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Weekly Astrology Forecast for June 4-10, 2023* - It's All About Perspective!

Updated: Jun 5, 2023

Hey star-gazers! Did anyone notice this week’s flood of social media posts on the Jupiter-North Node conjunction? Promises and prognostications abounded, portending to the amplified generosity of the benefic gas giant meeting up with the lunar node. I, personally, was waiting for a demonstrable change in my luck — something that I could take to the bank figuratively and literally, despite having transiting Jupiter passing through a less-than-auspicious house in my natal chart!

As I was returning from an appointment on Thursday, Jupiter was within a degree of the North Node, when I spotted a man in the middle of a four-lane intersection next to his vehicle, likely waiting for a tow truck. The passenger-side windshield had been smashed, though the driver’s side appeared untouched. Suffice to say, it put the Jupiter-North Node conjunction into a new perspective for me: under no circumstances might this driver have considered the accident fortunate, however, seeing him unscathed made me realize that Jupiter’s blessings come in many forms.

This week, as the conjunction separates, the effects of Jupiter kissing the Node of Fate may continue, but it’s up to us to look for the myriad ways in which we are blessed by expansive Jupiter. The gifts the Greater Benefic brings may not always be monetary, but they’re around us if we look hard enough.

With that, let’s dig into what the transits this week hold!


On June 4, hold onto your hats because Mercury in Taurus meets up with wildcard Uranus, making this a high-octane day of unpredictable curve balls and daring inspiration. Although the slower fixity of Taurus may suppress some of the full-out erraticism these two electrically charged planets could bring, we can’t discount the stimulating energies that these celestial bodies offer when they collide.

Fixed signs could find this a particularly challenging day that pushes them outside of their comfort zones, interrupting routines and forcing them to accelerate their processing and reaction time. This energy may be underscored by Mercury’s application to Vesta in Taurus the following day, still within Uranus’ sphere of unstable influence.

Under this transit, we should all expect situations that could demand fast thinking, challenging us to discriminate between choices that need to be made now, and those that can safely be shelved until after this transit passes. If you can start the day with a little meditation or switch from coffee to tea, you may find yourself faring better! Prepare to pivot; resistance is futile.

On June 5, Venus enters Leo. This corresponds to a big dignity change where Venus was previously vibing in the emotional depths and watery comforts of Cancer. Fiery Leo is likely going to challenge Venus, currently in her evening star incarnation, which could have us feeling less of the conquer-the-world energy that a morning star Venus invariably imparts. As much as we can expect the topics of our love life and self-expression to be highlighted, the effects may be slightly subtler or more moderate.

Venus is currently winding down her previous 584-day cycle, having begun this cycle in the sign of Capricorn in January 2022. Here, Venus may have been focused on helping us bring structures and boundaries to our relationships. It may also have been a time where some of us were making longer-term commitments with romantic partners.

For others, this might have been a financial transit, seeing Venus’ bent on luxury purchases curtailed under the more task-master and ambitious energies that Saturn-ruled Capricorn can impart. Ultimately, it may be worthwhile considering where Venus’ journey has brought you to this point, using the weeks ahead for some vital stock-taking before a new cycle takes off on August 13. This late summer transit may feel like a breath of fresh air, freeing us from the overshadowing seriousness of that initial Capricornian cycle. A Venus in Leo cycle could be glorious!

I will, however, caution any new and splashy Venusian behaviours prompted by its leonine ingress to proceed cautiously, because, on Venus’ entry into Leo, she opposes Pluto just leaving Aquarius, which can make this a slightly rough ingress emotionally.

Pluto, the planet of secrets, may find it fitting to divulge unexpected revelations about loved ones. Relationships could also see all manner of confessions come to the fore. Some of us could be tempted by a wandering eye or a sudden dissatisfaction in our current relationship. Alternatively, we may let our guards down, allowing ourselves to be overcome by certain domineering personalities. Although these energies won’t last long they’re nevertheless going to challenge some of us, especially those with fixed signs on the angles.

And, of course, the other reason we may wish to stay away from making any sudden changes to our relationship status is because Venus will be entering her retrograde shadow period later this month around June 20. To avoid any retrograde-induced upheavals or reversals, adopting a stay-the-course behaviour may be advisable.

On June 7, Venus’ storyline continues with its square to the North Node, potentially prolonging and amplifying any difficulties that the Alchemical Goddess experienced in its face-off with Pluto. The trick to navigating these heady few days is to rely on the Venusian wisdom gained over the past year and a half.

Venus in her evening star incarnation is known for her ability to extract meaning from experiences and to dig deep into her fount of emotional depth. This is where the more subdued and even-keel side of this planet will help you prevail over any difficulties that you could encounter over this early period in June.

On June 9, Mercury in Taurus sextiles Neptune in Pisces, which could help you act more intuitively when it comes to your communications with others. This transit could also aid those of you who are digging your heels into certain financial matters to find a modicum of emotional flexibility, letting up some of the mental stubbornness that Mercury’s transit through bullish Taurus inspired.

On June 10, the Sun in Gemini sextiles Chiron in Aries, introducing an opportunity to heal old wounds afflicting our self-identity, pioneering will, and personal desires. The Sun in information- and learning-focused Gemini is adept at seeing all sides of an issue. Use the insights gained over the past several weeks to work through mental baggage holding you back from stepping confidently into your future.

Finally, cardinal placements — gird your loins as June 10 will be the last day of Pluto’s backward crawl through Aquarius. The next day, the Dark Lord re-enters Capricorn where it will stay until mid-January 2024. This could make the second-half of 2023 slightly more challenging, especially for those with late-degree angules or planetary placements. Take a deep breath as this last phase of your metamorphosis guarantees butterfly wings next year!


*DISCLAIMER: All astrological forecasts are for ENTERTAINMENT PURPOSES ONLY. Any decisions that you might make as a result of reading this or any other astrological blog entry are YOURS ALONE and the creator of this blog will not be held responsible! For any legal issues, see a lawyer; for medical ones, consult a physician. None of the information in this blog constitutes actionable advice from a licensed professional. Once again, this forecast is for ENTERTAINMENT PURPOSES ONLY!

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