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Weekly Astrology Forecast for August 27-September 3, 2023* - Heed the Speed!

As we cross the last few days of August off our calendars, we can all take a moment to reflect on where the summer went. Though we may feel the capitalist machine hyping up the back-to-school rush, the astrology of September (which you can read more about here) lacks coherent forward momentum. While Mercury and Venus return to direct motion, Jupiter joins the social and transpersonal planets, beginning its retrograde movement on September 4. It’s a concerted celestial effort to get us all to slow down and consider the bigger picture. If you’re an introspective type, don’t discount the first half of September for the value it affords where stock-taking is concerned. As Mercury and Venus move forward, reflect on any retrograde lessons learned. The minutiae that they represent in our lives — processes, ideas and people — can aid us in grasping where the larger planetary blueprint governed by the outer planets could take us.

But before we wax too philosophic about the grand plans of the planetary heavyweights, we have some weekly astrology to explore.

On Sunday, August 27, we wake up to Mars hovering over the last degree of Virgo. This can be a more volatile degree, adding a peculiar undertone of pressured angst to start our day. The burning desire to get things done, feeling as if we’re in a race against time, will undoubtedly be aggravated by the Sun in methodical Virgo opposing retrograde Saturn in Pisces. We know there’s much to be done — the Moon in Capricorn is sure to make that clear — but our focus may be a little off the mark.

By mid-morning, Mars’ ingress into Libra shifts the tone decisively. Our motivation may vaporize under the sociable energies that this Venusian domicile imparts. Helpfully, Venus, in its more assertive incarnation, offers Mars a sympathetic sign-based sextile, empowering it to channel its drive into personal passion projects involving others. The wide-orbed sextile from Juno in Virgo may make this a day where creative partnerships could be key to maximizing our pleasure.

A Moon-Jupiter trine hits us over brunch, further lifting our spirits, though it bears all the hallmark of earthy practicality. Pleasure-seeking may be more subdued, frugal, or practical, though the Taurean penchant for life’s finer things may steer the austerity of the Capricorn Moon in a more sensual direction.

As Luna squares retrograde Chiron just before the dinner hour, we may be tamping down the sudden resurgence of old emotional wounds bubbling to the surface. With Eris conjunct the North Node, discord may be amplified, challenging us to work through any emotional discomforts. Thankfully, the Moon trines Pallas Athena just before bedtime, offering potential solutions.


The intensity of a Moon-Pluto conjunction may have us stepping powerfully into the work week. As we stride onto the subway, or get behind the wheel on Monday morning, we may feel like we can take on the world. However, we ought to take care instead: the Moon will be void-of-course until 10:32 AM EDT. Avoid commencing any projects before then, lest they inherit the energetic hallmark of frustration and difficulty.

Luna in out-of-the-box Aquarius may make you popular with your boss early this week, especially as the trine to Mars in Libra may have you considering how to win friends and influence people. Mars will invariably have us benefitting from lessons in soft power. In its detriment in Libra, Mars’ brash, cutting and more direct nature won’t be well received by those around us. Yet, you’ve got an agenda, and so do the people you work for, so capitalize on that maverick Aquarian energy to get what you want in the process and shine like a diamond. Just be aware that the modern sign ruler, Uranus, is stationing; it’s usurping energies will be on powerful display, imbuing us with brilliant ideas, but also unpredictable curve balls, so roll with what the cosmos throws your way.

Uranus fully commits to its retrograde station while we sleep, so don’t forget to say your prayers before you tuck in, beseeching the Promethean planet to go easy on its customary retrograde U-turns. If the drama of the summer was especially jarring, we may not have the bandwidth for the chaotic reversals that Uranus is renowned for.


Tuesday, August 29 sees the Moon cruise pass Hygeia in a noteworthy conjunction that may demand we check our emotional and mental health. With Uranus doing the celestial backstroke and configured to the Moon’s temporary domicile by a tense square, we ought to take steps to navigate the mile-a-minute energies we may find ourselves subjected to. If Monday saw you assigned a new project at work, you may be on mental overload. The Moon’s late-morning square to Jupiter may shed a little light on how to diffuse any mental tension.

As the Moon creeps closer to an exact square with Uranus, perfecting as we turn in for the night, the entire day may be under a little mental fog. Retrograde Uranus may be jumbling our processing capacity, seeing us sacrifice clarity of thought and unusual ingenuity for a little more murkiness. As we untangle the mental chaos, the Moon’s trine to Ceres in Libra may make for a meaningful heart-to-heart with a loved one just before lights-out, offering comfort and support in the wake of a little more celestial volatility.


Void-of-course Luna cruises into Pisces around 10:34 AM EDT on Wednesday, August 30. As the lunar energy shifts into more placid water, the mid-afternoon conjunction to retrograde Saturn may have us deep in the feels. Heavyweight Saturn may be especially leaden, pulling us down into emotional depths. We may crave more solitude as a result, wishing our cubicle were an office so we could shut the world out.

Later that night, the Pisces Full Moon perfects around 9:36 PM EDT. Separating from that conjunction to Saturn, we may feel a little lighter, though perhaps not entirely out of the Greater Malefic’s steely grasp. The ruler of this lunation, Jupiter, currently hanging out in lavish Taurus, may add a certain flair to our hopes and dreams. It answers to a lengthy dispositor chain: Venus in Leo, the Sun in Virgo, and, finally, retrograde Mercury in Virgo. The final dispositor may have something to say about concretizing any dreams we dream as we tuck in for the night. It may remind that previous ideas cast off may be worth a second look.


On Thursday, August 31, a Moon-Jupiter sextile offers us a momentary reprieve from the slightly weightier energies experienced the day before. Jove is, as his name suggests, jovial, bringing with him more than a little optimism as we cruise into work, perhaps having stopped to grab an energizing green tea latte in the process.

By early afternoon, Mercury kills the happy mood as Luna meets it in an opposition. Fault finding may be on the agenda, with the cosmic trickster potentially presenting necessary do-overs in the workplace.

A little light celestial volatility may be on deck in the evening as Luna sweeps into a sextile with retrograde Uranus in Taurus, while applying to a conjunction with retrograde Neptune in Pisces. Things may feel a little confusing at best and creative solutions may be slow to materialize, though the name of the game is second chances and second glances, so meet any issues that arise with calm introspection.


You may cruise into work on Friday, September 1, under the influence of a Neptunian fog, but clear-headedness prevails as the Moon slides into fiery Aries around 9:25 AM EDT. Upon entering the sign of the ram, Luna opposes Mars in Libra, leading to potential issues with authority figures. You may not see eye-to-eye with your boss and may even be inclined to tell them as much, particularly as the Eris-North Node conjunction is within minutes of exactitude. Tread lightly even as a Mars-retrograde Saturn inconjunct is sure to underpin any battle of the wills. This is not the aspect of finding a happy medium; expect the frustration to linger as you close out the business day.


Thank goodness for the weekend. While the Mars-Saturn inconjunct starts to separate on Saturday, September 2, more pleasant energies are sure to be spotlighted as we wake up to Luna trining retrograde Venus in Leo. Positivity abounds as we consider social calls with friends.

The pervasive leonine energies could contribute to unpredictable desires to express our personalities boldly. Creative types may enjoy this celestial signature for the constructive flow it imparts on artistic endeavours.

Just before 5:00 PM EDT, the Moon slips into a union with retrograde Chiron, allowing us to contemplate the importance of rejuvenation. The depleting energies of this past week may seek their redress through a moment of reflection, though the Moon in Aries does nothing quietly. The salve for any healing may be had in activities that burn off pent-up frustration: think indoor rock climbing or a really long run.

While the east coast sleeps, our west-coast friends may get a taste of the Moon-Eris-North Node conjunction perfecting around 11:42 PM PDT. With the Moon opposing Ceres in Libra, the stage is set for a potentially volatile blow-out with a partner, so take care to know your limits even if the North Node knows none.

*DISCLAIMER: All astrological forecasts are for ENTERTAINMENT PURPOSES ONLY. Any decisions that you might make as a result of reading this or any other astrological blog entry are YOURS ALONE and the creator of this blog will not be held responsible! For any legal issues, see a lawyer; for medical ones, consult a physician. None of the information in this blog constitutes actionable advice from a licensed professional. Once again, this forecast is for ENTERTAINMENT PURPOSES ONLY!

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