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Weekly Astrology Forecast for October 15-21  -  The Wisdom of Insecurity*

Eclipse season is rarely comfortable. Even if we emerge unscathed, the energetic profile and collective impacts can sometimes take a different kind of emotional toll. The contrapuntal soli-lunar relationship remains an underappreciated dance between light and darkness — between competing desires and borrowed light, concealing something deeper.

“When we fail to see that our life is change,” wrote Alan Watts over seventy years ago, “We set ourselves against ourselves and become like Ouroboros, the misguided snake, who tries to eat his own tail. Ouroboros is the perennial symbol of all vicious cycles, of every attempt to split our being asunder and make one part conquer the other.”

The astrology of the next few years will hit us differently. As the outer planets change signs in rapid succession, we will all be thrust into the whirlwind of paradigm shifts bigger than we can possibly imagine. “The only way to make sense out of change is to plunge into it,” wrote Watts. “Move with it, and join in the dance.”

This week may be all about recovery — recovery from the profoundly draining energetic vortex of the eclipse, as well as recovery from the illusions of security that we may have been harbouring. If all does not feel fine in your world, embrace the discordance. Accept that this may be more typical now than ever before. Ask insecurity to be your tango partner.

Even if we feel fragile, Sunday’s Scorpio Moon is sure to shore us up. Upon entering fixed water, Luna conjoins with Mars, lending us unwavering belief that we can overcome any challenge. This is the reminder to recover “instinctual wisdom” — the type of wisdom that, in Watts’ words, we have allowed to “slump into atropy.” We don’t trust ourselves, we don’t trust others, we overthink and under-feel. Luna in Scorpio conjunct Mars may help us revive our most primal senses.

The quincunx between the Sun and Uranus perfecting around 3:30 PM EDT may have us struggling for an energetic reboot especially as the Sun continues to approach a stationing South Node. The lingering effects of the eclipse may have muddied the waters, simultaneously laying bare the necessity for a new direction, without perhaps the clarity needed to commit to it. This, coupled with a Jupiter-Ceres opposition, may have us struggling to muster the collective support we feel ourselves entitled to. After all, how much have we sacrificed for others? Expect this energy to linger into Monday, October 16. The foundational narratives that have propped us up for so long may fall by the wayside as we seek more resonant replacements.

Tuesday, October 17 sees an important sign change for partnership-focused Juno. As she slips into critical Virgo, we may find ourselves rethinking the stability and practicality of relationships, especially if we’ve been a little too seduced by their appearance of emotional depth rather than concrete substance. A sympathetic Moon-Neptune trine softens any harsh realities, though the tendency here may be towards being a little too generous with our compassion.

Luna will be roused into action by the late afternoon as the Jupiterian domain of Sagittarius welcomes her for her brief monthly stay. As a frequent tenant in the archer’s sign, she may struggle to find the bullseye as a square to leaden Saturn highlights responsibility at the expense of fun. Thankfully, this aspect won’t last long if you’ve been itching to let your hair down.

Mid-week may have us confronting a worrisome conjunction between the Sun and the South Node. Mercury follows in a subsequent conjunction, highlighting long-standing issues of a cyclical and potentially karmic nature, emphasizing the draining nature of unfulfilled objectives and faulty ideas about what is owed to us in our one-to-one relationships. The opposition this signature forms to retrograde Eris in Aries may amplify the level of internal discord we feel. Release may be inevitable, but hopefully Mercury in Libra will have us choosing our words carefully.

On Thursday, October 19, both Sol and Hermes hover around an unproductive quincunx to retrograde Neptune in Pisces. Indecision may rule the day, compounded by the murkiness of Neptune obfuscation and illusion. Put off any decisions that don’t absolutely need to be made, especially as the fog of yesterday’s potentially explosive pile-up with Eris and the amplifying North Node clears.

Just before 2:00 PM EDT, Luna slides into a square with Neptune, reminding us of the lack of emotional cohesion between playful desires and emotional sensibilities. As Neptune asks us to lead with our hearts and souls, the Moon’s more instinctual reaction may be to escape harsh truths through liberating pursuits and devil-may-care immaturity. Luna will come crashing down from the highest heights just before bedtime as she enters responsible Capricorn, where she’ll split part of her weekend.

In the wee hours of Friday, October 20, Sol and Mercury rendezvous for an all-important conjunction. Here we mark the mid-way point of our current Mercury cycle and the introspective pull towards practical application of hard-won wisdom. This is a kind of carpe diem aspect — auspicious as the conjunction is, it’s also a reminder to reap the benefits the day brings and to shift our thinking into countdown mode. As we stare down the barrel of Mercury’s December retrograde and the prospect of yet another pre-retrograde shadow moratorium on new activities, get your ducks in a row and tackle what needs to be done before you’re caught in retrograde limbo.

Luna’s fleeting trines to Venus in Virgo and Jupiter in Taurus may be lost in the background, especially as Friday evening brings a little verbal and intellectual volatility from a Mercury-Pluto square. While this could manifest internally, confined to the confused battlegrounds of our monkey minds, the square could also present a slight power imbalance in relationships with authority figures. With the Sun on Mercury’s heels, the struggle could be real, calling on us to stand our ground, even if we’re feel more likely to acquiesce to an opponent for the sake of keeping the peace.

Saturday, October 21, could see these tensions reach their climax as a square between the Sun and Pluto perfect at 10:06 AM. Given that the Moon trines Uranus, squares Eris, and conjoins Pluto in rapid succession throughout the day, our energies may be more unpredictable than we care to admit. Although it will be a little late to moderate any of the day’s tension, a Venus-Jupiter trine could help emotional recovery as it perfects just after midnight.

*DISCLAIMER: All astrological forecasts are for ENTERTAINMENT PURPOSES ONLY. Any decisions that you might make as a result of reading this or any other astrological blog entry are YOURS ALONE and the creator of this blog will not be held responsible! For any legal issues, see a lawyer; for medical ones, consult a physician. None of the information in this blog constitutes actionable advice from a licensed professional. Once again, this forecast is for ENTERTAINMENT PURPOSES ONLY!

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