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Weekly Astrology Forecast for February 19–25, 2023* - "I Want To Break Free!"

Hey star-gazers!

We begin the week of February 19 with Venus in Pisces sextiling Pluto in Capricorn. This is an intense energy that can spill over into our closest relationships, whether they’re romantic, filial or platonic.

The sextile, although a harmonious, Venusian aspect, is nonetheless configuring two planets whose energies are intensified by the domiciles through which they’re transiting.

Pluto in Capricorn has its more Saturnian flavours amplified — those that predispose it towards chthonic underworld depths — while Venus exalted in Pisces is elevated on a pedestal, worshipped for its most intense expressions of amorousness and beauty.

Be careful not to succumb to the undertow of emotional obsession or compulsive expressions of love, particularly with respect to anyone taking up real estate in your head. While this aspect can manifest more mildly, Venus and Pluto in signs that stretch their significations to the max could nevertheless push your emotions into overdrive.

On February 20, the New Moon in Pisces is taking place amidst the just-separating energies of that Venus-Pluto sextile. Expect this New Moon to feel particularly intense as a result.

This lunation has a heavy Piscean colouring, taking place in the Pisces dwad, but in Saturn’s decanate.

For the Tarot enthusiasts, the degree of this lunation falls under the Eight of Cups — the Lord of Abandoned Success. While the card’s significations include muddled thinking, stagnation and even a kind of resignation from life and its potentials, the imagery is apt for representing a new beginning in certain areas of our lives.

With Venus and Neptune also in Pisces, this planetary pile-up makes the diffusive, watery and boundless emotional depths all the more consuming, while possibly encouraging us to find faith in ourselves and in our dreams for a brighter future.

As Venus gears up to change signs under this lunation, this could also suggest certain endings in Venusian-ruled matters, paving the way for a fresh start. This could include much-needed financial endings, the winding down of a relationship, or the realization that your self-worth may have been distorted by illusory and unrealistic ideals.

Events seeded under this New Moon will culminate in the Pisces Full Moon later this year on August 30, so be careful what you intend under its more powerful beams. Mutable signs, be on the lookout since this lunation could affect you the most!

As Jupiter creeps towards a sextile with Pallas Athene direct in Cancer, we could achieve greater clarity on matters pertaining to our home, security and family relationships.

If Pallas Athene’s retrograde movement and square to Chiron in Aries back in January caused the ghosts of past insecurities to come haunting, this forthcoming celestial configuration will undoubtedly offer greater understanding of your own personal strengths and provide insights into reconciling any discomforts that January’s transit surfaced.

The final transit occurring on February 20 is Venus’ entry into Aries where the Alchemical Goddess takes a major dignity hit in a sign that’s at odds with her desire towards harmony and balance.

While this expression of Venus can lead us to be more reckless and impulsive, this massive gear-shift could be a welcome transition for any of us who began to tire of her more mystical, magical and selfless expression. Allow independence-focused Aries to add a little brassy self-centredness to your relationships, while expecting that others could be rubbed the wrong way as we assertively express ourselves and our preferences.

This drive towards self-expression could be heightened by Venus’ close proximity to Vesta — our inner spark. The deeply personal home fires could be burning bright with the hope of renewed purpose, so expect Venus to take no prisoners as she’s inspired to live her best life.

Don’t expect any grounding energy from the Mercury-Uranus square the next day to zap Venus or Vesta’s fire. On February 21, though both these planets are in fixed signs, they’re the flightiest of the planetary crew and any aspect with Uranus is bound to leave you feeling borderline frenetic, so put on a guided meditation or practice some deep breathing if the world starts taking on a dizzying spin.

Finally, the trine that Mercury in Aquarius makes to Mars in Gemini on February 22 could offer a welcome moment of sudden insights. I consider this to be a little like the mad professor aspect: stumbling on the formula that helps you go against the grain in a way that challenges your feelings of personal security while leaving you feeling oddly inspired as a result.

*DISCLAIMER: All astrological forecasts are for ENTERTAINMENT PURPOSES ONLY. Any decisions that you might make as a result of reading this or any other astrological blog entry are YOURS ALONE and the creator of this blog will not be held responsible! For any legal issues, see a lawyer; for medical ones, consult a physician. None of the information in this blog constitutes actionable advice from a licensed professional. Once again, this forecast is for ENTERTAINMENT PURPOSES ONLY!

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