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Weekly Astrology Forecast for November 5-11, 2023*  – Explosive Endings

If you’re feeling blue, blame it on Saturn. Slowly returning to direct motion, the karmic, cosmic heavyweight always brings a little psychological reckoning.

The placement of Saturn in our charts can signal where we hold deep emotional fears. It’s that little voice inside ourselves that highlights our shortcomings, crushes our confidence, or leads us to believe we’re inadequate, underserving and bound to fail.

As I wrote in my dedicated rising sign forecast for Saturn in Pisces, Saturn can bring sorrow, loss, chronic issues, and a prolonged deterioration to certain situations that may have been brewing long before it reached the sign of the fishes. While these may not be the most upbeat significations, they’re part and parcel of life’s cyclical nature: acknowledging what has been plaguing us, accepting what has to die away, and mourning for the chapters of our lives that have met their necessary end.

While this most recent Saturn retrograde may have been more challenging than most given the sometimes-confusing, often-obscure experiences that the lord of decisive boundaries and harsh endings had to endure, if we did the inner work that called to us, and if we committed to seeing light in the darkness, then we may startle ourselves by our profound ability to place one foot in front of the other. Saturn rewards discipline. Confront your fears. Go the distance.


As we all find our feet under this new celestial direction, we’ll wake up on Sunday, November 5 to the Last Quarter phase of the Moon. The hot and dry conditions of Leo may challenge our ability to relate to others intuitively. Luna, zapped of her cooling moisture, may be compelled to express inner ambitions. This is the now-or-never Moon: the phase and face that step up to the plate lest it misses an exciting opportunity.

As the Moon perfects to a trine to retrograde Chiron later in the day, we may be invited to consider where we’ve sacrificed a sliver of our identity or kept our light under wraps. Accept that it’s acceptable to shine (and sometimes outshine others!). You owe it to yourself not to hide your light under a bucket.


Venus trines Pluto on Monday, November 6, inviting us to luxuriate in the power of personal grounding. Our intimate relationships may have suffered from Venus’s jaunt through the sometimes difficult and incessant fault-finding of Virgo. This is not the sign that does vulnerability well; rather, this is the expression of Venus that thinks she can hold everything together just by running through her mammoth to-do lists and keeping all the bills paid on time.

As Venus applies to an expansive and sometimes insightful trine aspect to intensely scrutinizing Pluto in Capricorn, we get a momentary glimpse into everything we’ve done right throughout this transit, even if we’ve felt a little like a nit-picker for it. A relationship nearest and dearest to our hearts could benefit from the depth that this aspect offers, permitting us to strengthen emotional ties or to see through all the faults that have been nagging us over the course of Venus’s Virgoan jaunt.

Luna enters Virgo at 2:39 PM EST, bringing a little internal twist to this Venus-Pluto aspect. If you’ve been hard on others, perhaps it’s only right that you turn the mirror on yourself. A Mercury-Neptune trine at 8:27 PM EST invites a little compassion into our self-reflection.

Rise and shine on Tuesday, November 7 to a Moon-Juno conjunction, highlighting the focus on partnerships from the night before. If you were putting off a heart-to-heart over your less than gracious behaviour, then start the conversation, especially with Mercury in a supportive sign-based sextile.

Luna’s next stop is a trine to Jupiter at 10:43 AM EST, shifting us into a more optimistic head- and heart-space. A rendezvous with the Sun by sextile around bedtime allows us a quiet moment to consider how we’re supporting our personal ambitions.


Venus enters Libra at 4:30 AM EST on Wednesday, November 8, allowing us to mend fences and restore any relationships that might have suffered under Venus’s more cerebral expression. Venus in Libra, however, is no lightweight: she understands the complexities around cogitation and communication and lives by the phrase, “You catch more flies with honey.” This said, Venus is no fool, nor is she overly saccharine in this sign. Diplomacy shouldn’t be confused with weakness, so long as Venus remembers not to devalue her vital worth.

By 5:18 PM EST, Luna opposes retrograde Neptune, challenging our capacity to see matters from a compassionate or even imaginative angle. Thankfully, a Mercury-Pluto sextile swoops in to rescue us, cutting through some of the Neptunian confusion.


On Thursday, November 9, a Moon-Venus conjunction starts the day off right, perfecting while most of us may still be in bed. Nevertheless, the tone is already set for a more yielding take, accepting that relationships are built on compromise and compassion.

A Moon-Vesta square perfecting at 5:38 PM EST could bring a caustic awareness of everything that we’ve ignored on the home front. Priority projects may have taken a backseat to a spectrum of other daily demands nipping at our heels. The kinetic pull of the hard aspect compel us to take action, balancing desire and responsibility, and weighing the pros and cons of dropping everything that isn’t essential.


While we slumber, the star of Hermes slips into the place of its detriment, moving into the domicile of the archer. Upon entering Sagittarius it will aspect Saturn in Pisces, foreshadowing the difficulties we may experience under its transit. Staying true to our beliefs will be the task at hand.

A Moon-Chiron opposition just before lunch-hour may have us dealing with some tender emotions. Be prepared for sensitivities to be turbo-charged; the little things could needle you, reminding you of difficulties you thought you’d put to bed long ago.


Don’t let the Moon-Pluto square spoil your morning coffee on Saturday, November 11. As the aspect perfects just after 10:00 AM EST, our emotions could go nuclear as Luna in her volatile last degrees of Libra may have had enough of keeping the peace. While a full-blown assault is unlikely, there’s an element where self-control may be put to the test, while challenges with authority figures could rubs the wrong way.

If you kept things in check under the a.m. lunar energy, then the Mars-Uranus opposition striking at 4:00 PM EST has powder keg written all over it. Though Mars is in its most disciplined state in the cooling waters of strategic Scorpio, Uranus, under the bull’s domineering influence, could have a fixed-sign throw-down in our future. As we contemplate sparring over matters pertaining to independence or rebellion, cooler heads may have lower chances of prevailing.

*DISCLAIMER: All astrological forecasts are for ENTERTAINMENT PURPOSES ONLY. Any decisions that you might make as a result of reading this or any other astrological blog entry are YOURS ALONE and the creator of this blog will not be held responsible! For any legal issues, see a lawyer; for medical ones, consult a physician. None of the information in this blog constitutes actionable advice from a licensed professional. Once again, this forecast is for ENTERTAINMENT PURPOSES ONLY!

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