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Weekly Astrology Forecast, July 24–30: Snap, Crackle, Pop!*

All the astro news that’s fit to print!

Here’s your surivival guide for navigating the sometimes crunchy celestial energies this week. We’ll cover:

  • Jupiter turning retrograde

  • Uranus and the North Node conjunction

  • Squares between Mercuy and Uranus and Mars and Uranus

While there will be a couple of nicer aspects, the overall energy for the week is tense and electric, so be on your guard and remember:

Not all transits are going to affect everyone equally — that’s why this and every other forecast out there is general.

Your own natal chart and its planetary placements are going to dictate how you experience the transit, if at all. For many, occurrences are subtle and seemingly imperceptible, especially if we aren’t closely attuned to the dynamics of the archetypal energies. This said, it’s always helpful to pay attention to the shifting cosmic winds. Forewarned is forearmed!


Jupiter is turning retrograde this week and the North Node’s conjunction with Uranus is a prelude to bigger, explosive energies in the week to follow.

If you haven’t read my Triple Conjunction general forecast or rising sign horoscopes — or, better yet, watched the video including both — you should do that to prepare for the upcoming blast of unpredictable and erratic energy, but I’ll write about it again in next week’s forecast.

First off, it’s fair to say that we’ve been dealing with the energies of a benefic planet slowing down to station retrograde since late June.

Although Jupiter begins its retrograde motion on July 28, we’ve already been sensing some areas of our lives grinding to a halt, or becoming intensified from the slowdown.

If you’re:

  • Aries and Libra risings you might have felt this in your I-and-they houses of relationships, you, and how you relate to yourself and others;

  • Taurus and Scorpio risings, in your health, work, psychology and shawdow-self houses;

  • Gemini and Sagittarius risings, your houses of friends, associates, children and creativity;

  • Cancer and Capricorn risings, your career and house and home houses;

  • Leo and Aquarius risings, your communication, learning, ritual and spiritual houses, and;

  • Virgo and Pisces risings, your money-in and money-out houses.

If you have any planets in eight degrees of your natal chart, then you’ll likely have felt this more acutely already, since Jupiter has been on this same degree since July 8 and won’t move off of it until August 18.

Jupiter will dip back into Pisces from its current position in Aries, and won’t turn direct again until the end of November. It’ll retrace all its steps, hitting the eighth degree of Aries again in February of 2023–that’s a seemingly long and mixed blessing for us.

Now, there seems to be all sorts of hype on social media when Mercury or Venus go retrograde about missed appointments or repentant luxury purchases, but as someone with a ton of retrograde planets in their chart natally, I don’t often feel these transits as much as the meme world might suggest.

In my opinion, when planets go retrograde, we have to be more cautious about gains we might have received during the period of a planet’s pre-retrograde shadow — meaning the degrees that they went over while direct which they will retrace when retrograde. We can often see those gains lost, or other reversals in our fortunes more generally in the house topics that that retrograde planet rules. It’s sort of like an astrological equivalent of one step forward and two steps back, and since Jupiter is that Wheel of Fortune energy in Tarot, we have to be doubly cognizant of how fleeting our fortunes can be.

Another possibility with retrograde planets is that they can cause delays in the areas of life that we are trying to make things manifest.

In this case you would have to look to whatever house Jupiter is transiting in your individual natal chart to understand the topical correspondence, but expect some delays in the area that Jupiter is transiting until at least early next year. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t work at whatever it is you’re trying to do; it just means manage your expectations for how much will be accomplished as a result of the effort.

On the positive side, I like to think of retrogrades as a potential do-over. If you look back to the degrees that Jupiter will cover during its retrograde period, it will go all the way back to the 28th degree of Pisces. The last time that it was there was May 22, 2022, so there could be something from late May, June and early July that we may get to rethink, redirect and redo, and that’s not the worst thing in the world!

One of my favourite interpretations of retrogrades was one that I heard the astrologer Shu Yap provide in a webinar I attended a couple of years ago. A planetary retrograde is a period that is reflective in which we search for meaning and purpose and experience the shadow self. Therefore, this could be a time where we’re revisiting topics of spirituality, higher learning, and travel, among other significations–Leo, this is a shoutout to your sign in particular. Maybe you’ll start thinking of going back to school, re-starting a meditation practice (that’s for you, Aquarius), or planning a trip that you never managed to take pre-COVID, who knows? That’s the beauty of life’s unfolding.

The other transit that’s happening this week is the overture to the Mars-Uranus-North Node triple conjunction in Taurus: North Node’s conjunction with Uranus.

With both the lunar node and Uranus being slower moving, you may already be feeling the effects of this, especially all the fixed signs out there–Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius risings–since this is hitting your angular houses of self, relationship, home and career.

This week, the North Node will reach the 18th degree of Taurus and will hold on that degree until around August 11, but you might already begin feeling some of the effects. For everyone, as Uranus and the North Node conjunct, this could be a week of a-ha moments and breakthroughs, sudden freedom, do-overs, or lost-gains and unexpected reversals. The important thing to remember is that these planetary movements are cyclical and that nothing is permanent. The heavens are in constant motion and they bring their ups and downs.

Now, onto the significant transits for this week.


Venus in Cancer squares Jupiter in Aries–a very powerful Jupiter, since it is slowing down before it turns retrograde.

Although this aspect is a square and therefore typically associated with challenges, because it’s occurring between two benefics, it’s not only milder, but likely to be quite pleasant.

You may be inclined to indulgence, as both these planets can be luxurious and pleasure-loving–so, it could be an expensive meal, a weekend spa retreat, or an impromptu beauty treatment that has you beaming.

You also could be contemplating an expensive purchase, which, I would caution against since Jupiter is turning retrograde as we discussed earlier.

Though you’ll likely be feeling quite pleasant, content, and potentially even a little more inclined to daydreamy procrastination, be aware that the square energy could still bring a little friction. For example, this might be Venus in Cancer’s desire for hunkering-down-at-home and nesting in a relationship, contrasted with a Jupiter-in-Aries partner, whose expansive drive for independence, adventure and travel seems to bristle against your desires. If you’re partnered, this theme could come up, so just be sensitized to the energies of this transit.

Finally, because the Moon conjuncts Venus on Tuesday, this could heighten Venus’ emotions during this transit. Tuesday could be a day where you just want to stay home, sit on your sunny balcony with a latte and a book and read, write, or create something beautiful. If you’re called to do this, answer the call! This is an opulent transit, and one to enjoy over the course of the next few days before things get spicy!


Mercury in Leo squares Mars in Taurus — that same darn Mars that’s co-present with Uranus and North Node, so the most basic thing I can say about this: Watch out.

Now, this goes more generally for everything in that active energy of the triple conjunction, but Mercury squaring Mars in particular is a signature of fighting words, irritation, swiftness to anger, sharp communications (maybe e-mail?) and accidents.

One of my main tips for surviving the bigger triple conjunction transit and this week’s mini offshoot is just to try and let a cooler heads prevail. Take a deep breath, count to 10, but don’t say what you’re thinking or, worse, put it in writing!

Now, one of the other things I would highlight here is the strong fixed energy of this square. This could manifest in an increased stubbornness or a real intransigence when it comes to our ideas and opinions. Mars could represent adversaries or competitors who could get under our skin, or sharp male figures, and with Mercury in the mix, we could be more irritable than usual. I would probably liken the energetic profile to the Five of Wands or even Five of Swords depending on how you use the energies in the day. It could be friendly, creative sparring if you play your cards right, but if you pick a fight, don’t be surprised if it’s a Pyrrhic victory where you don’t gain much from having waged the war in the first place.

The other thing to watch out for with this square owing to its Uranian influence is the theme of accidents. Mercury rules the collar bone, the brain, eyesight, our nervous system, memory, and our mental faculties, and Mars rules the head, so be especially careful if you’re playing any competitive sports in and around this time, since a propensity toward head injuries could be greater.

However, I think everyone around this time just needs to be more vigilant in all areas of their life when using a knife cooking, when operating machinery or power tools, when in contact with anything electrical, driving vehicles, or, with Mercury in the mix, when travelling.

Gemini risings, this is hitting your third house of short journeys and regular commutes, Sagittarius, your ninth house of foreign travel, and Virgo, your twelfth-house of work-related travel and business–so, while everyone should be on their guard, Gemini, Sag and Virgo, you guys take extra care.

On the positive side, I like this transit for Mercurial creators–writers, bloggers, podcasters, radio broadcasters–you may all be hit with a sudden burst of creative inspiration. This could also be a time where, if you’re engaged in research and analysis, you could have a fire lit under you from the pressure of a deadline, a client or a boss.

If you’re signing a contract, or if you’re in the middle of a legal dispute, then this energy is not particularly favourable. Given the Uranian cloud hanging over all of us, I’d suggest you be on the look out for massive shake-ups, unexpected reversals and possibly seismic surprises, since North Node augments everything it touches.

There could be some disputes between any agreements you’re trying to conclude, or obstacles in the way of closing deals. Again, that fixed sign energy could mean either you or the other party are digging your heels in, and I’m not loving that for a successful resolution in your favour, especially as the week wears on.


The Mercury square is moving to Uranus and the North Node. I see this as part of the continuing story line of growing tension that began earlier in the week, if not before.

The hit of a Martial energy takes on greater proportions with Uranus–almost like Mars being the lighter

fluid, Uranus the match, and North Node the explosion.

The energy of the day could be quite volatile. For some of us, it may simply manifest as a frenetic day, full of chaos and feeling as though we can’t catch our breath. Our thoughts could race a mile a minute, or we could be so bogged down at work by the multiplicity of tasks that it’ll feel as if we can’t get traction on anything. Uranus could make Mercury more scattered and predisposed to flightiness and absent-mindedness, which could zap some of the laser focus from Mars’ precision earlier in the week. That day, it could be helpful to start your morning off with a meditation and some positive intentions to ground yourself.

If there’s a Tarot card that could represent this day, it’s The Tower. Ready yourself for big shake-ups, changes in direction, and sudden upsets. If the energy is beginning to feel volatile earlier in the week, then, again, be extra cautious not to stoke the fire. Mercury’s activation with the somewhat-malefic planets and points calls for heightened care in how we manage our emotions this week, how we respond to getting our buttons pushed, and how we ultimately deal with crises.

The general warning for accidents applies throughout the week and for the month of August more generally, but I’ll reiterate that again for all signs, and especially for Taurus risings, since the triple conjunction is happening in your first house.

Finally, on July 28, the New Moon is occurring in the sign of Leo, co-present with Mercury, the latter of which is emerging from the sun’s beams after a superior conjunction. This could be a time when new information could come to light in some area of our life, or a time where we’re becoming consciously attuned to an issue arising in whatever house this New Moon is occurring in for us. We could be returning or recommencing an old project, but with a fresh perspective.

The New Moon will likely be free of major effects from the square of the Taurus pile-up that I’ve been talking about, but since they’re aspected by whole-sign house, the New Moon could have a slight agitated buzz to it. This is definitely not going to be a calm-as-a-cucumber New Moon.

What I do like, however, is the trine from Jupiter; it’s a nice configuration for intention-setting. Jupiter will still be direct at the exact moment of the New Moon, turning retrograde a few hours later, so I’d suggest you make a wish, and see if it manifests later this year when Jupiter stations direct again!

So, that’s all I’ve got for you this week. If you found any of this helpful, don’t forget to comment and subscribe!

I’m on Instagram @theeclecticoccultista and on YouTube under the same channel title.

*DISCLAIMER: All astrological forecasts are for ENTERTAINMENT PURPOSES ONLY. Any decisions that you might make as a result of reading this or any other astrological blog entry are YOURS ALONE and the creator of this blog will not be held responsible! For any legal issues, see a lawyer; for medical ones, consult a physician. None of the information in this blog constitutes actionable advice from a licensed professional. Once again, this forecast is for ENTERTAINMENT PURPOSES ONLY!

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