place in your eleventh-house, activating new beginnings and opportunities in the areas of your aspirations, friends and associates, income from business, and the strategy that you need to achieve everything your heart desires.

Though the Moon, which rules your seventh house of relationships, and Venus, which rules both your fifth and tenth, are in more challenging positions, I wouldn’t write this off as an especially difficult eclipse. You may simply see some challenges to your overall life plan, which you’ll need to navigate. And, with Venus ruling your house of creative potential, side hustles and career, you’ll simply have to stay the course, even in the face of difficulties.

Uranus in a very loose conjunction to the North Node in your fifth house at the time of this eclipse could add a destabilizing energy over the next six months.

On the flip side, it can be a planet that offers profound insights, innovation and brilliance.

So, while Uranus can manifest as unexpected and drastic uprooting of the established order in our lives, it can also be the creative flash of inspired genius.

The fifth house also rules romances and affairs of the heart, and given that this overall eclipse has a flavour of great force — the domain of Mars — and manic relationships — opposing Uranus and conjunct Venus — this could be a signature that could see you starting or ending a relationship.

With the ruler of your relationship house as part of this eclipse, and widely conjunct the South Node, this could also be an important period of endings and release. Perhaps you’re letting go of something or someone that has been weighing on your mind from the past, or, alternatively, you could be shrugging off some toxicity in your thought patterns, especially as it relates to what others think of you.

Now, let’s not forget the overarching theme of this eclipse, which is about control, power and being forceful about it.

Saturn is aspecting this eclipse by a sign-based square. This could translate into a very real pressure on finances where you might need to be realistic about your material resources to make what you want happen. You may have been more passive in the area of finances as well, which now demands your attention and more concerted effort.

Finally, the eclipse ruler, Mars, is within a few days of going retrograde and in your sixth house. This could see you potentially shifting what you do for a living to better align with your aspirations.

Consider anything that could have been initiated under Mars’ initial ingress into your sixth house back in August. It might have been a work-related project or some sort of larger initiative that could have seen you taking more of a leadership position. The retrograde period, beginning at the end of this month, could see that undertaking go through a period of contemplation, revision, or retreat. You will likely get clearer on the path forward in January when Mars goes direct again. And, tying back to this eclipse, you may also achieve greater clarity around whether this work aligns with your larger career aspirations by getting involved in some sort of group activity.


For Aquarius risings, this eclipse is taking place in your tenth house, and frankly, I’d be a little excited about that if I were you.

With the theme of power as the backdrop to this eclipse cycle, you may be experiencing a period of new beginnings at work with you in the driver’s seat.

You could potentially find yourself getting promoted, or having to step into the limelight in some way, thereby taking on greater responsibility.

With Saturn in your first, in a loose square to this eclipse, it could also re-emphasize that tug-of-war between a desire for personal control and a destabilizing challenge from Uranus to shake things up.

You could also find yourself revising what you value, or you could be changing your living situation, potentially allowing for greater alignment in that area of your life with your overall career trajectory.

Since Venus is implicated in this eclipse, it could also import the topics of higher learning and foreign travel. This could be seeing you level up in terms of some skills or even jet set as part of a personal or work-related opportunity. This is another way that Uranus and the North Node could be activated for you — through more opportunities that unexpectedly take you away from your home environment.

Because this eclipse also has the overall flavour of changes in relationships, Venus could see you entering or ending relationships with someone from a foreign country.

With the ruler of this eclipse, Mars, about to go retrograde in your fifth house, this could further lead you to plot out more creative approaches to your career. Mars in airy Gemini could get the mental wheels turning, striving to develop bold, cutting-edge ideas that propel you to the next phase of your tenth-house journey. By the time that Mars turns direct again in January, you may have landed on a million-dollar idea and a major glow-up in the workplace.

It’s much deserved, Aquarius, so relish any accolades that you could be seeing in the months ahead.


This eclipse is taking place in your ninth-house, potentially initiating new beginnings related to spirituality, higher learning, foreign travel, philosophy, and publishing. This eclipse is also importing the topics of learning and communication from the third house. Coupled with the eclipse ruler, Mars, in airy Gemini, this eclipse could be ripe for a new chapter in your intellectual and spiritual development.

With Venus in a slightly challenging position, kicking this eclipse off, topics of inherited wealth or joint resources could also be activated. This could manifest as very real conversations that you and your partner may need to have in the area of shared finances. These topics could be related to whether you have the resources needed to pursue your ninth-house aspirations, such as going back to school, traveling, or hunkering down for some serious spiritual study.

Tread lightly as Venus is in a difficult spot and this eclipse has a destabilizing energy about it in the area of personal relationships.

Mars in your fourth house going retrograde could see you rethink your foundations and personal values, or even your home and family situation in an effort to better align with the calls of the ninth house.

Over the next few months, retrograde Mars may be considering and reconsidering actions it could take to achieve this synergy, and much of that energy could be expended on ideas, communications and getting others to see your perspective and understand your desires.

Overall, this could be a pivotal eclipse for broadening your horizons and bringing a more holistic approach to your personal philosophy, spirituality and outlook on life.


This eclipse is occurring in your eighth-house, activating the topics of transformation, psychology, secrets, joint finances, inheritances, windfalls and shared wealth. It could also be a potent signature for intimacy and issues concerning sexuality. Given that the North Node and Uranus are transiting this house at the time of this eclipse, they could see you initiating a very intense period with your intimate partner.

Alternatively, because the eighth house includes secrets and transformation, and Venus is the natural significator of relationships, which is in a difficult position, this could bring up some challenges to trust and intimacy in your romantic relationships. Additionally, with the South Node conjunct the New Moon, you could also be releasing, severing, or letting go of past relationship baggage.

This eclipse is ruled by Mars in Gemini, which coincides with your third house. The third house can be associated with communications and power, and so you could be giving greater voice to your relationship needs.

Other third-house significations include skills and learning, and, connecting with the eighth-house significations of finances, perhaps this eclipse could see you learning how to better manage your own finances or helping out your partner or family in managing theirs.

This eclipse could also activate potential opportunities with siblings, possibly in the area of business, since Venus rules both your second and sixth houses of earned income and work. Again, with the eclipse-ruler, Mars, turning retrograde, this idea may still be in its infancy.

The Mars retrograde period could see you going over potential actions and strategies with a fine-toothed comb, but be aware that it could also stoke some old conflicts with siblings as well, bringing up past arguments or challenges with them, so, as much as you might be contemplating joint ventures, Mars could also invite tension as well.

With Uranus in opposition in your second, just know that the next several months could also be punctuated by unexpected financial events and possible upsets. This could include events that challenge your values or even income, but this is nothing that you, resilient Aries, can’t weather.


This eclipse is taking place in your seventh house of relationships, initiating a new beginning in your romantic, friendships, or business partnerships. This eclipse is doubly important because it involves your ascendant ruler in a challenging position.

Although the ancients considered an underworld Venus to be quite powerful and signalling a final, favourable outcome, we can’t ignore its dignity struggles in Scorpio.

So, what this could mean for you, Taurus?

It could translate into you needing to pay more care to the relationships that you initiate in and around this time so you aren’t sacrificing a part of yourself in them. This could also be a signature of trust issues, since Venus in Scorpio is known to struggle with transparency and faith in the honesty of one’s partners.

Though I’ve offered cautions around initiating new relationships under Venus at this phase of her heliacal cycle, the eclipse energy is especially potent for new relationship signatures, so don’t be surprised if something new presents itself over the next six months.

The other thing to note is that the eclipse-ruler, Mars, is turning retrograde on October 30 — that’s occurring in your second house of earned income, and, it’s tied up in this eclipse storyline.

Be careful that any relationships don’t cause you financial hardship, especially since Venus also carries the significations of money, and it’s in the place of its detriment in your seventh Scorpio-ruled relationship house.

Backward-moving Mars could present some temporary reversals in your personal finances and earned income. Alternatively, you may be thinking about how to reconsolidate your financial position as a result of any setbacks.

Just know that Mars will be going direct again in a few months, so if there is any crunchiness introduced by this eclipse or by Mars’ retrograde motion, cycles can and do end, and this one will be over by March or April of next year.


This eclipse is taking place in your sixth house of work, service, pets, and health.

First off, because this is a New Moon eclipse, it carries the significations of new beginnings, and so the very first signature that I like for this eclipse is the potential of bringing a new fur baby into your life.

Tied in with work, this eclipse could be initiating a new phase in your employment, or with people whom you employee or who report to you.

Though Venus, the natural significator of relationships, is in her detriment in Scorpio, the ancients believed that an underworld Venus was quite powerful, so this benefic planet may have the effect of ending things on a positive note, even if some of the road over the next six months is a little bumpier.

The eclipse-ruler, Mars, is going to be turning retrograde on October 30 in your first house. This could have you seeing some aspect of the eclipse connected with yourself, your beliefs and outlook on life, and how you present to the world.

Perhaps you’re going through a very personal phase of re-evaluating how you take action in the world. Or, maybe you’re working on becoming more assertive in your personal affairs.

As Mars turns retrograde, it will be revisiting the various topics that it could have highlighted when it entered your first house back in May.

Be careful, though — Mars can also signify accidents. In the first house, this could correspond to head-related accidents in particular.

Finally, this could also be reactivating some previous ailments, so try to be especially mindful of your health and vitality over the next few months of Mars’ journey through your first house.

Your partner may also need to exercise some care, as Venus in detriment rules their sixth and twelfth houses of health, illness and difficulties by derived houses.


This eclipse is taking place in your fifth house.

I rather like this signature for new beginnings in the areas relating to your children, creative endeavors, pleasure, hobbies, side hustles, and, of course, romantic relationships.

This eclipse, with its erratic energy, could see you starting a new one or ending an old one, but either way, it’s got your own personal agency written all over it.

With the South Node involved, this is also an eclipse where you’re shedding some potential relationship karma with your children, if you have them, and embarking on a new phase.

However, with Venus in a challenging position by dignity, don’t be surprised if there could be a little crunchiness over the next few months as you commence this new period in your life.

Venus ruling your fourth house also imports the topics of home, family, your values, and property, as well as topics associated with your friends, social groups, hopes, dreams and aspirations. As the eclipse is occurring in the second house from your fourth, for some of you this eclipse could usher in income from a property. Perhaps you’re gearing up to sell your current home, or may have a family home or property to sell? And, since the eclipse theme has a theme of power to it, then perhaps you took control of some family wealth, and this eclipse is ushering in the beginning of activities associated with that.

Mars, the ruler of this eclipse, is in your twelfth house. This can often be a challenging house with several negative associations. This could include sorrows, isolation, institutionalization, imprisonment, and exile. Definitely not great topics! However, the twelfth house can also include more benign topics, including mental worries or anxieties, restlessness, sleep issues, or blasts from the past. In short, don’t despair, Cancer, since this transit is comparatively brief, lasting only seven months (and we’re nearly through two of those!).

The twelfth house also has a corollary association of spiritual transcendence, which can often be the result of the deeply personal, psychological and inner work that events stemming from transits through this house demand from us. As Mars entered this house back in August, you’ll need to consider any significant events that might have occurred in your life relating to these topics. That will give you a flavour of how they might weave into the storyline of this eclipse cycle.

Another more positive twelfth house signification includes relocation abroad, often for work. Perhaps when Mars entered your twelfth you began considering this, or you may have had it thrust upon you by your place of employment.

Tying back that eclipse theme of income from property, this eclipse could also see you eventually selling your home to move abroad, though I’d caution against any impulsive decisions while Mars is retrograde beginning on October 30. It will station direct on January 12 of 2023, so perhaps put off any firm decisions until then if possible.


This eclipse is occurring in your fourth house, which brings in new beginnings. It could see you releasing past karma related to your home, family, ancestry, or foundations.

With Venus in the mix, importing the natural significations of beauty, you may simply be thinking about renovating your home over the next few months. Be cognizant that Venus in a debilitated position could make these endeavors more challenging, but as the ancients believed that an underworld Venus was especially powerful, the Lesser Benefic portends to things ultimately turning out alright in the end!

Venus also rules your third and tenth houses, so this eclipse could be introducing a new period where you’re prioritizing family matters over career. You could also be working hard to improve relationships with siblings, which, with Venus in a challenging position, could be quite rocky at the moment.

The overall eclipse energy is quite erratic and, given the inflammatory addition of Mars, you will want to be cautious with any impulsive behaviour.

Mars is going to be turning retrograde on October 30 in your eleventh house. This is a house related to your hopes and dreams, friends, social groups, colleagues and networks. This could be a good time for you to consider how you need to expand your networks to further career goals, or support your personally — that’s also the fourth house influence in the mix.

The sign of Gemini is all about communications, networks, and connections, and so, as Mars goes retrograde and encourages us to scale back on activities that could be reversed by Mars’ eventual forward motion in January, this could be a good time for you to put a strategy in place for your networking endeavors. These could be related to business or personal matters and ultimately help you revamp and renew your aspirations in the world.


This eclipse is occurring in your third house of siblings, short-distance and routine travel, communications, writing and publishing, social media and the web, and skills and learning.

As this eclipse is ruled by Mars in your tenth house, this could be a new beginning related your career.

With the overall flavour of control tingeing this eclipse, you could be taking greater initiative over your own career trajectory, levelling up and improving your game in order to advance.

With Venus conjunct this eclipse and in a slightly crunchy position ruling your second and ninth houses, there could also be some implications on your finances here, perhaps even clipping your wings if you had hoped for more expansive horizons as a result of your efforts.

The ruler of this eclipse, Mars, is turning retrograde in your tenth house, which, since it’s angular, may make this Mars a little less susceptible to the effects of retrogradation, so any potential career setbacks, delays or reversals, may be quite minor overall.

Between October 30, and January 12 of next year, this retrograde motion will mark an important period for you to take stock of your career plans, and, since Mars represents an action-oriented energy, in busy, communication-heavy Gemini, it could take on the the topics of networks and connections that you need to make to take the next big leap forward in your career.

Mars in Gemini, though, uses words as weapons, and so you’ll need to be careful about any potential disagreements that you may have in and around this time with employers, or others in leadership positions, since Mars can rule those types of individuals.


This eclipse is taking place in your second house of earned income, material wealth, moveable possessions and values.

This is an interesting eclipse for you, Libra, because it also ties in the theme of control and power.

You could, therefore, be initiating a new phase of accountability over your personal finances, and assuming greater control over how you make money.

Given that you’ve had Saturn transiting your fifth house of romantic relationships, children and creativity, but also entrepreneurship, there may be a segment of Libra risings out there who have turned hobbies into side hustles and are now looking at turning them into a more sustainable, income-generating business.

Alternatively, if the Saturn transit through your fifth was tied in with a challenging romantic relationship, you may now be figuring your priorities out and what you value in affairs of the heart.

Given that this eclipse conjuncts your ascendant ruler, Venus, who also rules your eighth house of death and transformation, this may be ending off and a new beginning for you as well, Libra. It could concern a new, restructured, and revamped “YOU” that has been in the making for the past couple of years. Perhaps your metamorphosis is complete?

The ruler of this eclipse, Mars, is turning retrograde in the next few days following this eclipse. This is occurring in your ninth house of spirituality, philosophy, higher learning and foreign travel.

For some of you, you might have considered returning to school or pursuing some sort of certifications in the areas of spirituality and the healing arts. This could have arisen from the confluence of retrograde Mercury dipping between the signs of Libra and Virgo, and its conjunction with your ascendant ruler back in late September.

With Mars having entered Gemini back in August, this could also have commenced a period of strategic planning. Tied in with the eclipse in your second-house, you may be wondering how you can move forward with ninth-house endeavors while still earning the income needed to meet your basic needs. Mars in your ninth house will ultimately be there for almost seven months — from August until March of next year — so this could be a time where you are contemplating actions that you can take to bring the aforementioned topics to fruition.

The main cautions to flag around Mars in a Gemini-ruled house, is to avoid confrontations with ninth-house figures in your case — professors, teachers, spiritual gurus, or foreigners, since the ninth house can rule foreign places. Mars in Gemini uses words as weapons, and so it’ll be important for you to remain level-headed, especially if provoked or simply feeling a little hot under the collar.

The signature that I do like for your ninth-house endeavors is Saturn remaining in a sign-based trine, which is a great signature for dedicated, focused work — whether it’s related to continuing studies or a commitment to travel the world.

That’s all I’ve got for you this week. If you found this helpful, don’t forget to like and comment below by sharing how the astrology of the week is playing out for you. You can also subscribe to my mailing list to get these forecasts delivered straight to your inbox.

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