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Your Life at a Crossroads - The Astrology of March 2024*

Hello, sky! What stories will you tell this month? Devoid of elemental fire, the Piscean planetary pile-up begins March on a maudlin note. As we resign our holds on reality and embrace Mercury’s exile and fall more fully, the mental barriers holding us back could start slipping away.

The early days of the month are ripe for dreaming. With spring around the corner and a new astrological year on the horizon, what wonders might you birth with a little imagination? Mercury’s subsequent conjunction to Neptune (Mar. 8)  may hold a clue, while Venus’s entry into Pisces (Mar. 11) could soften our gaze as we see our lives and loves with more compassion. 

The Pisces New Moon (Mar. 10) extends this storyline, urging us to seed new transformational intentions. As the last sign of the zodiac, the astrological home of the fish hold a vast sea of spiritual riches. It’s the place of transcendence and mysticism, but also where, not unlike the Eight of Swords, we can fetter ourselves emotionally and psychologically. Confinement does not always need to be physical or circumstantial; releasing ourselves from the bondage of limiting beliefs can be one of the gifts that this New Moon offers. 

The vernal equinox (Mar. 19/20) for those of us in the Northern Hemisphere could bring a welcome burst of hope. Expect a little spring in your step as we step boldly into the future with the tension of a First-Quarter Moon behind us. Any preceding crises quickly resolve themselves, emphasizing a positive and expansive trajectory for self-development.

Within less than a week, the Libra Full Moon (Mar. 25) manifests as a potent gateway towards pivotal change. The penumbral lunar eclipse could bring seismic effects on a deeply personal level. With the Moon proximate to its South Node, the release valve is triggered on what no longer serves us. Purging, shedding, or moving past people, events and experiences could all be on the table, but Demetra George said it best in her book Finding Our Way Through the Dark, when she likened the South Node to the sum total of our past knowledge upon which we form the foundation for new skills and capabilities. The South Node can drag us down if we’re not careful — old patterns, beliefs and behaviours have a tendency to hold us hostage. Paraphrasing Dane Rudhyar, in a lunar eclipse, “the present tends to obliterate the past” and so we may find more courage than we realize in releasing once and for all those people, events and memories that have had a claim on our emotions for far too long. 

As we end the month, we’ll be firmly in Mercury’s pre-retrograde shadow (beginning Mar. 17). A pragmatic view of this thrice-annual event tends to work best, recognizing that it’s impractical to put the breaks on everything in our lives for a small grey planet that typically sets the meme-world ablaze. Conscientiousness may be the best advice under the circumstances, asking us to be more attuned to our thoughts, choices and actions. Nevertheless, an ounce of prevention may be worth a pound of peace of mind, so shelve anything unnecessary until the second-half of April, and embrace the wildly wacky potential of Mercury retrograde season.

With the overview out of the way, let’s dive into the weekly transits.

March 1–9, 2024

Luna in the second-half of Scorpio could have us navigating emotional quagmires (Mar. 1). A square and opposition to Venus and Uranus bring unexpected revelations that shake up what we value before a late-day Mercury-Juno opposition has us shutting out a partner as we struggle to make sense of what we think we want.

Luna entering Sagittarius brings a welcome shift as truth, hope and the pursuit of adventure replace icier thoughts (Mar. 2). Moving swiftly into a conjunction with Pallas Athena, a moment for decisive and strategic action could open the door for a risky move. 

By mid-morning on Sunday (Mar. 3), the Last Quarter Moon brings a crisis of consciousness amplified by a Venus-Uranus square. Security and independence, past and future, pleasure and sacrifice could all emerge as pivotal themes disrupting our well-ordered worlds. Luna’s sextile to an Aquarian Mars brings novel actions to resolve present challenges. The Moon’s late-day trine to Chiron, square to Mercury and sextile to Venus could unravel a story-arc of healing in the face of discord. 

Monday’s Moon-Neptune square (Mar. 4) brings clouded judgments. A little breathing space comes after the Moon’s ingress into Capricorn, though obligations could still weigh us down, especially as Luna applies to a conjunction to Ceres that remains operative into Tuesday morning.

Solutions to present problems present themselves as the Moon sextiles Saturn (Mar. 5). A subsequent trine to Jupiter and sextile to the Sun offers up possibilities. However, we may not be off the hook as Luna squares provocative Chiron around bedtime. The bear is poked. Our dissatisfaction with responsibility could find a flame in the struggle for independence.

Mental decluttering could be in order as the Moon forms its monthly sextile to Hygeia in Pisces (Mar. 6). Spiritual endeavours and emotional retreat may be beneficial at this time, reinvigorating body, mind and soul. A flash-in-the-pan sextile to Mercury on the heels of its aspect to Hygeia could echo the need for seizing upon any activity that helps clear the mental decks. By the late-afternoon, a tense square to intransigent Eris gives way to a gentle Neptunian sextile just as a Mars-Chiron sextile perfects. Luna slides into Aquarius as we turn our minds towards bed. Immediately conjunct intense Pluto, we may be dragged down by a tidal wave of emotion that brings the past starkly to bear on the present. Thankfully, Thursday’s Moon-Jupiter square (Mar. 7) could challenge us to make lemonade out of life’s tartest lemon while a Jupiter-Juno trine could see something give on the relationship front.

Rise and shine to the trailing plumes of a Moon-Uranus square that perfected as we slept (Mar. 8). Nighttime dreams could have had a frenzied flavour, though possibly offering insights if we have the discipline to decode their meaning in the clear light of day. A Mercury-Neptune conjunction could work in our favour, softening our communications with others, offering our words a poetic flair, or helping us to intuit what people need to hear most. As we tuck into bed, we welcome Luna’s entry into Pisces, helping us to enter a more compassionate realm. Meditation could be especially potent for tuning us into everything that lies beyond our consciousness. 

We may crave a little retreat on Saturday as Luna conjuncts Saturn around the lunch hour (Mar. 9). Any calm, however, will be short-lived as Uranus takes a twin-hit from the Sun’s sextile and Mars’s square. Expect fireworks of a mixed variety: potential clarity of purpose coupled with an impetuousness to put new ideas into action. Expect this energy to be amplified as Mercury slides into brassy Aries later that same day. 

March 10–16, 2024

The Pisces New Moon headlines Sunday’s astrological outlook (Mar. 10). Though most of us will doze through its perfection, a new energy bookends the lunar month. The ethereal and transcendental qualities of the Piscean constellation could invite us to detach from material reality. This isn’t some New Age woo-woo, but a cosmic suggestion to find meaning outside all the “stuff” that clutter our minds and surroundings. 

The lunation widely sextiles its traditional ruler Jupiter in Taurus — a sign of sensuous grounding — but it’s the close sextile to Uranus that could bring unexpected insights our way. As we struggle to support ourselves spiritually, emotionally and materially, the expansive, rule-bending, and innovative energies underpinning this New Moon bode well for intended transformations. 

Co-present the luminaries are Saturn and Neptune — two Titans with conflicting agendas. Where Saturn in Pisces has challenged us to build solid foundations in the silt of present uncertainties, Neptune presses us towards envisioning a new reality.

Later in the day, Luna slips conjoins Neptune, begging us to get in touch with our inner dreamer, while Mercury sextiles Pluto around the supper hour in an aspect that prompts us to go deep inside the recesses of our minds. This energy won’t last long, however, as the Moon enters Aries just before bedtime, setting us up for a fiery start to the work week. 

We enjoy the bright-eyed aspect of a Moon-Pallas trine on Monday (Mar. 11), promoting inner confidence based on strategic calculation. A mid-day Moon-Ceres square could have us struggling with care and feeding in a relationship as independence bucks obligation. A resolution could come before the supper hour as Venus enters self-sacrificing Pisces. Her stay could help us soften the previous hard-nosed intellectual bent we took towards relationships while she traversed the sometimes cool and detached sign of Aquarius. Watch for sudden resurgences of domestic discontent as the Moon conjuncts the North Node. 

A Moon-Mars sextile Tuesday morning gives us a much-needed push to tackle items on our to-do lists (Mar. 12), while a subsequent lunar conjunction to Eris could see sparks fly just before lunchtime. The tension bleeds into the evening before the Moon ingresses into Taurus just after 9:00 PM ET. We’ll no doubt welcome this shift as the Moon helps us reconnect with loved ones through a sympathetic sextile with Venus. At the same time, Ceres cruises into its own sextile with Saturn, allowing us find comfort in present circumstances.

Several lunar aspects add to Wednesday’s stellar choreography (Mar. 13). A sextile to Saturn and conjunction with Jupiter invite us to take certain personal matters seriously before we indulge in a little treat. This may be the signature under which a lavish dinner could be welcome, irrespective of the price tag.

A jarring Moon-Uranus conjunction could wake us from peaceful slumbers (Mar. 14). In the grip of an erratic dream, our sense of security could be momentarily stripped by the Promethean planet’s aftershocks. Later that day, a Moon-Mars square throws us off our game as we butt heads with a colleague. Seeing another perspective can be hard with planets in fixed signs: the tension between ideas and execution will be clear. A gentler Moon-Sun sextile invites serenity in the early afternoon, while Luna’s subsequent sextile to Hygeia prompts a check-in on our emotional baseline. Neptune is invited to the dinner table as Luna forms yet another sextile around 6:30 PM. Our emotions and imagination could finally be set free before the Moon slips into Gemini. 

Critical aspects are held at bay on Friday as the Moon briefly squares Venus in a muddled aspect that invites miscommunications and misunderstandings in relationships (Mar. 15). Issues could be prolonged as the Moon squares Juno and Saturn in swift succession, limiting our ability to bring a favourable solution to an unfolding situation. We might not get much help from Luna’s sextile to Mercury; to patch things up quick-thinking Hermes in impetuous Aries may say what it needs to without considering the longer-term adhesion of the temporary Band-Aid. 

Tensions bleed into a late-day Mercury-Ceres square, challenging our ability to be diplomatic (Mar. 16). As the Moon approaches its First Quarter phase, a crisis of action could present itself, inviting us to consider our options carefully. 

March 17–23, 2024

We wake Sunday morning with the feeling that everything may be right in the world, if only for a moment (Mar. 17). Luna’s entry into Cancer has us coming home to ourselves in comforting ways. Meanwhile, a Sun-Neptune conjunction creeps toward perfection, helping us to blend our external desires with our inner hopes for transformation and renewal. An early evening trine to Venus could have us mending fences with loved ones.

The waning influence of a trine to Saturn (Mar. 18) could help us be clear but firm with people in our lives who exert a modicum of real or perceived control. As we navigate the day under the heightened sensitivities that the Moon in Cancer imparts, a brief square to Mercury has us brushing up against a spiky communicator. With a sextile to Jupiter in the mix, it may be well-intentioned, so cut this person a little slack. As Luna slides into a sextile with Uranus, pleasant but unexpected communications with loved ones could take centre stage, even if a Mercury-North Node conjunction loosely squaring the Moon sees us momentarily bristle at the medium and the message. 

We may grumble out of bed Tuesday, still miffed about the previous night’s events, as Luna separates from discordant Eris (Mar. 19). Moving into a trine to Neptune, guilt mingles with compassion as we reflect on intentions and reactions. A late-afternoon trine to the Sun gets our day back on track, though things will invariably seem interesting under the Moon’s opposition to Pluto after its Leo ingress around the supper hour. Expect some explosive energies as our demands to be seen and appreciated for our individuality could be magnified under Pluto’s intense and sometimes-compulsive energies. As we sleep, the Sun quietly slips into Aries. Happy vernal equinox, everyone!

There’s a vital intensity about Wednesday as the Sun slowly cruises into a sextile with Pluto and Luna glides into a trine to Pallas Athena (Mar. 20). We may feel especially pumped to conquer the world, but care will have to be taken as Mercury conjoins easily wounded Chiron. As the Moon squares Jupiter, we get a much-needed push to persevere on a current trajectory. 

Under the influence of an applying Venus-Saturn conjunction (Mar. 21), someone may be ready to commit, while others may see a severing of bonds of love and friendship. With Vesta hovering within minutes of an exact conjunction to Neptune, there’s an element of tension between how we envision that commitment, with Neptune’s dissolving quality helping us see through doubts and imperfections. 

As we slumber, Luna enters exacting Virgo setting us up for success in the workplace (Mar. 22). The diligence of this signature could be especially effective in helping us clear the docket in advance of the weekend, especially before Mars slides into self-sacrificing Pisces by the evening. This ingress could support our dreams and desires, particularly creative ventures, though we may have to temper any impulses towards “taking one for the team” as Mars-in-Pisces can sometimes play the martyr.

The most challenging energies accompanying Luna’s monthly opposition to Saturn abate before we have our morning coffee (Mar. 23), but reason for optimism is cautious at best as we rethink the consequences of that earlier relationship watershed. The subsequent Moon-Jupiter trine could portend to the decision made having been the right one. By the evening, expect to let your hair down as Luna trines Uranus in a brief but liberating aspect. 

March 24–31, 2024

The first-half of Sunday sees us languish under a dark Moon-Neptune opposition (Mar. 24). Don’t trust appearances as our internal radar signals get jammed by the illusory planet. Saved by a gentle Venus-Jupiter sextile, a stroke of luck could save us from a wrong decision. Meanwhile, Luna’s late-afternoon Libran ingress is hardly without tension as it commences its overture to Sol, perfecting in the wee hours of March 25.

The Libra Full Moon lunar eclipse takes place at 3:00 AM ET. Part of a Saros Series known for its energetic undercurrent of novelty and unexpected insights, this eclipse could be successful in obliterating past hurts. With the Moon at its South Node, there’s something to be shed here — a relationship, a pattern of interacting with others, the dogged pursuit of balance in the face of overwhelming personal desires to be and do something different. With deeply transformative Pluto as a kind of hinge to which both luminaries apply by favourable aspects, there’s a celestial invitation towards profound and irreversible transformation. This won’t be immediate — rather, this energy will unravel over the next several days, weeks or months, so prepare for the wheels to be set in motion as we grapple with an inner pull. 

Luna’s square to Ceres around bedtime (Mar. 25) can heighten tensions on the home front as someone responds caustically to well-intentioned efforts at parenting or partnering. This may translate into a full-fledged outburst the next morning as the Moon opposes independent Chiron (Mar. 26). The battle of the wills could drag into Mercury’s conjunction with Eris, increasing the likelihood of us uttering words we can’t take back, so take care with your temper as Luna opposes the Goddess of Discord around the supper hour. 

As the alarm sounds on Wednesday morning (Mar. 27), we are greeted by the monthly intensity of the Moon in Scorpio. Her tendency towards penetrating emotional depth is intensified by a square to atomic Pluto continuing the theme of polarizing opinions on an important matter. We may awake clear-headed under the influence of the Moon’s trine to Saturn (Mar. 28), while solutions present themselves as Venus sextiles novel Uranus. A perspective-broadening Moon-Jupiter opposition tees us up to appreciate the changes that Luna’s subsequent opposition to Uranus compels. 

An emotional Moon-Neptune trine defines our Friday morning, enhancing our abilities to act intuitively under its influence (Mar. 29). As Luna enters optimistic Sagittarius, the world may look a little brighter. An immediate sextile to Pluto could see our desire for adventure heightened. 

A strategic move could pay off as Luna briefly kisses Pallas Athena before sliding into a trine to the Sun (Mar. 30). All bets are off as we pursue what brings us pleasure, meaning and fulfillment, thwarted only, perhaps, by a square to Saturn. Don’t take its restrictive influence lying down!

The last day of March sees the Moon’s square to Venus and trine to Eris spotlight differences in a relationship (Mar. 31). We may do well to reflect on our words as the Moon trines Mercury later that evening, ushering in the optimal signature under which to contemplate the month that was and the month to come.


*DISCLAIMER: All astrological forecasts are for ENTERTAINMENT PURPOSES ONLY. Any decisions that you might make as a result of reading this or any other astrological blog entry are YOURS ALONE and the creator of this blog will not be held responsible! For any legal issues, see a lawyer; for medical ones, consult a physician. None of the information in this blog constitutes actionable advice from a licensed professional. Once again, this forecast is for ENTERTAINMENT PURPOSES ONLY!


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