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Your Triple Conjunction Survival Guide: Five Tips to Make it Through the Month of August*

Was the most recent cyberattack on the US healthcare sector another another preview of the upcoming Mars-Uranus-North Node conjunction in Taurus? The Hoover Dam transformer blowing? The Henan banking crisis? Or, planned boycotts of major grocery stores who are allegedly price-gouging customers? As above, so below as the alchemists used to say.

Astrologers are often wrong. The astro-skeptics remind us of this daily, aiming to “debunk” astrology and its lack of empirical foundation with great zeal. Personally, I don’t believe that it’s a “science” in our modern understanding of of the word, nor do I believe that there is a recipe to precise, repeated prognostications, though I vehemently believe in common patterns and archetypal signatures that reliably manifest the same characteristics. Mars will never offer lollipops, nor Saturn marshmallows, so, while there could be five different ways that a Mars-Saturn square could play out, it will never end in a happy dance.

It’s tough interpreting symbols and their myriad combinations and it’s often easier to identify the effects of a transit retrospectively, especially in the realm of mundane astrology — that is, the astrology that predicts the broader trends that impact societies, politics and economies.

“Ah, that’s how X opposing Y played out! It’s so literal!” is a frequent refrain of mine; though, when I do get things right, it reconfirms my faith in the symbolic language of the stars as a useful archetypal barometer for the ebb and flow of life. After all, the astrology is never wrong, only the astrologer is.

In these turbulent times, astrology can help us understand the quality of time, especially if you’re an astro-skeptic.

Like a celestial weather vane, knowing which way the cosmic wind is blowing can help us navigate storms and bask in the pleasant vibes of better times. Understanding the way that these archetypal energies could show up may help us weather the potentialities that the next few months can bring. After all, we made it through 2020 and 2021, and we’ll somehow muddle through this year as well.

This isn’t a time to hide in our basements — in fact, if any astrologer ever has you cowering, then they’ve done a disservice to the art of celestial omen interpretation. Instead, as times remain precarious, it’s the astrologer’s job to note potential areas for caution, particularly as the year unfolds, and to equip you to live your best life, replete with all the warning signs for potholes ahead. In the spirit of offering guide posts, here are some of my top thoughts for making it through a tough month ahead.

Mars-Uranus-North Node Triple Conjunction in Taurus: One Bumpy Ride

I won’t repeat what I posted a few days ago with my triple conjunction general forecast; instead, I encourage you to read it for yourself to see why the headlines mentioned up top seem to mirror the massive planetary movements. I will say, however, that this upcoming transit, which will perfect (i.e., be at its most intense) around July 31-August 1, is worth watching. Its energy will be felt on either side of that date, and Uranus, continuing its tense engagement with Saturn — the planet of fear, anxiety, restriction and limitation — will endure, becoming most acute in the early fall.

If you know anything about the symbolic language of astrology, it’s that its manifestations can be quite literal; other times, a transit will pass without even a blip in our lives.

That has a lot to do with the composition of our individual natal charts, though the significations associated with larger planetary movements have a peculiar way of coming together in elegant ripped-from-the-headlines fashion.

Given that this upcoming transit is one of the major celestial events of 2022, consider this astrology you can use — a Triple Conjunction Survival Guide with five tips that can make you a smarter, more well-prepared galactic hitchhiker in these unprecedented earthly times.

1. Carry Cash

Whether you live in North America, or across the pond, surveys suggest that fewer people carry cash especially after COVID. Recent events in Canada that I wrote about last week may be leading some to keep a few greenbacks in their wallets since it’s a drag not being able to buy a coffee or pay for your groceries with plastic.

While a telecommunications service outage affected millions of Canadians, elsewhere in the world, banking customers are getting rude awakenings with physical branch closures and even policy changes around residency requirements in a Saturnian twist of fate from its temporary Aquarian home. Henan may be an extreme case, but this does bring up the broader question around continuing access to our funds and whether our banking systems are more precarious than we think.

The Astrology: Uranus rules the internet, social groups, rebellions, protests, and sudden upheavals; Mars rules the quality of cutting, slashing, pillaging, but also the military, force, and might. Taurus corresponds to food, security, our values and possessions, and rules banks, stock markets, and money.

The Tip: Carry a few extra dollars with you these days, just in case. By no means is this some sort of doomsday prediction, nor a suggestion that institutional banking is on the verge of a mammoth shift (though it might be, who knows?); it’s simply one perspective to prepare for the unexpected energies this month, given the archetypal cosmic signatures.

2. Change Your Passwords

If you read my rising sign horoscopes, then you’ll know that for at least one sign I noted a potential planetary signature that could correspond to theft and crime.

Of course, the likelihood of this coming to pass is often mitigated by various placements in our charts, so don’t think this is a doom-and-gloom prediction; however, given everything that was described in the general forecast with respect to Uranus’ myriad significations, we might see heightened malefic cyber activity on a collective level, leaving any one of us as innocent bystanders and, by extension, collateral damage.

The Astrology: Uranus carries significations of crimes that are bigger than petty theft — think of the Ocean’s Eleven-to-Thirteen variety, requiring some careful choreography. Given that Uranus also rules the internet and cyber activities, in the sign of Taurus — banking, money — and with the malefic amplifying force of the North Node in tow, there could be augmented incidences of internet mischief.

The Tip: Update your online passwords, especially banking ones, but a password update across various apps might be in order. Consider using all the best practices around strong passwords. Gone are the days of “puppy123”!

3. Lock Your Doors, Be Aware of Your Surroundings

While I would prefer imparting uplifting, growth-oriented astrological forecasts that portend to hopeful rainbows, Pluto and Saturn are in my first house natally, so I have a tendency to expect, fear and plan for the worst. It can be useful trait sometimes, if not occasionally a tendency toward anxious over-thinking.

This said, echoing the above Uranian-themed elevation of criminal activities, another precaution we might take in these uncertain times is regular security check around our homes.

In my neighbourhood, many of my neighbours had been leaving their doors unlocked and windows open throughout the day until we all fell victim to a rash of car and home break-ins, with at least one of them turning violent. Thankfully, my car simply had some loose change stolen, but my next-door neighbour’s mother wasn’t quite so fortunate.

The Astrology: Mars can rule aggression, sharp instruments and weapons; Uranus criminality; and Taurus our possessions and sense of security. The Triple Conjunction ruler is Venus, currently in Cancer, which augments the themes of home and safety. With the square from Saturn, this force could be checked, given that Kronos’ planet tends to limit what it comes into contact with, but since the aspect is one of conflict, the question of whether limitations prevail with expansive North Node in the picture is inconclusive.

The Tip: It’s a basic one: at the end of the day, make sure your windows are closed and doors locked. Try not to get yourself into any situations where your safety could be compromised (i.e., parking down a deserted alley, or in a virtually empty underground parking lot). Naturally, this may not come to pass for the vast majority of the people since there are countless permutations of this aspect; however, as a precaution, just make sure you’re taking steps to be safe when the planetary winds seem to be blowing in the direction of unpredictability.

4. Pantry Check

The astrology doesn’t need to tell you that food prices are rising astronomically, and the headlines already read of various shortages of major staples arising from conflicts and other supply chain issues. In fact, I just read a local news article around declining food bank donations: as donors struggle to make ends meet, those most in need also feel the impacts.

Over the weekend, I saw a headline of a tentatively brokered grain deal between Russia and the Ukraine, which I thought could be the early influence of a Venus sextile to Uranus and the North Node, but it appears that the deal may be compromised by continuing Russian attacks. As the Reuters article notes, a global wheat shortage and rising energy prices in Europe brought about by the war continue — all signatures of an active Uranus in the sign of Taurus.

Now, I haven’t yet seen considerable shortages in my local grocery store, though I have noted some sporadically empty shelves. Fortunately, this has been more in the arena of non-staple items — not like echoes of 2020, where everything from flour to yeast to toilet paper seemed to be in short supply. Still, with heightened potential for natural disasters and rising temperatures, the astro-signature is present for shocks to our food security — how this might manifest is anyone’s guess.

The Astrology: Uranus rules the unpredictable, the volatile, the unstable, the disruptive and the electrifying. Taurus, again, is all about our material security, including food that we eat. More broadly, it, and the active, albeit weaker square from Saturn, both rule agriculture, with Taurus in particular being correlated to wheat and beef. Mars is sudden and cutting, warring and attacking. It also brings heat and could portend to increasing dry spells throughout the month of August, making produce more challenging to grow.

The Tip: Most municipal websites advise that everyone keep at least a two-week supply of food at home in case of emergencies — before the pandemic, I didn’t know that this was a fairly standard recommendation from local governments and that, as a best practice, everyone should have things like flash lights, batteries, first aid kits and food on hand. I have to admit, prior to 2020, I was fairly lackadaisical when it came to emergency safety: I had some matches and a case of water, so I thought I was good.

In a nutshell, buying a couple of pantry staples in the event of ongoing disruptions, inflation, or general supply chain shortages might not be a bad thing into the fall. The best case scenario is that we’ll never need any of it, and, come Thanksgiving, there’ll be all sorts of green bean and Spam casseroles to enjoy!

5. Keep Calm and Carry On

As I type this, I saw yet another news story on a mass shooting, this time closer to home. All this year, we seem to be dealing with heightened volatility and increased incidences of violence with deadly weapons, which, I always hope we might see an eventual cessation of. The value we all need to place on human life ought to supersede any access to deadly weapons, but I’m not trying to get political here — I just think about the lives lost and the families touched by gun violence and my heart breaks for them.

Ultimately, however, we should be aware of heightened energetic volatility right now. As I mentioned in my YouTube forecast, Uranus is the ignition, and Mars is the match, so anything that we can do to keep calm, avoid reacting when having our buttons pushed, and generally sidestep conflict is ideal.

The Astrology: Uranus and Mars are the classical archetypal signature of volatility, including natural and man-made disasters. With the North Node — which in some astrological traditions is known as a malefic expander —  conjuncting these planets, we can ultimately anticipate people with fairly short fuses and more erratic behaviour.

The Tip: If we can be the bigger person, take the high road, avoid engagement and walk away, we will no doubt be the better for it. For the month of August, start your day with a meditation, try deep breathing, and listen to calming music if you feel an agitated buzz.

I’m on Instagram @theeclecticoccultista and on YouTube under the same channel title.

*DISCLAIMER: All astrological forecasts are for ENTERTAINMENT PURPOSES ONLY. Any decisions that you might make as a result of reading this or any other astrological blog entry are YOURS ALONE and the creator of this blog will not be held responsible! For any legal issues, see a lawyer; for medical ones, consult a physician. None of the information in this blog constitutes actionable advice from a licensed professional. Once again, this forecast is for ENTERTAINMENT PURPOSES ONLY!

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