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Weekly Astrology Forecast for October 23–30, 2022* - Possibilities Await!

Hey star-gazers! This is your weekly astrology forecast for October 23–30, 2022. I hope everyone managed through the energies of the last week!

We have quite a number of shifts to cover, including planets turning direct, planets turning retrograde, and planets changing signs. Most importantly, we have an eclipse happening, but I won’t be covering that in this forecast since I already released a detailed rising sign forecast for that event.

We start the week under the Sun-Venus conjunction that we covered briefly last week. This is, of course, a significant aspect, since it marks the commencement of the second-half of Venus’ synodic cycle, which will take us to August of 2023.

It’s also significant since it’s occurring at the anaretic, or 29th degree of the sign before both Venus and the Sun switch signs on October 23. This will be a huge dignity change for both planets!

The Sun will no longer be in the place of its fall, which can help you get some of your personal agenda and aims back on track, but Venus will be in her exile, confronted with a much cooler, calculating and Martial sign where her tactical weaponry, including balance, justice and diplomacy, simply isn’t as effective.

As I mentioned last week, Venus’ conjunction with the Sun in Libra is akin to her Full Moon moment, and so, while a planet in an exact conjunction with the Sun is supremely empowered, this could also represent a kind of mini-crisis or turning point in Venusian matters in our lives. Most often, this can correlate to a romantic relationship, since Mars and Venus began a new planetary cycle at their conjunction back in February, but since Venus can also represent finances, our self-worth, what we value, and important women in our lives, don’t rule out some sort of culminating moment in those matters as well.

With the square from Pluto still in a weakening albeit active orb of influence this week, we could find our confidence and desires swayed by authority figures or other people who have some sort of power over us, making us less decisive, confident, and focused in our purpose and objectives. And so, as powerful as Venus may find herself this week, this heavy aspect from Pluto could lead you to sacrifice your own desires for certain relationships in your life or make you overly concerned with the opinions of others. Thankfully, this transit won’t last long, since both the Sun and Venus dip into Scorpio the next day.

For Venus, this will be a slightly more difficult sojourn, despite having some dignity in Scorpio by triplicty. While we’ll cover off Venus’ transit and energies week by week, don’t be surprised if, for some of us, we see some money issues come to the fore in November — particularly around debts or losses — and with the South Node in a sign-based conjunction, this could be a very draining energy for financial matters next month. On the bright side, clearing relationship baggage, purging closeted skeletons, learning secrets, or figuring out where certain depressing energies are eating away at our self-worth could all be very real themes experienced under this Venus transit through Scorpio and so it’s not all bad!

The Sun, however, will get out of the place of its fall. In Mars’ domicile, with Mars over in Gemini, and slowing down — ergo becoming more powerful to station retrograde — we may pick up some strategic, calculating and self-serving ideas to get our personal goals and projects back on track. This said, with Mars in aversion to the sign of Scorpio, these affects may simply not be as strong, and with Mars about to station retrograde, some of the forward momentum we could feel with having the Sun back somewhere better, the beneficial effects could cancel each other out.

The other major event occurring on October 23 is, of course, Saturn turning direct, and I know many of us could not be more pleased. If we’ve felt the passing of time but devoid a real sense of accomplishment, then from now to the end of the year, we might get a bit of whiplash as Kronos motors his way through the rest of Aquarius. For all of us, if you have felt stalled in certain areas of your life, this energy will start to pick up in the area that Saturn is currently transiting through. This will also correspond to a light at the end of the tunnel with the Saturn-Uranus square, although the orb of that square doesn’t really begin to widen significantly until early December.

Ultimately, while we may still feel that pull between limitation and restriction, it’s likely that Saturn now has a plan for us to figure out how to reconcile that Aquarian energy of obligation and responsibility with the Uranian pull for greater freedom and independence. Whether it’s your job, your studies, your relationships or your hopes and dreams, hopefully the last six months of Saturn’s retrograde motion yielded important conclusions about necessary endings and how to either live within or break free from those more austere and restrictive energies.

Next, on October 26, Mercury will trine Mars, which is a great energy while Mars is still direct for negotiations, public speaking, writing, communication matters, and making important decisions… Though proceed with caution as this week Mars turns retrograde on October 30!

Mercury in Libra has a great talent for sweet words, diplomacy and eloquence and so, trining Mars in Gemini, where ideas may flow fast and furious or where swift action is the name of the game, this could be a stellar combination for saying all the right things to get what we want. The challenge here, especially with the square from Pluto perfecting the next day, is to maintain a certain lightness in our mental energies.

Although Mercury gets that expansive energetic boost from Mars, it’s also under an intensifying energy from Pluto, which can lead us to get somewhat attached to or even obsessive about our ideas. Given that Mars is going to be turning retrograde, I do think that’s another signal to try to keep in mind the changing nature of reality. And so, as the energy starts to slow and Mars is especially powerful right now as it’s stationing on 25 degrees of Gemini, we need to make sure we don’t get too attached to anything that Mars’ rethink from now to January 2023 will have us undertake.

Next, on October 28, retrograde Jupiter is also changing signs — another major shift in the cosmos. As Jupiter dips back into Pisces, it’s there to tie up some loose ends. If you’re curious how this transit could impact you overall, then check out my October transits to watch forecast. More generally, however, Jupiter back in Pisces could lead the quality of the week to feel a slightly more subdued at least until mid-December. This said, it could also correspond to a time of increased emotions, sensitivity or a possibility for us to get lost in the depths of Pisces.

Although the orb of influence between retrograde Jupiter and retrograde Neptune will be quite wide, this could also correspond to an important period where we’re revisiting dreams, hopes and aspirations, or, alternatively, we may literally have more vivid dreams at night. Use the next couple of months to tap into your intuition and work with your subconscious mind through meditation and dreams to get clarity and answers on any questions that could arise for you concerning your path towards growth, expansion and positive personal development.

Finally, all this week, we remain under that Mars-retrograde Neptune square that we talked about in previous forecasts.

On October 30, Mars will be turning retrograde, and so it will continue to hold that energy of confusion, illusion and possible disillusionment. It will be important for us to use these energies to our advantage by interrogating where we could have built up false images or ideas, castles in the air, or groundless hopes. Mars is all about forward action, and in the mental sign of Gemini we can question where Neptune may have been obscuring our vision or confusing us about our actions and desires, especially in the area of our life ruled by Pisces.

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