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What's in Store for Your Rising Sign this Mercury Retrograde? Astrology Forecast for the Week of Aug

Hey star-gazers! Did everyone make it through last week’s transits relatively unscathed?

I made the mistake of trying to record the YouTube version of this forecast under the last lingering degrees of that Mercury-Neptune opposition and, let me tell you, what should have taken half an hour took two, as I tripped over my words and struggled with my sentences. Talk about discombobulation!

Though this week is light on transits, we should bask in the relative celestial calm before the Mercury retrograde storm next week.

In this post, I’m going to help you prepare for the apparent backward movement of the little grey planet by hitting all the rising signs with some possible themes to watch this retrograde season.

But first, the energies of the week…

We’re entering the week under the lingering effects of the Sun-Mars square. This is definitely a conflict aspect, with each of the planets in one of Mercury’s domiciles.

Mars wants to act on the facts it has, while the Sun wants to consider and analyze the implications six ways to Sunday, and with Mercury having entered Libra, this could be an instance where we’re less decisive when it comes to making decisions.

With the Sun involved, these choices can feel like they have greater weight on the course of our lives, and so, this week, we may feel especially skittish about commitments — like we’re balancing pros and cons, trying to find solutions, and yet, we could feel pressure from that active Mars square to get off the fence.

It seems fitting that Justice is one of the major Tarot energies for this week. This is the card of judiciousness, of measured decision-making and of cosmic balance. And, given the other challenging transit this week — the Venus-Saturn opposition — we could be questioning our relationships more than usual, how much effort we’re investing in certain areas of our lives, and potentially meting out our own brand of personal relationship reckoning.

The other Tarot energy for the week is the Two of Swords — the Moon in Libra and the Lord of Peace Restored. It’s particularly apropos since we’ll have a brief conjunction between the Moon and Mercury in the sign of Libra this week, but with Mercury also opposing retrograde Jupiter, there’s an element of us needing to deliberate carefully to make sure we avoid overestimating the feasibility of our ideas, especially before the Mercury goes retrograde.

This is going to be a week where you’ll need to be measured in your actions, graceful under pressure and generous with others. Give them the benefit of the doubt, but remember that Justice in the Tarot isn’t blind.

This week could also see your inner critic surface. You may be finding faults in others or overanalyzing the way that you’ve been treated in the past.

It may be difficult, but try to avoid any tough conversations this week as Mercury and Mars gear up for their eventual backward motion and we don’t want to be caught having to do any mea culpas for our cutting words or reactionary temper.

Now, for the day-by-day.


On Sunday, August 28, Venus in Leo opposes Saturn in Aquarius.

This isn’t a bad transit per se, but one where we could be questioning whether our emotional needs are being met by family, friends and romantic partners.

Under this transit, you may have an encounter that leaves you contemplating how much of yourself you give to relationships. Alternatively, you could be questioning your personal boundaries.

Perhaps you feel as though you’ve been taken advantage of? Maybe a relationship has you feeling constricted — most likely out of a sense of obligation that you could feel toward another person.

Another thing that could come up is a sense of isolation or even ostracism from social groups given Saturn’s position in Aquarius — this could be from networks of colleagues, friends, or even our extended family.

With the square from Uranus hitting this transit from Taurus, which, in the scheme of planetary melothesia, rules the throat, you could suddenly feel motivated to give voice to your concerns. Given Venus is still in fiery Leo, be careful not to kick up more drama than is necessary. Since this aspect from Uranus has major Tower vibes, a perfectly innocent standing of ground or assertion of feelings could result in something more adversarial and destructive than you intend, so it could be in your best interest just to let things slide today.


Next, on Monday, August 29, the Moon changes signs, giving some relief to last week’s tense Virgo New Moon.

Given that the Moon will briefly conjunct Mercury in Libra, we may have a period of amplified indecisiveness with Mercury’s analytical focus zapped in Venus’ airy domicile.

We may also find ourselves more inclined to waffling or putting things off.

The redeeming aspect, however, is the trine from Mars in Gemini, which could actually help the lack of structure we might feel under this transit and the augmented emotionality from the Moon’s brief conjunction.


On Thursday, September 1, Mars in Gemini sextiles retrograde Jupiter in Aries.

Despite Jupiter’s backward motion, I really like this transit for undertaking any of those big-picture endeavours that we covered a few forecasts ago — things that may demand a rethink or a re-do during the period of the Greater Benefic’s retrograde transit.

Mars in Gemini is also a signature I like for focused efforts and targeted information-gathering. Though it can be representative of sharp or even cutting communications, it’s also a transit where your language and thoughts could be more precise and strategic, though Mercury in Libra’s domicile could make the emphasis more on balance and diplomacy.

Either way, this transit is a huge help after last week’s Mercury opposition to retrograde Neptune, which might have left us feeling a little more scattered than usual.

This could also be a good time for some breakthrough ideas, creative inspiration, sudden drive, and an overwhelming burst of intellectual energy that leaves you feeling mentally refreshed and reinvigorated.

The only potential wrench in this transit is, of course, the opposition that Mercury is forming to Jupiter.


Mercury’s opposition to retrograde Jupiter will perfect on September 2, but you’ll already feel its effects earlier.

It could lead to an overinflated sense of grandiosity in our ideas, or an overestimation of our staying power when it comes to initiating any new projects or endeavours.

Remember, cardinal signs are great at starting things, but can often struggle with follow-through, so while Mercury in Libra, touched by expansive Jupiter, could have us dreaming big and thinking even bigger, pragmatism should prevail as Mercury in Libra doesn’t always have a plan.

The other challenge to consider is that anything initiated under this signature, with Mars aspecting it from Gemini, stands a chance at having a hard-go, delayed outcomes or reversals as Mars gears up for its retrograde motion over the next few weeks. Mercury is also going retrograde next week, so consider similar caveats to initiating anything new. (Check out my dedicated entry on Mars’ retrograde motion for more info on this lengthy transit.)

Ultimately, Mercury in Libra will need to lean on some of those qualities that I noted earlier around potential indecisiveness, or a propensity to over consider options. In this instance it’s a welcome trait, especially when aspected by Jupiter since, under this transit, we could benefit from delayed action and second thoughts before getting too big for our proverbial britches.

Finally, it’s worthwhile noting that, when Mercury turns retrograde, it’s still configured to the opposition from Jupiter and trine from Mars. It could therefore be worthwhile paying attention to events under this week’s transits, since they could have some reverberations through the period of Mercury’s retrograde over the balance of the month.

With that, let’s unpack the upcoming retrograde so you all can prepare.

Mercury Retrograde Primer

While Mercury’s gifts include knowledge, intellect, dexterity, and capacity for thought, less beneficial is its reputation for changeability, flightiness or swiftness, which can sometimes take the form of impulsiveness, depending on the sign Mercury is in and aspects to it from other planets. This is why retrogrades get a bit of a bad rap — it’s the changeability we don’t enjoy.

Mercury’s trickster energy can also lead to reversals of fortune that can leave us feeling duped and blindsided. Even if these events play an important role in making us wiser, it doesn’t always feel this way.

Each year, Mercury retrogrades in the same configuration of elemental sign: all earth, all air, all water, or all fire. Exceptions are years that seem more “liminal” in nature, where Mercury straddles two elements, like this year, where we’re seeing a shared cross-over between air and earth signs. (For a more speculative and archetypal overview of Mercury as it relates to the Magician card in the Tarot, check out one of my posts from last year, which can add some dimension to how you think about the role of Mercury in your life.)

Back in February, Mercury turned retrograde in Aquarius and went back into Capricorn, then, in May and June, it turned retrograde in Gemini and dipped back into Taurus, now, it’s turning retrograde in Libra and returning one last time to the remaining earth sign, Virgo.

Mercury will be turning retrograde on September 9 in the sign of Libra at just shy of 9 degrees.

It will dip back into Virgo beginning around September 24, and go all the way back to the 24th degree of that sign. It was last at 24 degrees of Virgo on August 20.

If anything noteworthy occurred on or around August 20 through to September 8, especially in the areas of communications, messages, learning, writing, publishing, contracts, and business relationships, then make a note in your astro-diary, since we could see reversals, re-dos, delays, difficulties or rethinks in and around this time.

Mercury will turn direct on October 2, so, while this isn’t a lengthy transit, it’s one which, nevertheless, could see some opportunities and challenges in our lives.

We should also note that Mercury also did a retrograde stint in Libra last year in October.

There is no degree overlap between last year’s retrograde and this one, but because both retrogrades occurred in the sign of Libra, there could be something that we were considering last year, making a reappearance this year.

Maybe our ideas were only in their infancy back then. This year, however, with the straddling of air and earth signs, we could be asked to take that idea and make it a reality in practical, analytical, and organized Virgo.

As Mercury straddles earth and air signs this year, we may also have felt the pull between imagination and concretization, questioning how to implement our ideas.

Next year, Mercury will definitely be more pedal-to-the-metal, asking us to materialize what we thought about in 2022. This is major manifestation energy; Mercury in earth says you can’t hide in your head in the air any longer!

So, how might each rising sign see this upcoming retrograde energy play out?

Rising Sign Retrograde Themes


This retrograde is happening between your seventh and sixth houses, so this could be a work-related transit for you, which includes partnerships in the workplace.

Maybe you initiated a project with your team that needs to be redone, or perhaps you embarked on a new collaboration that got off the ground, but which could see some reversals or setbacks.

Pay attention to anything that happened last week in and around the 20th and up to September 9th, especially where your day-to-day work is concerned.


This retrograde is happening between your sixth and fifth houses and could bring up the topics of pleasure, leisure and creativity, as well as the potential drudgery of your 9-to-5.

This might be a transit where you could have felt like taking up some sort of hobby or interest before, but, as Mercury ingressed into Libra, you suddenly got serious and thought you didn’t have time for it due to your other pressing commitments.

Mercury retrograde may be asking you to think again — perhaps you need that creative outlet more than you realize.


This retrograde is happening between your fifth and fourth houses and could have a strong element of family commitments built into it.

Maybe you were considering going into business with a family member — trying out some sort of side hustle.

Perhaps you didn’t feel like the timing was right, or you weren’t sure what you needed to go from concept to brick-and-mortar.

This retrograde period could be your do-over, asking you to consider how to make this dream a reality.


This transit is straddling your fourth and third houses, potentially asking you for a do-over in communications around family relationships.

Maybe you have to clear the air with siblings or relatives, but this transit is certainly tying in the themes of clan and tribe and asking for practical approaches to communicating with them.


This is a third and second-house transit for you, so it could concern money matters and contracts.

Maybe you inked a deal or initiated a contractual relationship, which could have you revisiting the fine print or, alternatively, seeing you take a small financial hit as a result of some miscalculation.

Pay close attention to events taking place in and around the pre-retrograde shadow dates I discussed above so you aren’t caught off guard during the actual retrograde itself.


This transit is taking place between your second and first houses, so expect there to be a strong thread of personal reinvention and reconsideration of your core values.

Given the elemental thread between the angles of your chart and the topic of resources — both monetary and intangible —this could be a transit that’s asking you to close out some major personal transformation and firmly establish your principles moving forward.


This is a first-house/twelfth-house transit that could see you dealing with feelings of isolation, abandonment, and invisibility, just as you’re struggling to become seen.

Given that you had Pluto angular this year, and squaring the first house, you might have been struggling with some serious power dynamics around how you’re perceived in the world by others and where you place value on those perceptions.

Maybe you struggled with asserting yourself, so this transit could be asking you to consider how to wield your own personal power.


This is a twelfth- and eleventh-house transit, connecting the topics of friends and social groups with feelings of isolation, abandonment, and generally being down-in-the-dumps.

Alternatively, you could be cutting someone out of your life, or rethinking their presence in it.

Be cautious that this excising energy doesn’t leave you feeling vulnerable or filled with regret afterwards. Make sure emotional self-care is part of your daily routine, especially during this transit and avoid going too deep with any old baggage that could come up.


This is a transit straddling your tenth and eleventh houses.

Initiatives undertaken with respect to your career trajectory and the allies needed to advance them could be getting a rethink.

Pay attention to anyone you hook up with during the pre-retrograde shadow period discussed above since you may be without their support in September, or you could be asked to rethink whether they are the type of person you want to hitch your wagon to in the first place.


This transit is happening between your tenth and ninth houses, so this could bring up the themes of travel and learning for you as it connects into your career.

Maybe you’re taking an unexpected trip, or considering a course to advance your career prospects. Mercury retrograde could have you rethinking both and recalibrating your overall direction.


This transit is straddling your ninth and eighth houses, so this could have begun as a storyline around transformation. This could also be a deep psychological transit, which could have you finding more spiritual perspective.

Maybe you’re questioning any new practices you’ve adopted and whether they work with your renovated outlook after you tried them on for size. You’ll ultimately have the entire retrograde period to reconsider the integration of more spiritual pursuits in your life and the best approach moving forward.


This transit is all about your eight and seventh houses, and could very much affect your partner and their finances. Maybe they were thinking of changing careers or shifting the way that they earn income. This could impact you personally.

Be careful under this transit with that Mars-in-Gemini signature: Mercury in Virgo wants to be methodical and consider all the angles but Mars can be more impulsive, so be sure you and your partner are actively communicating about any changes that could impact you as much as them.


That’s all I’ve got for you this week. If you found any of this helpful, don’t forget to clap, comment and follow!

Come back next Friday (yes, I’m posting earlier for maximum astrological benefit!) for another week-ahead forecast.

*DISCLAIMER: All astrological forecasts are for ENTERTAINMENT PURPOSES ONLY. Any decisions that you might make as a result of reading this or any other astrological blog entry are YOURS ALONE and the creator of this blog will not be held responsible! For any legal issues, see a lawyer; for medical ones, consult a physician. None of the information in this blog constitutes actionable advice from a licensed professional. Once again, this forecast is for ENTERTAINMENT PURPOSES ONLY!

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