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Weekly Astrology Forecast for September 3-9, 2023* - A Tale of Two Benefics

Hey, star-gazers! Has Mars in Libra wreaked havoc on anyone else since the moment of its Libran ingress? Within minutes of the God of War entering the sign of the scales, I got burned — literally. It was scalding hot soup that managed to blister the skin in a few places. The next day, I cut myself cooking. And the day after that — partly owing to my own negligence  because I couldn't find plastic gloves— I burned my fingertips so badly from cutting hot peppers for canning that I soaked my digits in milk for hours in the hopes of a little reprieve. Suffice to say, I’m going to take extra care when driving, especially as Mars approaches the degree of my ascendant over these next few weeks.

Share your Mars-in-Libra war wounds in the comments below if you have them! Otherwise, let’s see what surprises the astrology of the week holds.

As we wake up on Sunday, September 3, the Moon’s fleeting square to retrograde Pluto in Capricorn colours its void of course movement until it enters Taurus around 11:00 AM EDT. The morning may carry a certain intensity, particularly around responsibilities, which could have us feeling stifled. Nothing will come of this, though, and as the Moon shifts into Taurus we’ll likely get some instant relief. The Moon’s sextile to weighty Saturn could help us to find a resolution to any early-morning angst through more sober emotional introspection.

Much of the day will likely have a Venusian tinge, especially as Aphrodite’s star continues its direct station. The potency of this celestial event could have us confronting retrograde themes around relationship re-dos head-on, particularly as the Alchemical Goddess is at her most powerful. Venus-ruled ascendants who may have been feeling battered this retrograde season should take a moment to celebrate.


The retrograde baton is passed to Jupiter in the early hours of Monday, September 4. Between now and December 30, the areas of your life that Jupiter-in-Taurus is transiting will be put under the microscope. Ditto Jupiter’s natal placement and the houses that it rules in your chart. Consider how the confluence of these varied themes could manifest for you over the next four months as retrograde Mercury trines its benefic buddy at around 8:00 AM EDT. This energy will lend the workday a positive, albeit cautious, vibe as you find yourself especially chatty around the water cooler.

Luna’s application to Jove by conjunction will ultimately contribute to a chill vibe throughout much of the afternoon. However, by the dinner hour, it’s within a wide orb of conjunction to retrograde Uranus, potentially having us feeling uneasy as we turn money matters over in our minds.


Tuesday, September 5, sees early-risers wake under the influence of the Moon-retrograde Uranus conjunction. While the high-speed mental energies and sometimes anxiety-inducing effects of the Promethean planet won’t last long, we may be coming down from the potent effects of bizarre nighttime dreams.

By 10:00 AM EDT, the Moon slips into a sextile with retrograde Neptune in Pisces, mitigating any early morning mental agitation. This may be the aspect under which one closes their office door and turns on a brief meditation, committed to finding mental and emotional centering and spiritual release. Our desire for intense emotional transcendence may be amplified by Luna’s trine to retrograde Pluto in Capricorn.

The Moon’s entry into Gemini around the supper hour decisively changes the course of our day. Answering to a combust Mercury in Virgo, we may find ourselves struggling to express our ideas or even confronted with an atypical desire to keep things under wraps. Though the Moon naturally craves verbal stimulation here, conversations may be surface-level at best, while a square between Luna and retrograde Saturn, perfecting just before midnight, may have us feeling the chill of emotional distance.


On Wednesday, September 6, Mercury is the star of the day, meeting with the Sun in the planet’s inferior conjunction. This marks the beginning of Mercury’s new cycle — a cycle that will take us up to its December retrograde in Capricorn. While just under two weeks remain until the star of Hermes returns to direct motion, there’s no harm in pre-planning how you’ll tackle the next three months, especially as you have the heft and weight of the planetary thinker in its most cogent and careful zodiacal placement. Mutable signs — in particular Virgo and Gemini risings — ought to take special care in the days following the cazimi; the planetary configuration can sometimes contribute to feelings of literal burn-out and fatigue, so be sure to get your full eight hours and drink some calming teas before bedtime.

By the time we all wake up on the eastern seaboard, the Moon will be squaring the Mercury-Sun conjunction and all eyes will be on how we handle our emotions, especially as Luna could find gentle expression challenging. Governed by analytical Mercury, we may find a desire for situations to be more cut and dry than they really are.

An early afternoon sextile to Venus in Leo might pave the way for softened expressions of our ambitions.


The real sky story happening on Thursday, September 7, takes place around the supper hour as the Moon, within an orb of engagement with Vesta, has us considering the state of our personal projects. As the Moon also trines Ceres in Libra, attention could be paid to how we balance the various pressures in our lives in order to make space for our passions. Luna’s simultaneous square to retrograde Neptune, however, could have us making little traction as we find ourselves distracted mentally and emotionally.


On Friday, September 8, Luna enters its domicile, Cancer, and perfects to a trine to retrograde Saturn. This may offer us a modicum of stability to enter the final workday of the week, while a trine between Pallas Athena in Virgo and retrograde Pluto in Capricorn may lend us the power and clarity of thought needed to knock our tasks out of the park.

By the time we’re heading into the office, a Sun- Jupiter trine could have us feeling bold and optimistic about the day ahead. Though Jupiter being retrograde may make us a little more conservative in our expectations, it’s nevertheless a hopeful celestial energy that lightens the heavier and discombobulating transits we experienced earlier in the week.

The buoyant energy may be thrown asunder just before 5:00 PM EDT, when Luna meets up with Mars in a tense square. Mars, as we covered in the September 2023 astrology forecast, is unlikely to have us seeing things in a balanced and rational manner.


Saturday, September 7, offers an energetic reprieve as we crawl out of bed under the twinning sextile energies of Mars sandwiched between retrograde Jupiter in Taurus and the Sun in Virgo. The desire to accomplish things around the house may be heightened under this signature, while homebody Taurus, with retrograde Jupiter in tow, may have us eyeing the beautification of our living spaces.

The Venus-Juno dance — always within a few minutes of orb of conjunction— will be within six minutes of bodily union, emphasizing something that we just can’t seem to make happen with respect to a partnership, while the Moon squaring retrograde Chiron in Aries just before 4:00 PM EDT could amplify irksome circumstances on the home front.


*DISCLAIMER: All astrological forecasts are for ENTERTAINMENT PURPOSES ONLY. Any decisions that you might make as a result of reading this or any other astrological blog entry are YOURS ALONE and the creator of this blog will not be held responsible! For any legal issues, see a lawyer; for medical ones, consult a physician. None of the information in this blog constitutes actionable advice from a licensed professional. Once again, this forecast is for ENTERTAINMENT PURPOSES ONLY!

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