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Weekly Astrology Forecast for November 7–13, 2022 - Challenging Energies, Combatting Burnout*

Hey star-gazers! This is your forecast for the week ahead.

I hope everyone is looking after themselves given the heightened energies of the last few weeks.

Fatigue and burnout may have hit many in and around the October 25 eclipse, possibly even growing into a lack of motivation, concentration, or desire to do very much approaching Mars’ retrograde station just before October 30. If this sounds like it could have been you, then hopefully a couple of the South Node transits last week lifted a little emotional weight until the next eclipse hits us on Tuesday.

Remember, if you’re feeling tired, under-motivated, or alternatively, overstimulated thanks to the Moon’s conjunction to Uranus, then make sure that you take any self-care measures you need to stay grounded and to bring any over-activate energies down. Don’t try too hard in and around this time. Don’t push yourself. If it helps, make some lists of what you need to do and only tackle the most pressing things.

Given that the asteroid, Hygeia, is opposing retrograde Mars in a sign-based opposition this week, there could be a very real preventative health opportunity in the weeks ahead to ensure we combat mental burnout through Sagittarian and Jupiterian-eque remedies: travel, spiritual pursuits, and meditation. Mars and Hygeia will reach exact opposition later this month, on the 26th, so again, this could be a good time to try and get into a routine with any practices that can help you calm mental over-activity and combat burnout.

With that, let’s dig into the astrology of the week.

This week, Mercury takes centre stage. After entering cool, strategic Scorpio back on October 29, its major aspects to planets this week will all follow its superior conjunction with the Sun occurring on November 8.

This is an important moment for Mercury as it marks the waning-half of Mercury’s cycle, which will take us through to its next retrograde period in late December. But, more importantly, this Mercury may be a helpful counterweight to retrograde Mars, hanging out in Gemini.

For rash, out-of-bounds, and retrograde Mars, whose energies may be stilted, the redoubling efforts of its retrograde movement could be helped by this Epimethean Mercury. Remember, this is a qualitative change in Mercury’s behaviour. This is a sage, seasoned Mercury, emerging as a wise evening star, which can help us simmer down, feel more even keel, and be more methodical in our thoughts and words.

Though the areas of our lives ruled by Gemini and Scorpio will be important to look at in our respective charts, at a very high level, the energy this week could be about marrying thoughts and deeds, ideas and intended actions, and, with Mercury squaring Saturn on November 10, this will lend Mercury a discriminating and weighty energy to make important decisions, just in time for a potential burst of inspiration mid-week, thanks to a slightly tense, albeit I’d wager fruitful, opposition to retrograde Uranus. This is an aspect that Mercury will share with the Sun on November 9, and though oppositions can be slightly challenging aspects in and of themselves, I think this will be a good kind of friction for the Sun and Mercury to rub up against. In this instance, Uranus’ catalytic energies and penchant to destabilize can help stoke our creative juices. Given that the square from Saturn also continues to separate, this is an optimal time to start thinking seriously about how to make long-lasting changes in our lives that support greater freedom and liberation.

On November 12, Mercury will trine retrograde Neptune, which will be an important day for letting our imaginations roam. A lot of the planetary movements in the second-half of this year haven’t been conducive to making big, life-altering moves that we could regret if things don’t go as planned, and so, while I think we’ll be in a better place in mid-January of next year, this upcoming aspect is a great one for dreaming intentionally about the life that you want to create.

The next storyline that we need to pay attention to this week is the Sun’s transits — not only helping to initiate that new phase of Mercury’s hemicycle, but also making some important transits of its own, including the square to Saturn occurring on November 11. This could be a bit more of a challenging day for many of us, given the still-active square between Saturn and Uranus. In this particular configuration, the Sun could find itself weighed down by Saturn reminding it of all the ways that life may be holding us back — circumstances beyond our control, situations arising from past decisions, or the constraints that the life we are leading impose on our ability to make meaningful changes. Watch your thoughts this day, since it can be quite easy, especially with the Sun in depth-defying Scorpio, to get a little lost in the darkness — and with the ruler of Scorpio, Mars, retrograde and in Gemini — the sign of the ceaseless mind — it’s easy for us to spin our wheels, turning over thoughts from the past. Eventually, we need to make peace with our lives and concentrate on moving forward. Hopefully Mercury this week can offer a little help on that front.

Finally, a couple of aspects Venus makes to Saturn and retrograde Neptune may be worth noting. If anything, you’ll find that the pattern of the inferior planets this week very much echo one another.

Venus squares Saturn and trines Neptune before Mercury does, in a way, paving the way for our desires, our emotions, and our hopes for harmony, balance, and receiving what we deserve to precede Mercury’s contemplation of how we get there. On another level, Venus’ square to Saturn and, by extension, opposition to Uranus, could not only bring some unpredictability our way in relationships, but a peculiarly weighty feeling of dissatisfaction. While this aspect won’t last long, the spillover effects of the Saturn-Uranus square could translate into this realm as disappointments over the routine or seeming lack of innovative pizzazz in our relationships and a desire to shake things up.

And, let’s not forget that this Venus is answering to a backward-moving Mars, which could cloud our judgment, amp up our frustrations, or have a tendency to dredge up past grievances. While you may want to express your emotions, the fact that Venus will slip out of this configuration and into a trine with retrograde Neptune by the close of the week could simply be an early warning to ride out the aspect to Saturn, since the trine to Neptune could have your head in nostalgic clouds, or wondering if things are really as bleak as you could be making them out to be.

Now, if you’re wondering why I didn’t cover off the eclipse energy, it’s just too big an energy to do proper justice to in a short forecast, so don’t forget to check out my dedicated eclipse forecast for everything you need to know during this eclipse season!

*DISCLAIMER: All astrological forecasts are for ENTERTAINMENT PURPOSES ONLY. Any decisions that you might make as a result of reading this or any other astrological blog entry are YOURS ALONE and the creator of this blog will not be held responsible! For any legal issues, see a lawyer; for medical ones, consult a physician. None of the information in this blog constitutes actionable advice from a licensed professional. Once again, this forecast is for ENTERTAINMENT PURPOSES ONLY!

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