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Saturn in Pisces 2023–2026 - Rising Sign Preview!*

Hey star-gazers! This is your rising sign preview for Saturn’s ingress into Pisces, occurring on March 7, 2023. Of course, you can read these for your Sun and Moon signs as well, but I find the rising sign most closely resonates with our natal placements. The Sun sign, however, can be a great baseline for the path of our heart’s desire, and the Moon our current emotional and inner terrain.

If you’re interested in an overview of the path of Saturn’s transit, a deep dive into the Saturn archetype in astrology and the Tarot, global events of previous Saturn-in-Pisces transits, and my general global forecast for 2023–2026, then check out my dedicated YouTube video since I won’t be posting a written version here. (You can also watch a version of this rising sign forecast on YouTube channel as well.)

Before we dig in, a DISCLAIMER--

I'm biased when it comes to the quality of Saturn transits after wrapping up our most recent Saturn-in-Capricorn one.

You’d think that the planet, dignified and angular (it’s also in sect for my chart) would be difficult but also constructive. THINK AGAIN! I totally underestimated the disheartening level of difficulty I faced!

Saturn-in-Capricorn was likely no picnic for any of us, conjoining as it did its Great Conjunction partner, Jupiter and Mars and Pluto at various points of its jaunt through the sea-goat’s sign. With the pandemic backdrop for part of its transit, it likely made things tough for many people, not just me.

This said, that was the roughest two-and-a-half years of recent memory, hardly aided by Pluto hovering over my natal IC, kicking me while I was down. Suffice to say, I come to this transit forecast a little scarred from Saturn in Capricorn, so my motto is now, “Prepare for the worst, expect the best!” since astrology can and often does surprise.

Bear in mind that GOOD THINGS WILL HAPPEN! There are some great things to look forward to in the astrology of next year and so many wonderful, harmonious and glowing transits, but, in my books, Saturn transiting anything just isn’t it one of them.

If I’m wrong — and I will be from time to time since this forecast is general and transits are specific to so many factors of your individual natal and progressed charts — that, at the very least, you will walk away from this post with some delineation points to consider in your own chart so you can determine what resonates for you so you aren’t blindsided.

With that, let’s start with the most fitting sign to kick us off — Pisces!


Saturn will be transiting your first house, which could bring up the themes of lack, restriction and hard work for you on a personal, health and psychological level.

The first house rules ourselves and our constitutions, so seeing Saturn transit the first could flag the need to concentrate on your mental and physical health as Saturn rules both depression and chronic ailments.

Psychologically, this is the planet of lead, weight and discipline, so your natural Jupiterian buoyancy could undergo a prolonged period of contemplation and retreat.

Because Saturn can also rule isolation and exile, as well as monasteries, ashrams and the like, you may feel inclined toward a metaphorical or literal retreat in order to restore your health and vitality.

Given that Neptune continues to transit your sign, there could be an echo here of illusions, hopes and dreams which the planet’s retrograde movement in the second-half of 2022 caused you to revisit and reconsider. You may have experienced a sobering breakthrough associated with this area of your life.

Furthermore, given that Saturn was in a sign-based square with Uranus for the last few years, you may have felt left-out-in-the-cold or limited as it relates to friends and family. Now, with Saturn moving into the sign-based sextile with Uranus, you could see tensions ease in these areas of your life.

Finally, as Saturn takes on the archetypal themes of death and rebirth, this two-and-a-half year cycle could see certain old aspects of yourself and your personality falling away, replaced by whatever hard mental and shadow work Saturn demands of you over this period.


Saturn will be transiting your twelfth house, which is a signature that I want to flag with some cautionary notes.

Given the twelfth-house’s overlapping significations with Saturn and Pisces, this could be a time where you may need to take a step back from your career, given that Saturn rules your tenth house as well.

Perhaps you might feel compelled to move abroad or, alternatively, you may find yourself forced into a work-related relocation.

With Mercury in the place of its detriment and fall under the sun’s beams around the time of Saturn’s ingress into Pisces, you might feel burn-out or some other sort of mental exhaustion owing to your work as well since Virgo rules your sixth-house of health and work.

Because the twelfth house is also the sixth from the seventh, your partner could also see some health-related issues crop up. Saturn can rule chronic ailments, and Mercury-ruled Virgo can correspond to digestion, enteric issues and illnesses relating to the hands. Pisces can represent hard-to-diagnose ailments, so just keep this in mind for this transit.

Similarly, for your partner, this could be a work-related transit. Saturn can sometimes correspond with a lack of work, job losses, setbacks, obstacles or losses of employees as the sixth house can rule people who work for your partner.

For both of you, this is going to be an important transit to make sure you consider your mental and emotional health. Given the strong theme of isolation that you could be experiencing with Saturn in the twelfth, you might need to lean on your family and friends.

Finally, since your eleventh house is also Saturn-ruled, with the ruler in aversion, be careful with communications at various junctures during this transit as this could be a period where you may see more misunderstandings occur with people in your life, a lack of ability to see each other’s perspectives, or just general issues where you feel like someone — a friend, a mentor, an aunt, uncle or cousin — could blindside you when you’re least expecting it.


This transit is occurring in your eleventh house of friends, social groups, hopes, dreams and wishes, income from businesses and, according to some ancient astrologers, children as well, since this is the house of Good Fortune and children were considered to be the good fortune of their parents.

Neptune transiting this house and turning retrograde in 2022 could have had some illusions and dreams shattered as it related to your friends, extended families and networks. This could have included work-related contacts or mentors Since the eleventh house can often be where we find cousins, aunts and uncles or siblings-in-law, this could also be a transit relating to them and, on the more extreme side, Saturn transiting this place could signal a chronic illness or even passing of certain people in our lives.

For those of you who are in long-term romantic relationships, this house can also be associated with step-children — or your partner’s children (their fifth house from your seventh). Given Saturn’s significations, this could be a period where they might be metaphorically or literally separating from your partner and you, by extension — possibly going away to school, leaving the nest, or undertaking some other type of separation. Be on the lookout for this to be a difficult transit for them, given Saturn’s significations, so as you browse the various rising signs, take a peek at how this transit could affect them so you’re fully prepared.

If you run your own business, this could be a period of financial austerity, or, alternatively, a period of significant restructuring. You could also be retreating from this work, or from certain circles of friends and social groups in order to revamp your beliefs, hopes and aspirations in eleventh-house topics.

Since Saturn rules your ninth and tenth houses as well, you could experience some sudden career challenges — on the extreme side of the spectrum, a loss, or simply a period of retreat and re-evaluation. This period could last for a couple of years, so you may be asked to build new structures and work hard to restore your networks, relationships and previous position if it sees a setback, but with Neptune’s influence, it might be helpful to ensure that these foundations are more solidly rooted in reality than nebulous illusions.


This transit will be taking place in your tenth house, initiated under a tense sign-based square from transiting Mars in your first house. Depending on whether you have your mid-heaven in the tenth whole sign house, you’ll want to be cautious as to when Saturn will transit over it since that can be a particularly important transit — though not the only possible signification! — for a job loss of some kind — a literal or metaphorical one, including a demotion.

As the tenth house also has broader significations around our public standing and overall reputational position in the world, this transit could see some losses on that front, or some sort of forced retreat or isolation from the outward-facing areas of our lives.

Given that Neptune has been in this sign for a while, you may have had a yo-yo’ing relationship with your career aspirations — perhaps you built up some false perceptions of what it could give you and, like many people, the Neptune retrograde in the second-half of 2022 could have had some of those perceptions shattered.

Saturn is not going to make the next few years easy for you, especially in your career, but this can also be a period where hard-work, diligence and sober second thought can help you reap rewards.

Another signification which Saturn in opposition to the fourth could bring up is a parental separation or divorce of some kind. If transiting is circling your natal IC within three degrees, you should pay close attention to the nature of this transit, since you might be especially poised to experience a change in your living situation or that of your parents where some sort of Saturnian-inspired isolation, retreat or ending could occur.


Saturn will be transiting your ninth house where a stellium of several planets, including the Sun, Mercury and Neptune, will also be, initiating a period of hard work and toil in the topics of spirituality, higher learning and foreign travel.

Maybe you’ve lost your faith, Cancer, and you are being asked to find it again, and since Saturn shares twelfth-house associations, such as monasteries, convents, ashrams and places of spiritual worship and quiet contemplation, perhaps your spiritual journey will include journeys to any of those places.

Further, Saturn rules your seventh and eighth houses, so this transit could bring the themes of relationships and joint finances to the fore. It could be finances held with your partner (romantic or business), or income from family sources, such as inheritances. It could also be connected to properties — perhaps properties in a foreign country — since Saturn also rules real estate and this transit is occurring in your ninth whole-sign house.

Because Saturn is ultimately a planet of loss, and its initial ingress sees Mercury debilitated under the Sun’s beams, there could be a financial signature here for you concerning some sort of losses in these areas. And, as Pluto wraps its transit of your seventh house, which, was likely a challenging transit for you where partnerships were concerned, just be careful of the toll that this transit could potentially take on these areas of your life.

Finally, Saturn’s ingress into the ninth house could represent higher learning as well. This could coincide with a period of educational pursuits for you — perhaps you’ve gone back to school or are pursuing some longer-term learning endeavour, maybe even with a spiritual flavour to it. Saturn bodes well for concentrated, dedicated work over the next two-and-a-half years.

Ingress chart for Saturn's entry into Pisces, March 7, 2023. Created with AstroGold.


This transit occurs in your eighth house which is traditionally a difficult house associated with death, taxes, inheritance, fear, depression, psychoanalysis and other things that go bump in the night.

Given Mercury is co-present in this house at the time of Saturn’s ingress, this could be a period when you might initiate some conversations with your spouse or partner around shared resources, your material earnings or investments.

This could also be a time where Saturn, having just completed its transit of your seventh house, could have seen you sever an important relationship in your life — a marriage or a business partnership for instance. Saturn in the eighth could demand that you sort out the state of any joint assets, severing shared accounts and evaluating profits and losses.

Speaking of profits and losses, Saturn in the eighth could also be where you might see some contraction of your income from other sources since investments can be found in this house, but with the sign-based sextile from Uranus in Taurus, there could be some unexpected circumstance of a more positive nature potentially turning somewhat a dire situation around.

The key to surviving this transit will be bearing in mind that it is of relatively short duration and that there are aspects throughout the next two-and-a-half years that will periodically ease some of the overall intensity of Saturn’s movement through this sign. Though this can be a challenging transit, we often come out on the other side of these things more resilient, wise and hopeful.


Saturn will be transiting your seventh house and this will initiate a just-over-two-year period of relationship challenges. I should note that if you have a day chart, it won’t be quite as difficult as those born at night, but whichever way you cut the celestial mustard, Saturn is going to bring up themes of hard work, austerity, separation, isolation and loss in this area of your life.

Where your marriage, relationship, business partnerships or close friendships are concerned, Neptune’s transit in 2022 could have exposed false illusions upon which your relationships were based and, with the Saturn ingress in March occurring while Mercury is under the beams, it could signal something potentially hidden relating to money matters as well. Given that Mercury rules your first and tenth houses and is both in its detriment and fall in Pisces, this could be a period where you experience some deeply personal and psychological difficulties owing to these relationship issues or, alternatively, a bit of a challenge in your public reputation or even career as a result.

Saturn can bring about isolation, separation and ultimately severing, so while this may not necessarily result in a signature of divorce or splitting up, it could signal a time of difficulty in your relationship. You or your partner may also be putting up emotional walls or boundaries, potentially leading to your feeling isolated.

On March 7, 2023, the ruler of your seventh house, Jupiter, is in the eighth and separating from a conjunction with Venus in its detriment, which rules your second and ninth houses. Potentially some of the difficulties in your relationship could stem from issues tied to joint finances and with Venus in a challenging position at the time of this ingress, ruling your house of earned income, you may be personally experiencing some of your own direct financial issues which are only exacerbating any broader challenges you and your partner could be experiencing in this area.


This transit is happening in your sixth house of work and health. This could be a period where you are being asked to work extremely hard to build something tangible after Jupiter transited through the sixth house in 2022, opening up ideas and expansive possibilities.

Saturn is the planet of boundaries, structure, building and so, metaphorically and literally, you might be asked to concretize ideas in this area, rather than simply swim in the ocean of infinite Piscean possibilities.

Perhaps transiting Neptune the last few years exposed some of the fallacies around myths that you had constructed concerning work and progress. Maybe some of your castles in the air came crashing down.

The next two-and-a-half years are going to ask you to put stable, unshakeable, and lasting foundations in place in your health and work routines.

So, if you were considering something in a creative area, like turning a side hustle into a business while Saturn was transiting through your fifth house these last couple of years, then this will be the year that Saturn will make you put your nose to the grindstone and figure out how to make it a reality.

Of course, it won’t be easy, and, with Neptune still co-present in the sign, even this could come with its own illusions and delusions.

The other thing that you will want to pay careful attention to is any health issues you may have, since Saturn can rule chronic illnesses and Pisces typically includes hard-to-diagnose ones.

Saturn can rule the bones and joints and so, in watery Pisces, where the lord of the sign is ultimately a great expander, you know that this could be an amplifying signature for any little aches and pains that you might experience now.

If you have been watching or reading my forecasts with any regularity, you will know that, in one of my Mercury Retrograde forecasts, I talked about the New Moon in Capricorn in December conjunct the asteroid Hygeia, which can signal efforts at preventative medicine, health, and health-related issues. So, hopefully, during the September 2022 Mercury retrograde that backs into Virgo, even you, Libra, are planning to undertake some serious renovations to your healthcare regimen.


This transit is taking place in your fifth house of children, pleasure, speculation, creativity and side hustles. This is an interesting transit for a couple of reasons since Saturn is coming out of your fourth house, where it was over the past few years. For those with night charts, you may have experienced a slightly more difficult time relating to home and family, even with Saturn angular and in the house of its rulership.

This could have resulted in some difficult issues coming to the fore in your home and family life; for example, a desire for maintaining the integrity of your family unit and finding some way to bend those expectant structures, while possibly feeling the pressure for liberation and independence from Uranus in the seventh house of relationships.

Now, in the fifth house, some of that pressure you might have felt will ease as Uranus in your seventh will meet up with Saturn in a sign-based sextile, so, you might be looking for more creative outlets to feed that independent impulse coming from Uranus in the seventh.

Another signification for you is the severing, segmenting and isolating theme of Saturn in the house of children. At the beginning of its ingress, Saturn is co-present a debilitated Mercury under the Sun’s beams, with Neptune still in Pisces as well. Mercury can often rule younger children or, sometimes your first-born child, so you may find that this transit could coincide with children leaving home and, with Uranus in the third derived house from the fifth, perhaps you have children going away to school, which, for some, could augment feelings of isolation, emptiness and depression. Just be cognizant that this signature also has Mars-in-Gemini’s fingers all over it, so try to avoid any conflicts with your children in and around this time.

Lastly, Saturn in this house could introduce a more constructive opportunity for you to work hard at some creative project. This may be something that you have been desiring to monetize or turn into a more sustainable business. Saturn in this house, given the long transit, will require discipline and commitment from you, though Jupiter in fiery Aries in the sixth could present an initial burst of pioneering optimism.


This transit is hitting your fourth house, meaning that this could be a more significant transit for you because it’s angular in your natal chart. If you have any planets in that house in your birth chart, you will want to consider how this transit might be coloured by their presence there.

Given the austerity of Saturn’s visit to most houses, this could be a time where you might be experiencing some challenges around lack, insufficiency, fear, anxiety or depression concerning matters relating to your home life. Perhaps there will be issues surrounding the illness or death of a family member, or even a separation or divorce of parents, but any way you cut it, this is going to be an important transit and will likely hit night charts much harder than day ones.

Since Saturn rules both your second and third houses, it could bring in topics associated with earned income, material possessions, siblings and communication, so this might be a period of financial belt-tightening for you, or a time when you might be sharing some concerns within your extended family around Saturnine issues, not least concerning issues with children.

Mercury, ruling your seventh and tenth houses initially debilitated in that sign, could bring in a temporary signification of some challenges in career and marriage, with potential for conflict with your marriage partner in and around this time. The ruler of the fourth in aversion in the fifth and conjunct an exiled Venus might portend to some matters that you might not initially see pertaining to luxury spending, pleasures or gambling and since the fourth can rule losses from it, just be cognizant of children, especially, who could be involved in some of this spending.


This transit is taking place in your third house. This could be a time where you are hunkering down for some long and arduous work relating to writing and communication. Maybe you’re going to pen your memoirs or a novel, but this can be the first step in a long and personal endeavour.

The third house also rules stocks in general and Saturn rules your second house of earned income, so this could be a time where you might be seeing some losses in your portfolio, or considering selling off some of your assets as part of the wider theme of austerity and belt-tightening that we could be seeing globally.

The third house also rules communities, neighbours, neighbourhoods and extended family and with Saturn representing isolation and exile, this could be a period of retreat from social engagements.

With Neptune also in this house and Saturn representing additional themes of monasticism, temples, ashrams and places of religious exile, as this is occurring in the house of rituals and the goddess, you may be considering more asceticism, minimalism or austerity in your ritual practices as a pathway to developing your spirituality.

Because Saturn also rules long friendships, friendships with older figures, sages and religious figures, this could also be a time when you embark on some long-lasting and significant friendships, given the third-house connection.

Finally, since the third house can also be about skills, Saturn transiting this house could see you take up some sort of endeavour, working hard to gain aptitude and facility in whatever area you choose. Given the natural astrological associations with Mercury and Gemini, this could be a language, learning computer coding, building a website, or gaining some sort of social media or marketing savvy.


Last but certainly not least, Aquarius risings can expect this transit to visit their second house of material wealth, earned income and movable possessions.

This could be an area where, you, Aquarius, might be looking to tighten your financial belt owing to some potential losses or forced austerity. Since Saturn rules both your first and twelfth houses, this could also be a more conscious decision on your part to downsize, to potentially give away possessions, reduce waste or unnecessary expenditures and focus on more practical approaches. Perhaps you might even veer into a more minimal or ascetic lifestyle.

Saturn in the second can also be a signature of thriftiness, fear around money, or anxiety around finances, so this could also simply be more of a psychological transit for you where, especially with Pluto in the twelfth house amping up that psychic fear and anxiety, you might simply be worried about the state of your bank balance.

Because this is also the tenth house from the fifth, for Aquarius risings with children, be on the lookout for this transit potentially taking a toll on their careers — possibly downsizing, demotion or a job loss, which could be another way that your finances might be constrained, especially if you are providing any monetary support to them.

With Uranus transiting your fourth house, you may also be looking to make an unexpected move, since the fourth house and Saturn can both have elements of real estate and property associated with them, so it’s interesting to consider whether this theme of austerity, lack or downsizing could be a very voluntary one, which has you simply saying “no thanks” to big luxury purchases, opting instead for smaller or more practical domiciles and a more modest living situation.

Because this house also doubles as your spouse’s eighth house, they might see a small inheritance arising from a family passing, or, alternatively, some taxes or investments curtailing monetary growth. With Neptune still in that house be careful of any investment scheme that may sound too good to be true; since Saturn is ultimately a planet of lack and loss, just be extra prudent where all financial matters are concerned next year and through to 2026.

That’s all I’ve got for you at this point, but I’m sure I’ll have more to say as I dig further into the transits of 2023.

If you found any of this helpful, don’t forget to like and follow and make sure to come back on Friday for another week-ahead forecast!

*DISCLAIMER: All astrological forecasts are for ENTERTAINMENT PURPOSES ONLY. Any decisions that you might make as a result of reading this or any other astrological blog entry are YOURS ALONE and the creator of this blog will not be held responsible! For any legal issues, see a lawyer; for medical ones, consult a physician. None of the information in this blog constitutes actionable advice from a licensed professional. Once again, this forecast is for ENTERTAINMENT PURPOSES ONLY!

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