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Weekly Astrology Forecast for October 1-7, 2023* – Haste Makes Waste

Finding clarity will be key as we cruise into the first full month of October. With major aspects and sign changes ahead for the star of Hermes, sorting out the balance of the year — our big dreams and immediate priorities— could help us win the race against time. Given that the weeks ahead will have us confronting not only the destabilizing energies of eclipse season, but also the arresting pauses of Mercury in its pre-retrograde shadow by the close of November, putting off key decisions could make the balance of the year trickier to navigate.

Sunday, October 1, sees a lovely, luxurious Taurus Moon rule the day. This is a lazy Sunday at its best, begging us to take it easy and even indulge. If you’ve been regimented about your workouts, your diet or other major lifestyle changes (potentially initiated under Mercury’s protracted two-way jaunt through Virgo), be prepared to fall off the wagon. And, why not? You deserve it! Just avoid fur flying at the brunch table as Mercury slips out of its inspiring trine to Uranus in cool Taurus and into a slightly shady inconjunct to retrograde Eris in more temperamental Aries. By bedtime things may be right as rain as Luna meets up with Jupiter, seeing us mull over the week ahead with a fresh perspective and more than a little optimism.


Monday, October 2 sees the confusing dance of Mercury opposing retrograde Neptune. A cryptic text or puzzling email could present a head-scratching moment, especially as we try to decipher what the other party was intending. While this isn’t likely to be nefarious, our desire for clarity might not be easily satisfied, though the Moon-Uranus conjunction could have us going with our gut feeling.

As a Venus-retrograde Eris trine perfects, it’s time to reflect on past relationships and anything that holds us back as a result. Morning Star Venus, emboldened from her recent leonine rebirth, should dig deep to find any courage she might have been lacking earlier this summer. Be warned, however, Tuesday’s Venus-retrograde Neptune quincunx could muddy the waters, so sit on any conclusions you might reach until later in the week.


While we sleep on Tuesday, October 3, Luna enters Gemini. Prepare for liftoff as the pace decidedly quickens. Rapid-fire communications, whether verbal or written, could keep us on our toes, while Mars’s application to a conjunction to the South Node (masquerading as the North Node in its current direct movement) may amplify Mars’s spikier ‘I-want-it-may-way’ manifestation. Meanwhile, the loose conjunction between Pallas Athena and the Sun could inject a little strategy if something we want is on the line.

Around 3:15 PM EDT, Mercury trines retrograde Pluto. Positive words flow from on high, the boss takes notice of your work, or a window of unprecedented focus helps us to hammer out a previously blocked pathway. Either way, enjoy the intensity that this aspect could bring, since this may present a more constructive expression of Plutonic depths, control and transformation.


On Wednesday, October 4, a constellation could be ripe for discord as Mars opposes retrograde Eris. The celestial energies are less than constructive when the more incendiary energies are pitted against one another. For some of us, this could manifest as a tense relationship encounter, amplified by Mars’s close proximity to the direct-moving South Node. Finally, with Mercury passing over the last and more volatile degree of Virgo before its sign change, be prepared to own your words. If, however, you prefer to repent at leisure, Mercury entering Libra at 8:09 PM EDT could have you doing just that. Full regret and self-doubt could descend around bedtime as the Moon squares retrograde Neptune.


By the time that many of us make it to our desks on Thursday, October 5, Luna will have entered compassionate Cancer, bringing the Geminian whirlwind to a welcome end. As Luna quickly applies to a conjunction to Vesta, projects on the home front may be tugging at our heartstrings. Our plans may not flow easily, however, as the Moon squares Mercury.

A beneficial Moon-retrograde Saturn trine may have us contemplating our priorities, even if we struggle with the emotional vulnerability to express them. Don’t expect clarity to come from the Mars-retrograde Neptune inconjunct perfecting just before 7:00 PM EDT; iIn fact, we may be avoiding necessary action, or finding clear purpose stymied under Neptune’s more obfuscating veil.


While we may be grateful for the approaching weekend, Friday’s Last Quarter Moon could see things get a little crunchy as relationship woes are placed under a microscope. Venus’s inconjunct to retrograde Pluto could add another dimension to these issues. A desire for creative self-expression may be stifled by authoritative Pluto in stern Capricorn failing to appreciate Aphrodite’s needs on a deeper level. The sextile that Luna forms to retrograde Jupiter could, however, be cause for a little optimism.


On Saturday, October 7, Luna whips past its fleeting and inspirational sextile to retrograde Uranus before most of us even crawl out of bed. The temptation may be strong to linger beneath the covers as the Moon careens around the North bending. Experiencing a temporary polarity reversal, our energy may be zapped, leaving us feeling drained. Add to this the cocktail of tense aspects between the Moon, Eris, Mars and Pluto from morning to afternoon and you’ve got the perfect recipe for something that could leave us shaken rather than gently stirred. The tonal shift of the Moon moving into Leo at 7:25 PM EDT may be welcome if only because fixed fire helps us handle the drama a little better.

*DISCLAIMER: All astrological forecasts are for ENTERTAINMENT PURPOSES ONLY. Any decisions that you might make as a result of reading this or any other astrological blog entry are YOURS ALONE and the creator of this blog will not be held responsible! For any legal issues, see a lawyer; for medical ones, consult a physician. None of the information in this blog constitutes actionable advice from a licensed professional. Once again, this forecast is for ENTERTAINMENT PURPOSES ONLY!

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