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Weekly Astrology Forecast for July 30-August 5, 2023*

Hey star-gazers! This past week, I’ve been getting back to basics. In a practice that’s as broad and complex as astrology, it’s easy to go down rabbit holes, thinking that successful chart delineation requires more rather than fewer data points.

My summer reading list is ambitious and, admittedly, I won’t get to even a fraction of everything I want to read. This said, I’ve tried to adopt a “beginner’s mind” — a departure point of openness and willing to approach study in the spirit of newness. When I was studying Tibetan Buddhist meditation, this was an essential mental stance and certainly one that astrologers and students of astrology can benefit from. Check your cumulative learning at the door in order to reap the benefits of fresh perspectives.

As you go about your own astrological studies, don’t forget to come up for air frequently. As much as we can speak the technical language of the craft, KISS is critical: “Keep it simple, star-gazer.” Read introductory books regularly and from the perspective of being an outsider and a newbie. It’s fascinating how you see the foundations you thought you knew in a different light.

With that, let’s explore the energy of the week.

On Sunday, July 30, rise and shine to a diligent Capricorn Moon sextiling retrograde Saturn in Pisces. Any early a.m. to-do list items will invariably get done, and perhaps with a little atypical softness from cold, dry Kronos in the wet sign of the fishes.

A sextile between retrograde Chiron and retrograde Hygeia could have us considering the impacts of long-standing emotional wounds on our physical body, while the Venus-Neptune quincunx, with both planets retrograde, could translate into avoiding the matter responsible. This could be amplified by the mid-day inconjunct between the Sun and Moon, redeemed by a supportive and strategic trine to Pallas Athena in Virgo. The asteroid goddess should have us effectively thinking our way out of any problems.

In the evening, a trine between the Moon and Mars may have us feeling like we’ve blazed a pathway for action — the trine both planets form to Jupiter in Taurus will, no doubt, be a source of optimism.


Don’t let the early morning square between the Capricorn Moon and retrograde Chiron in Aries get your back up on Monday, July 31. This aspect can be a little triggering, especially if we find our identity under perceived attack.

Things may be right as rain by noon-hour; a positive trine between Luna in Capricorn and Uranus in Taurus could have unexpected ideas flow our way, or a sudden financial blessing fall into our lap.

The good times could be short-lived, however, as the Moon swings into a tense square with retrograde Eris in Aries. Discord sown in the competitive sign could see us compelled to rise to the occasion, while a brief quincunx to retrograde Venus could have us ignoring any relationship fallout.

The bedtime conjunction between Luna and retrograde Pluto in Capricorn could be a recipe for plunging deep into the shadows of our psyche. As we potentially cogitate over pathways towards positive growth, the Lord of Darkness may want us confronting old psychic patterns that have held us back. Retrograde Pluto is squaring the lunar nodes, suggesting a tension to leave behind what no longer serves us in order to step boldly into our future.


The Aquarius Full Moon of Tuesday, August 1 will test what we stand for. The water-bearer’s sign can be all about the way we distinguish ourselves from the crowd while recognizing the importance of our contribution to the collective. Amplified by the Sun in personally powerful Leo, this lunation calls to mind the archetype of the Tarot’s Star card, with the luminosity we stand to gain from committing to our principles and going against the grain when necessary. This said, retrograde Saturn, forming no Ptolemaic aspect to the lunation that it rules, and opposing a strongly domiciled and exalted Mercury in Virgo, can signal blind spots in our thinking. Mercury in Virgo is in its analytical homestead and while it can lend its beneficial talents to helping us rehash the things that haven’t been working, Saturn in emotional Pisces can cause a modicum of distress. Expect to feel slightly dragged by the fearful and sometimes inadequate energies that Saturn opposing mental Mercury can bring.

A redemptive glimmer is sure to come with the late afternoon Mars in Virgo trine to Jupiter in Taurus, offering an auspicious window for daring action. Since Mars in Virgo is unlikely to act without having taken all the risks into account, this configuration may be the green light you need to take the plunge.

The Moon-Jupiter square around bedtime could invite retreat, contemplation and even meditation. If the slightly jarring lunation has left you feeling buzzy about discordant areas in your life, seek clarity through introspection. A trine to Ceres in Libra can highlight the importance of finding support through activities that rebalance our mind.


On Wednesday, August 2, Mercury will begin separating from its opposition to retrograde Saturn, but we aren’t out of the woods yet. The slightly undercutting mental energies that consumed us with thoughts of inadequacy, lack and concern could continue, though Mercury’s application to Pallas Athena in the same sign invites hope for strategic solutions to come from dwelling on our woes a little longer than might be productive.

The Moon in Aquarius meets up with Uranus in Taurus in a catalytic square just before lunchtime, offering us a confident boost. However, this energy is also known for being a bit impetuous, so try to temper any sudden impulses that you could regret later.

Luna’s late-day opposition to retrograde Venus in Leo could take our restless behaviour to the domain of relationships, where we could feel a need for bold expression, or a hedonistic pull towards over-indulgence. The effects shouldn’t be too damaging if you do give in.

The quincunx between Ceres in Libra and Jupiter in Taurus is sure to stand out like sore thumb. Planets in a quincunx form a Hellenistic condition known as aversion, where planets have nothing in common, do not communicate, cannot see each other, and, in fact, can lead us off track from a place of avoidance. Let’s simply drop all expectations from the mental and idealistic realm of Libra where we hold conceptions of how people should be supporting us and focus instead on the Jupiterian realm that permits us to emphasize wisdom and possibility in the face of setbacks.

As the clock strikes midnight, Luna loses its Aquarian slipper, sliding into Pisces — a domicile where it has some dignity by triplicity — but immediately finds itself within orb of a conjunction to retrograde Saturn.


You may find yourself hitting the snooze button several times thanks to the Luna-Kronos meet up on Thursday, August 3. There’s no get-up-and-go energy to face the day; in fact, expect their cosmic union to rain on your parade. We may roll out of bed feeling a little under the weather, or alternatively underwhelmed, introverted, or more inclined to keep our emotions to ourselves. This isn’t the energy of the animated water cooler chatter at work, or the eagerness to confide in others. With the Moon applying to an opposition to Mercury in Virgo, we may take these low-key energies into the mental realm where our thoughts could be overextended emotionally. This is the aspect that begs us all to dig into Carl Jung or James Hillman and feed our spiritual soul. Despite the Mercurial emphasis, feel your way through the day — you’ll be much better for it.

Thankfully, for those of us governed by Eastern Daylight Time the terse potential portended to by Luna’s opposition to Mars in Virgo might be avoided, especially if we turn the lights out early. For others, this energy could translate into an exchange of sharp words and emotions running high, so take care not to say anything you can’t take back.

Friday, August 4 sees the Mercury-Saturn opposition weakening, which could release some of the mental weight of the last few days, while the Moon applies to a mildly sympathetic sextile to Uranus in Taurus just before lunch hour. Our hearts and minds may be drawn in new directions, craving mental stimulation: new ideas, new people, or even new purchases that could satisfy our emotional needs for a fleeting moment. This is a good aspect for journaling your feelings or for taking a still, solitary moment to let the inspiration of the Promethean planet download a major new idea into your consciousness. This will be vital before the Moon conjuncts retrograde Neptune just after the supper hour. Don’t expect clarity or focus here.

Around bedtime, a trine between retrograde Venus in Leo and Eris in Aries may introduce some deliberately contrarian energies into relationship matters. Imagine trying to make dinner plans or conceive of a weekend getaway with a potentially intransigent partner who knows they want something different, but simply can’t articulate what. As the Moon gears up to move into Aries, the energy may force you to demand decisions: after all, you don’t have all day (or night).

With Luna firmly in Aries by the stroke of midnight, Saturday, August 5 is sure to have firebrand written all over it. If something’s not going your way, you will speak your mind; if someone hurts your feelings, you will let them know. This is the co-presence that Luna shares with retrograde Chiron and retrograde Eris: take no prisoners, take charge, and stop being a wallflower.

The Ceres-Jupiter inconjunct remains in the backdrop, reminding us that we may need to embrace the fiery independence of this lunar energy through self-sufficient Aries. This is the emotional reset that tells us that we’re enough and that we have the courage and heart needed to help ourselves. Fortunately, the Sun in Leo within orb of a sextile to Ceres in Libra reminds us that sometimes we can get a little help from our friends.

By bedtime, a trine between the Sun and Moon could have us back on better footing, confident in the alignment between our emotional baseline and our solar aspirations. Just don’t forget on whose shoulders you might have stood on to get where you are as Luna slips into an opposition to Ceres in Libra.

*DISCLAIMER: All astrological forecasts are for ENTERTAINMENT PURPOSES ONLY. Any decisions that you might make as a result of reading this or any other astrological blog entry are YOURS ALONE and the creator of this blog will not be held responsible! For any legal issues, see a lawyer; for medical ones, consult a physician. None of the information in this blog constitutes actionable advice from a licensed professional. Once again, this forecast is for ENTERTAINMENT PURPOSES ONLY!

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