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Everything you need to know about booking an astrological consultation with me!

What kind of astrology do you practice?

While I'm a Hellenistic astrologer, I blend ancient and modern astrological techniques to provide meaningful, in-depth and well-rounded readings. It's not unusual for me to mix a range of techniques depending on the client and the specific topics they are seeking clarity around.

What house system do you use?

I use Whole Sign Houses in my natal and predictive work as most of the foundational chart delineation techniques I use are rooted in Hellenistic traditions.

What's a natal astrology consultation with you like?

As a loquacious Gemini Moon with Pluto in the first, my biggest fault is approaching every client's chart with an everything-but-the-kitchen-sink-like intensity. I want to dig deep -- understand the phase of life you're in, the key themes for the year, and the transits that will make an impact on you personally. While it's essential that you detail your key questions or areas of life focus in the booking form, I guarantee you there will be no shortage of topics to cover during our virtual time together. 

A basic natal consultation with me is primarily structured around understanding your current time lords: what planetary influences are managing the affairs of your life, when will major shifts take place, and what's consuming your mind, heart and energy. Together, we investigate the major opportunities and challenges facing you and how you can better move with the rhythm of the heavens.

Why do you use Google Meets or the telephone?

I am trying to keep operating costs down to ensure that the price of an astrological consultation remains as accessible to everyone as possible. Certain licenses (and even the use of various payment platforms!) cost money, which I'd prefer to avoid building into my fee structure. Google Meets (or the telephone, which, believe it or not, some clients prefer!) allow me to keep fees low.

Do you rectify birth times? 

No. If you don't know your birth time, I encourage you to do a little digging since it can ultimately be less costly. Talk to family, check a baby book, or contact the hospital where you were born to request a letter of birth time. This can be more economical, and we can always do a "rough test" of the potential viability of the chart based on a couple of extremely high-level checks. 

For those who are unable to locate or obtain a birth time, I can refer you to colleagues specializing in rectification should you wish to pursue it, otherwise I will cast a chart using your natal Moon as a kind of proxy for the ascendant. This will still yield a personal reading, though the emphasis will be on more personal emotional connections and reactions to the topics highlighted by the chart. While this precludes the use of certain timing techniques that require an accurate birth time, it is still possible to experience meaningful astrological insights through this approach to the natal chart. 

Have you ever been wrong?

Yup. All astrologers have been, just some are better about admitting it than others. Astrology is 100% accurate in hindsight, but foresight is a different story. After all, if we were meant to know the future, we wouldn't need astrologers!

This said, I strive to provide accurate readings that resonate with your personal experience, life stage and current circumstances. To maximize the accuracy and personal benefit of the reading, I will often check in on the interpretations I am making to ensure that they are landing correctly with you as the client. 

If I'm not satisfied with my reading, will you offer a refund?

No. For my detailed refund policy, check my terms and conditions before booking. In short, I put a lot of work into preparing for an astrological consultation, reviewing various charts and examining upcoming transits, so, even before the consultation, I've put in serious time. During the consultation clients have ample opportunity to steer the conversation to the topics that they would like covered. If you disagree with the astrology, I can't do much about the planets; if you expected a different focus or wanted other questions answered, then make sure you mention the topics you want to discuss in the booking form to maximize the chances of a positive outcome, which I am committed to working with you to achieve!

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