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Weekly Astrology Forecast for August 6-12, 2023*  -  Sailing through Summer!

Updated: Aug 7, 2023

Hey star-gazers! I’m battling a cold this week — the second of the year, coincident with Saturn squaring my ascendant ruler. The first cold happened just after Kronos entered Pisces and squared my bodily signifier while direct. Now Saturn’s back for a repeat performance.

I predict that I’ll have one more case of the sniffles later this year, but thankfully I’ve been downing immune boosting tinctures like they’re going out of style, which appears to have kept some of the severity of this summer cold at bay.

How is Saturn in Pisces treating you so far? Drop your experiences in the comments below, and let’s get right to the energies of the week.

Sunday, August 6 begins with the Moon mid-way through its Aries sojourn. With the ram’s current house guests including retrograde Chiron and Eris, Luna is sure to meet with an unsettling emotional sandwich. The pull of past wounds, likely triggered late last week, could have us continuing to feel especially tender.

Avoid potential volatility around the supper hour (EDT) as the Moon conjuncts the Goddess of Discord, sowing the seeds of possible disagreements. With the lingering quincunx between Ceres in Libra and Jupiter in Taurus, we may try our darnedest to avoid seeing another’s perspective or waving the white flag first.

As Luna sails into a conjunction with the North Node around bedtime, the fleeting meeting could amplify our emotional volatility. Our friends on the West Coast could get a taste of a brief Moon-Pluto square in the late evening hours, adding a jarring depth, or even potentially explosive charge to already heightened feelings. With Pluto retrograde, you may feel like you’ve been here before: having to work harder at everything, be the bigger person, or simply shirk your more adventure-seeking ways for the pull of Capricornian responsibility. Enough may be enough, but take care not to let any rage go nuclear.

While the East Coast sleeps, the Sun in Leo slips into a kinetic square to wisdom-granting Jupiter in the wee hours of Monday, August 7. Luna also slides into the place of its exaltation, Taurus, seeing situations diffuse and emotional powder kegs somewhat subdued in a softer and cooler sign. This said, the bullish tendency to let resentments fester could persist on some level, eclipsed only by the dynamic energies conferred by Sol and Jove.

We may wake up to face the week with a renewed sense of possibility. The Sun may send us celestial kisses, reminding us that we all deserve to be seen for our talents and unique gifts, while Jupiter may present possibilities for consistent action that amplifies and expands the stage we stand on.

A sextile between the Sun in Leo and Ceres in Libra can helpfully offer us aid in our quest, reminding us that the key to making our dreams manifest is working in harmony with those around us, ensuring that we support others as much as we expect them to support us.

Luna meets retrograde Saturn in Pisces in another sympathetic sextile. Though soft aspects have a reputation for being less dramatic, the backdrop is nonetheless one which helps us to think more intuitively about the demands that life makes of us.

The more catalytic force comes from the bodily union of Mercury and Pallas Athena in Virgo. Though it perfects on the next day, analytical detail will invariably meet strategic forethought in a conjunction that’s bound to be more tactical in nature. Our West Coast compatriots may reap the benefits of a Moon-Mercury trine, bringing that tactical force down to the realm of practical and more intuitive conversations with romantic partners.

On Tuesday, August 8, Venus will be disappearing from view in the sky, commencing her metaphorical underworld journey. Until she remerges nine days later, we may be loath to make any critical decisions on the relationship front. Though the Sun in Leo could be asserting itself in brash and impetuous (albeit well-meaning) ways, we lose a little perspective with Venus’s descent. Venusian matters, such as money, friendships and romances, could become murkier. People might even be flitting around behind your back, so take care not to play your cards too early, and, where you can, wait for clarity down the road before you make any crucial moves without seeing the full picture.

Luna, having slipped into the commencement of its Last Quarter phase in the wee hours, is also inviting a conclusion to matters that likely commenced at both the last Leo New Moon which took place around July 28, 2022, and the Cancer New Moon just over three weeks ago.

Astrology is all about cycles — synchronous and asynchronous, concurrent and multiple. As we approach the New Moon in Leo next week, we’re both concluding a full lunar month and a full lunar year: where have you found your voice? Stood out from the crowd? Or manifested your solar desires?

With Luna commencing that Last Quarter Moon, the energy may strike us as a little slower, more interior, and even a little cautious. We may even feel temporarily robbed of internal momentum — that characteristic Taurean draw towards pampering and pleasure may be the sacrifice we all make at the altar of external drive. Thankfully, Venus’s meet-up with lightning-rod Uranus may jolt us awake, reminding us that everything from our appearance to our artistic endeavours deserves a little shake-up.

Just before lunchtime (EDT), a trine between the Moon in Taurus and Mars in Gemini perfects, reminding us that there’s still much to be done, despite a desire to sit back and get cozy. Trade in your cucumber slices and face masks for a more practical assessment of everything we stand to accomplish that day. Small-detail Virgo will invigorate any ennui we might have felt towards tackling our to-do lists.

Our supper might be accompanied with a little indigestion as the Moon briefly conjoins Uranus just before 7:00 PM. Our comfortable plans for a quiet evening in could be thrown asunder with the Promethean planet calling us to don our clubwear and paint the town red. Our West Coast friends may find dreamy midnight kisses with an unexpected stranger as Luna perfects to a sextile with retrograde Neptune in Pisces. Just hold off on calling anyone who gives you their number until the planet of love and romance turns direct in September.

Rise and shine to a more frenetic workday as the Moon enters whirlwind Gemini after 9:00 AM EDT on Wednesday, August 9. The speed of communications could ramp up as your inbox floods and your boss swoops in, cappuccino in hand, talking a mile a minute. With the Venus-Uranus square still operative, the air could be buzzing. Gossip and gal pals may rule the day, but the appearance-driven and cosmetic sides of Taurus and Leo could have us hitting up the department store for a lunchtime makeover to relieve any stress.

Like a round of Dueling Banjos, a Mercury-Jupiter trine dukes it out for emotional supremacy with Luna squaring retrograde Saturn. Our mind may be focused on far-off horizons, strategizing on how to get there with Pallas-Athena still within an influential orb to the star of Hermes, while our heart grapples with the pull of necessity and more leaden emotional commitments. Will Venus-square-Uranus be the tie-breaker?


Thursday, August 10 begins under the continuing influences of the Mercury-Jupiter trine and the Venus-Uranus square — two signatures that may not be inviting the most responsible or committed uses of our energy, despite Mercury-in-Virgo’s most valiant attempts. A square from the Moon may not necessarily help the star of Hermes out, even if the influence of more stabilizing Vesta may be within reach.

However, Mercury is approaching its maximum elongation today — an astronomical phenomenon that could help Mercury out with deeper concentration, contemplation and focused thought. But will your head be in the clouds over a romantic paramour, especially as Juno in Gemini trines retrograde Neptune in Pisces?

The Sun-Hygeia opposition takes on a more serious tone as we stand to benefit from a mindful health opportunity. Maybe it’s dialing back on your caffeine intake, or taking time out of your day for a meditation?

By bedtime, a Moon-Vesta conjunction squares Mars in Virgo, potentially throwing any nesting impulse for intimate conversations with a loved one asunder. Battling Mars in overly critical Virgo may take the conversation in quite another direction than we may have intended. Be warned that harmony was never preserved through fault-finding.


On Friday, August 11, we wake up to the Moon separating from a sextile from Venus in Leo, potentially making everything, if not right as rain from the night before, then certainly on the path to recovery. The sympathetic aspect may have mea culpa written all over it, while Juno conjuncts the Northern Bending, potentially highlighting a fated relationship development.

Juno’s stay in Gemini may have, more broadly, had us questioning our loyalties and playing devil’s advocate when it comes to assessing where we might stand on certain matters in our relationships. Is it communication? Honesty? Or a little of both? The fated square could reveal something especially catalytic.

By early afternoon, the Moon briefly squares retrograde Neptune, reminding us that we may not be seeing things for what they actually are. Our feelings could be conflicted at best — and we might even feel emotionally depleted — before we get the relief that Luna’s sign-change brings after the supper hour. In Cancer, we may find a more compassionate filter through which to view current issues.

Saturday, August 12 begins under the comforting, if not slightly understated trine between the Moon in Cancer and retrograde Saturn in Pisces. Sober Saturn may allow us a moment of beneficial introspection, gaining some much-needed perspective on anything that came to the fore the previous day. This energy could also be conducive to tending to our inner needs: yoga, meditation or a massage may help us release any tensions we’ve been carrying in our bodies.

The Sun’s trine to retrograde Chiron may introduce a conducive celestial signature under which we can take more confident steps in the direction of our solar calling. As retrograde Chiron’s motion may continue digging into past insecurities and long-standing emotional wounds that have undermined our independence and broader identity, this positive aspect could offer the emotional release needed to embrace new possibilities without doubt standing in the way.

By bedtime, the Moon meets up with Jupiter in a positive sextile. This is the aspect of cozy comforts. Expanded horizons could come in the form of a good book, or a luxurious bubble bath. Take time to pamper yourself today — after this week, you earned it!


*DISCLAIMER: All astrological forecasts are for ENTERTAINMENT PURPOSES ONLY. Any decisions that you might make as a result of reading this or any other astrological blog entry are YOURS ALONE and the creator of this blog will not be held responsible! For any legal issues, see a lawyer; for medical ones, consult a physician. None of the information in this blog constitutes actionable advice from a licensed professional. Once again, this forecast is for ENTERTAINMENT PURPOSES ONLY!

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