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Weekly Astrology Forecast for November 12-18, 2023*  – Scorpio New Moon

The realities of Scorpio season may be hitting some of us especially hard. For me, friends and family are confronting the Big ‘C’ in ever increasing numbers. The downright frightening diagnoses seem to be a constant reminder of life’s precariousness. Each breath is a gift.

While the more weighty keywords associated with the eighth astrological sign give many of us pause, we cannot lose sight of the more positive connotations that this Martial-ruled constellation also embodies. Before we jump to the bleak significations of “death,” “loss,” and “decay,” we need to remind ourselves that astrology, despite its sometimes literal manifestations, is ultimately a metaphorical and symbolic language. Physical death is inescapable, but the more expressly psychological landscape often associated with Scorpio could be very well be the terrain on which the November 13 lunation plays out.

Monday’s Scorpio New Moon is the big astrological headliner of the week, eclipsing (no pun intended!) all other heavenly movements. For some of us, it could be a new lease on life, emphasizing the resilient qualities of fixed water, attuning us to our psychological needs and even, in some cases, our fight for survival.

The event chart for this lunation taking place at 4:27 AM EST has Libra rising — the sign of justice, balance, fairness, relationships, and communication. With benefic Venus powerfully domiciled and angular, there’s an element of good fortune to be had, even if the circumstances we're currently confronting may seem unusually bleak. Our resources, values and resilience are sure to be tested over the next two weeks, but the Lesser Benefic’s cosmic and karmic position could point to an ultimate return to equilibrium. Part of that could come from the “me first” energy that the lunation’s conjunction to Mars and Ceres seems to embody, begging us all to refocus on our own needs. If you’ve given too much of yourself to others, perhaps the consequences are coming home to roost?

This lunation also opposes wildcard Uranus in Taurus, which could rouse past ghosts and foreground issues we may have thought had been put to bed. For some of us, this could come in the form of perennial resistance: changes that we know we’ve had to make for a while but neglected because our routines felt safer than necessary paradigmatic shifts. While the Uranus opposition could also see us upsetting the apple cart, disturbing the carefully choreographed status quo that those around us have come to accept, this New Moon reminds us of the primacy of personal advocacy. Mars in all its fixity wants you to stand up for yourself. Have courage, take heart, be strong. As the Moon concludes its Scorpionic jaunt with a trine to retrograde Neptune in Pisces, we may be reminded that it’s also OK to hope for the best.


Other noteworthy celestial events punctuating the week include Sunday’s Moon-Jupiter opposition, which could see a jovial outlook rocked by deeper feelings of anxiety. A positive, if not ironic spin on things, could be tentatively restored when the Moon enters Sagittarius late in the day on November 13 and meets up with Mercury. Though Mercury is in detriment in the archer’s home, this is a mind-over-matter signature where planets must strive to surpass their limitations. For Mercury, it’s over-analyzing, over-processing, and over-collecting data points. Why not let go of the facts and envision an alternative reality — one where you might defy the odds stacked against you?

If the potency of Monday’s lunation led you to offend anyone’s carefully appointed sensibilities, Wednesday’s Mercury-Venus sextile could see a little verbal spackle applied to relationship cracks. While you may not be ready to patch things up, this signature is reminder that you can play nice in the sandbox without forgetting the “me-first” mantra of this month’s major lunation.

As Luna enters Capricorn on Thursday, expect the tone of the week to shift to more Saturnian realms of responsibility and necessity. Sextiling its domicile ruler in Pisces, this signature will stir up the old adage that good fences make good neighbours and that boundaries are conducive to your long-term happiness. When Luna meets up with Pluto on Saturday, expect a sudden enhancement to your personal power position.

Both Mars and Sol trine Neptune on Friday, inviting another pivotal tonal shift. Although retrograde Neptune has seen some of its tendency towards dreamy impracticality muted by its apparent backward motion, this idealistic aspect could have creative possibilities written all over it. A therapeutic release could also be in the cards, particularly if an artistic, emotional, or spiritual activity is contemplated.

Ultimately, the energy of the week begs for us to put ourselves first and to seek cracks of light in the darkness. Good luck and Godspeed!

*DISCLAIMER: All astrological forecasts are for ENTERTAINMENT PURPOSES ONLY. Any decisions that you might make as a result of reading this or any other astrological blog entry are YOURS ALONE and the creator of this blog will not be held responsible! For any legal issues, see a lawyer; for medical ones, consult a physician. None of the information in this blog constitutes actionable advice from a licensed professional. Once again, this forecast is for ENTERTAINMENT PURPOSES ONLY!

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