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Weekly Astrology Forecast for May 14–20, 2023* - Tread Lightly Under Celestial Volatility

Salutations, intrepid star-gazers!

Jupiter slides into Taurus this week initiating year-long changes. While the gifts the benefic gas giant will confer each rising sign differs (and for details check out my Sun, Moon and rising sign forecast for Jupiter’s ingress), it’s sure to be a banner year for many of us. Jupiter will expand our consciousness, set some of us on a spiritual path, and rain dollar signs down from high atop the firmament. Even if you have Jupiter transiting a less-than-auspicious house in your natal chart this year, the ancients believed that its presence could stave off negative events, so count your blessings for all those with Jupiter entering the second, sixth, eighth or twelfth houses.

The other delightful news this week is Mercury’s return to direct motion. For some of us, the lessons learned this retrograde season will help steer the next three months with greater wisdom and, in some cases, a fresh perspective. I managed to emerge from the cosmic trickster’s grasp unscathed (minus my taxes), but I’d love to hear your Mercury retrograde stories if you have them, so drop them in the comments below!

With that, let’s take a closer peek at the week’s upcoming transits.

We begin the week of May 14 under the influence of a square between Mars in Cancer and Jupiter in Aries. Although this aspect won’t perfect until next week, the orb of influence will certainly be active.

Jupiter is the exaltation ruler of Cancer and Mars is the domicile ruler of Aries, making this a strong mutual reception which could confer a positive and fiery energy. With the get-up-and-go-focus of Mars expansively supported by the Greater Benefic, this could be a red-letter week for getting projects underway around the home.

The one sticking point may be Mars’ trine to Neptune in Pisces. Some of us may feel the energy most acutely on May 15, undermining any intentions we have for tackling our domestic to-do list. Instead, this transit may be most productive for contemplative work — planning that bathroom refresh or browsing Pinterest inspiration boards.

At the very least, a powerful Mercury stationing direct on May 15 could reignite a passion project. With Vesta co-present, and Mercury applying to it in the days ahead, this could be an ideal time for getting back on track in financial, business, or networking matters that could have been temporarily derailed by Mercury’s direction shift. The Sun in Taurus trining Ceres in Virgo will invariably support this direction, helping us get organized.

Given that Jupiter will be switching signs on May 16, you may feel the heavens crackle, especially as gas giant’s entry into Taurus will square Pluto in Aquarius. The aspect will perfect on May 18, but this could nevertheless present a strong and immediate friction concerning the topics of power, power players, and control.

For some of us, this transit could kick-off a high-octane endeavour, seeing our personal ambitions reignited. For others, the square to Pluto could incite obsessive behaviours; in fixed signs, we could find ourselves clinging to outmoded thinking a little more than usual. Finally, anyone embroiled in legal proceedings with a strong financial component could find Pluto’s energies more subversive. Nevertheless, the Sun’s sextile to Neptune this same day could offer a little reprieve and even intuitive guidance for dealing with others.

On May 19, the New Moon is taking place at 28 degrees, 25 minutes of Taurus. Co-present Uranus, and Mercury conjunct the North Node in the early degrees of the sign, this New Moon could have an exciting and electric quality. Grand ideas, fated encounters, and new beginnings are all on the agenda, made slightly more unstable by Mars in Cancer hovering over the last, tense degree of the sign. This could lead to something potentially problematic peaking in our lives, particularly where loved ones are concerned. Even if Mars may experience some of its forward momentum and fiery drive diluted, both it and Venus, which is also forming another sign-based sextile, will make this a more emotional lunation than some others we’ve seen for a while.

Mercury in Taurus sextiling Saturn in Pisces on May 19 could provide the ideal aspect for detailed work, concentration and learning. If, like me, you’ve found some of your mental energies zapped by the retrograde motion, or if you’ve struggled with matters demanding cognitive clarity, then having Saturn’s supportive weight behind you will be a godsend.

On May 20, Mars enters Leo, ending the week with a major energetic shift. As Mars slips out of a water sign where it had some minor dignity, in fiery Leo, the hot, dry planet will spring back to life, leaving us feeling a little renewed and perhaps a bit more lively.

Upon its ingress, Mars will, however, oppose Pluto in Aquarius, making any challenges the square that Jupiter formed earlier in the week seem like child’s play. This is one of the transits under which we need to proceed with greater caution as, taken together, the two energies can bring cataclysmic and explosive results. The fixity and ferocity of two signs concerned with self-expression, self-aggrandizement, crusading, and occasional pedantry could set us up for a serious clash of wills and nobody wants a Pyrrhic victory. Those around you could also be more volatile (think explosive emotions!), so take care to tread lightly in all circumstances tcould inadvertently bring out the beast in all of us.

*DISCLAIMER: All astrological forecasts are for ENTERTAINMENT PURPOSES ONLY. Any decisions that you might make as a result of reading this or any other astrological blog entry are YOURS ALONE and the creator of this blog will not be held responsible! For any legal issues, see a lawyer; for medical ones, consult a physician. None of the information in this blog constitutes actionable advice from a licensed professional. Once again, this forecast is for ENTERTAINMENT PURPOSES ONLY!

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