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Weekly Astrology Forecast for June 18-24, 2023* – The Social Side of the Stars

Hey star-gazers! Since Mercury joined Sol in Gemini, I’ve found myself run ragged. Though I have a lot of air in my chart — my rising sign, ascendant ruler, Moon and Venus all situated in the least-tangible of the elemental quadruplicities — I’m not especially comfortable in social situations, nor do I crave constant contact. Paradoxically, retreat is more my style: hermetic solitude and long stretches of quiet. If asked to choose between the beach and a meditation retreat, I’d choose the latter without hesitation. Nevertheless, between lunches with old friends and new, group lectures, birthday parties and in-person study dates (because, yes, I’m studying a dead language consistent with my Mercury in the eighth house), I’m a little exhausted.

How are you all dealing with Mercury in one of its domiciles? Drop your experiences in the comments below! For now, let’s dig into the astrology of the week ahead.

In the wee hours of June 18 EDT (late June 17 PDT), expect the Gemini New Moon to perfect at 26 degrees, 43 minutes of the sign of Castor and Pollux. Although most of us won’t be awake to take advantage of the exact moment of its perfection, this is nevertheless a viable Moon under which to charge crystals, set intentions and generally bask in the positive potential that this New Moon offers. The themes of communication, connection, multi-tasking, networking, linking, and engaging, whether with community groups, siblings or close friends, could all find expression under this celestial signature.

The New Moon is free from partile influence of the traditional malefics — it’s both widely separating from a square to retrograde Saturn in Pisces and a sextile to Mars in Leo. If we count Neptune as among the more modern malefics, then the Moon’s nearly partile square to Neptune in Pisces could add a hint of chaos. If Mercury in Gemini struggles with consistent and focused action, organization and completing one task at a time, then imagine popping the Neptunian pill of mental dissolution. Expect a few things on June 18 to vaporize — opportunities, email trails or calendar commitments.

The ruler of this New Moon, Mercury, is strongly domiciled in one of its two home signs, adding support and emphasis to all Mercurial matters, though it’s not configured to the lunation by a partile aspect. The asteroid, Juno, however is; she’s conjoined to Sol and Luna within one degree, potentially leading us to feel divided over our loyalties in relationships or caught in the middle of a matter in which we’d prefer to avoid choosing sides.

This lunation is also applying to the fixed star Polaris, which carries some challenging significations. For those who may experience this lunation in their sixth house, take care around health matters relating to digestion and assimilation, while those with Gemini on the ninth house cusp who might be travelling may want to mind their safety abroad. With Venus configured by sextile, however, luck will be on all our sides making this, on balance, a very lovely lunation.

Later on June 18, the Sun in Gemini squares Neptune in Pisces, which can challenge our sense of direction, commitment, resolve and clear-thinking. Neptune’s fuzzier influence can prevent us from seeing things for what they are, extending the Neptunian tension imparted under the lunation into the next couple of days. With the Sun in information-seeking and social Gemini, Neptune’s obfuscating energies may have us questioning information and wondering if what we’re being dealt is on the up-and-up.

The very next day, a sextile between Jupiter in Taurus and Saturn in Pisces could have us stepping back into our power. Offering a helpful counterweight to the Sun-Neptune transit, Saturn’s precision and care, though slightly impaired in watery Pisces, nevertheless brings a more cautious and measured tone to Jupiter’s expansive bent in Taurus.

If Jupiter’s ingress had initially spurred a more carefree approach to our finances, then miserly Saturn will also help rein things in — something that both Aries and Libra risings out there might appreciate as Jupiter transits their financial houses.

The summer (or winter) solstice takes place on June 21, 2023, with the Sun entering the sign of Cancer. Interestingly, some ancient Greek philosophers noted that the standing-still of Helios and Apollo — two sides of the same solar coin — invited celebration. As Apollo governs the harmony of the heavens and music in the Hellenic pantheon, if you’ve got a solstitial ritual planned, then why not add a couple of tunes to the mix?

I really like this solar ingress because the luminaries are in each other’s generosity — a weaker form of mutual reception, which could make this a supportive time for reorienting ourselves to our priorities and intentions over the next quarter.

The Sun forms a sign-based trine to retrograde Saturn in Pisces, offering us a moment of pause and reconsideration around structures that we need in our lives to support our solar aims.

The wide-orbed sextile to Jupiter in Taurus is also positive for the expansive beneficence it offers for matters pertaining to our self-worth, confidence, security, and even material resources. And with Mercury in Gemini sextiling Mars in Leo, which is widely conjunct Venus and the Moon, the subtle ingress energy could have our thoughts and ideas getting an encouraging push from a fiery and courageous Mars, tempered by harmonious and balanced Venus, as well as a Moon plugged into our hopes and dreams.

The solstice is also notable because three of the four major asteroid goddesses are poised for a sign-change. Vesta is at 29 degrees of Taurus, Juno at 29 degrees of Gemini, and Ceres at 29 degrees of Virgo. As each of them slides into a new domicile this week, we could find the themes of give-and-take of relationships and loyalties to home and hearth come into greater focus. For passion projects, Vesta’s entry into more enervated Gemini could come with a sudden demand for greater pivoting. If you find the latter energy more challenging, particularly with Mercury in domicile, then to-do lists will be your friend, no matter how much Mercury has you convinced that you can keep everything straight in your head.

To close out the week, the Sun’s sextile to the North Node in Taurus on June 22 could invite a potentially fated opportunity, seeing our ship steered into the calm waters of our higher purpose. After Sol’s previously discombobulating square to Neptune, the sign-based trine conjoining this aspect could help us channel our energies into envisioning how any synchronistic events could support our solar ambitions over the long-term.

*DISCLAIMER: All astrological forecasts are for ENTERTAINMENT PURPOSES ONLY. Any decisions that you might make as a result of reading this or any other astrological blog entry are YOURS ALONE and the creator of this blog will not be held responsible! For any legal issues, see a lawyer; for medical ones, consult a physician. None of the information in this blog constitutes actionable advice from a licensed professional. Once again, this forecast is for ENTERTAINMENT PURPOSES ONLY!

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