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Weekly Astrology Forecast for October 31-November 6, 2022 - Out with the Old You, in With the New*

Hey star-gazers! I hope the heavens are treating you well.

Before covering the transits of the week, it’s important to remember that we have a few key celestial players continuing to hang out in the sky in some fairly challenging configurations. These include retrograde Mars squaring retrograde Neptune; retrograde Jupiter in a very wide conjunction to retrograde Neptune; and Saturn squaring retrograde Uranus.

Expect some malaise this week in those areas of your life ruled by Gemini, Pisces, Aquarius and Taurus. This can span the gamut of mental, emotional, and material concerns in our lives, which could lead us to feel like we’re being held back by necessity or obligation, or drained of energy to keep pushing uphill when things aren’t manifesting as quickly in our lives as we feel they should. The thing is, with Saturn now direct, we have the planet of hard work and perseverance moving forward in the sky, even if the god of fast-action, Mars, happens to be kicking back and putting down his weaponry. Even with Jupiter retrograde and doing its revisioning in the Piscean areas of our lives, its wide conjunction to diffusive, illusionist Neptune is really asking us if we can keep the faith even when reality may not exactly match with what we hoped it might be.

The other prevailing energy this week is Mercury’s combustion from the Sun. We could feel like we’re not being heard by solar figures in our lives — fathers, bosses, anyone really who holds some sort of elevated, metaphorically enthroned role in our lives. A combust Mercury can also struggle with clear thinking and fine details when occluded by the Sun. And, of course, this is a more intense Sun when it’s in Scorpio, which picks up dignity after being in its fall in Libra. Although for many of us, this Sun may have us feel like our plans, priorities and aspirations are somewhat back on track, we can’t dismiss the fact that the Sun is answering to a backward-moving Mars in Gemini whose retired his shield, sword and scrappiness, and is a bit more frustrated, more volatile owing to his being out of bounds, and tracing back over the events that you were trying to push forward since Mars entered Gemini back in late August.

Part of the energy that could prevail this week is a desire to move things forward, without a great deal of forethought, and perhaps in spite of frustrations owing to retrograde Mars making that square to retrograde Neptune.

The other reason we may suffer in the area of strategic forethought is that Pallas Athena is trining retrograde Neptune. Mars’ sister asteroid, which also concerns strategy, wisdom, and insight is going to have her chops beneficially blessed by expansive Jupiter, but trining watery, diffusive, illusionist Neptune, moving backward in its Piscean home she simply may not have the support she needs to be at her clearest and most focused.

One aspect that I really do like, which we’ll feel through the week, is the sextile between Pluto in Capricorn and retrograde Jupiter in Pisces. This is a great aspect for going deep and potentially gaining some unexpected insights from your spiritual practices, whether it’s meditation, prayer, journaling, or other activities that help connect you with the divine in your life — whatever that means to you.

Two days to mark in your calendars are November 3 and November 6. These are both days where Venus and the Sun make conjunctions to the South Node, which I potentially like for us finally letting go of things that may be holding us back. For Venus, this could be challenging patterns in our relationships — like fear, intensity, control — or, in money matters — insecurity, excess spending, and debt. For the Sun, this could be a period where we’re letting go of something that’s been holding us back from shining in our lives — particularly insecurity tied to feelings of self-worth and deservingness, especially with Venus also transiting quite closely and in the place of its detriment. Even if both these transits might be subtle, I do like the beneficial possibilities for many of us to shed unwanted baggage and continue reclaiming lost power.

Finally, note that we have the potential for one wacky day and that’s Venus’ opposition to Uranus, which could bring an odd flavour to our relationships and creative projects, so watch out on November 6 in case you’re driven to more impulsive, unpredictable and out-of-the-ordinary inspirations.

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