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Weekly Astrology Forecast for August 13-19, 2023*  –  Mighty Aphrodite!

It’s a glorious week, star-gazers — the week when Venus unites with Sol in her inferior conjunction, commencing the beginning of her new 584-day cycle. I hope you set aside time to itemize your wish list for the Alchemical Goddess, whose conjunction with the Sun occurs around 7:10 AM EDT, but check your local ephemeris listings!

You may want to roll out of bed extra early on August 13 to partake in this important morning meeting. The powerful astrological union, known by its Arabic term “cazimi” or by its Latin AKA, “in corde solis,” signals the moment when a planet is in the heart of the Sun. This is a place of planetary power: not only is a planet reborn, but, as Abraham Ibn-Ezra tells us, a planet in this state is “joined with the Sun is like a person sitting with the king in one chair.” This power is not long-lasting — not least because Venus enjoys no major essential dignity in Leo — but her benevolence is contingent upon the Sun in whose powerful sky temple she benefits, granting us a moment of luck, fortune and favour.

I give this just under a five-hour window, ending around 11:44 AM EDT, when Venus slips out of an orb of 17 minutes (yes, we’re getting all Medieval in our cazimi orbs today!), making the power-hour ripe between breakfast and brunch. Although Venus is still retrograde, she is conferred all the glory and riches of the Sun: a moment that I will customarily gamble with in matters of friendship, money and love. It’s almost as if Venus gets a tiny window of clearing for takeoff, grounded otherwise until she returns to direct motion in September. So, plan your intentions, make your wishes, meditate, do yoga al fresco, and consider a devotional ritual with a small collection of Venusian things on offer (grab your rose quartz and flower petals), since this will be an auspicious time for manifesting what we want in the area of our lives where that cazimi is taking place in our charts.

With that, let’s dig into the energies of the week.

While we may be waking up to the Venus-Sun cazimi on Sunday, August 13, let’s not overlook the highly active and engaged square that Sol and Aphrodite form to Uranus in Taurus. Although Venus is separating from this kinetic aspect, the Sun’s engagement with the Promethean planet is just getting started, making this an energetic day for impromptu direction shifts and sudden turns of mood and modus operandi. Prepare for increased restlessness as the Sun-Uranus square perfects in the early days of the week.

The Moon in Cancer’s rapid-fire aspects between a semi-sextile to the separating cazimi, and a sextile to both Mars in Virgo and Uranus in Taurus could have any momentary irritation at things not going our way altered by constructive desires towards practical action, wedded to the novelty of bold ideas. We may find ourselves rapidly shifting course throughout the day, drawn to myriad and necessary projects, which benefit from new perspectives from Uranus’ influence.

By bedtime, Luna meets retrograde Eris where more circumspect energies could have us revisiting a perennial problem or disagreement with loved ones. As Eris helps us consider how we assert our identity and give voice to our ideas, the wide-orbed conjunction that the Moon forms to Juno, co-present in Cancer, may have us taking a more mature approach to relationship matters.


On Monday, August 14, the Moon enters fiery Leo, setting the tone for a courageous start to the work week. Its fleeting a.m. conjunction to Juno in Cancer just before it switches signs reminds us to approach all relationships today with compassion and heart. Admittedly, this might be made more difficult as the day wears on with Pluto opposing Juno, potentially signalling struggles with external forces who might be trying to steal our power. Although separating, the trine between retrograde Venus and Chiron may swoop in to take a little of the sting out of relationship woes.

Mars, approaching a trine to Uranus, may offer up money-making ideas. This will be a welcome development for many, especially as the Sun separates from its conjunction to Venus. Use the building energy to examine what seems feasible. Even if Mercury is in its pre-retrograde shadow, it’s never a bad idea to make plans for the future.


Tuesday, August 15 might see some of our bright ideas frustrated by the Sun-Mars semi-square, which, though brief, could have us momentarily clenching our teeth. Thankfully, Luna’s square to Jupiter might just be the antidote we need when it achieves maximum potency just before lunch hour. Obstacles may be nothing under this signature, as Jupiter reminds us to remain hopeful, while the action-packed square could have us tapping into wisdom and the benefits of practical, solutions-focused Taurean energy.

The Moon is within orb of Venus, meeting in a bodily conjunction in the evening; it’s fast-track to a meet-up with Sol won’t perfect until the wee hours of Wednesday, but both energies are highly operative and constructively reminding us to pursue our heart’s desires with vim, vigor and more than a little passion.


A quincunx between Mercury in Virgo and retrograde Chiron in Aries on Wednesday, August 16, could have us avoiding certain issues as we prefer neither to think nor say anything about needling hurts that have us feeling less than confident about our capabilities. In the workplace, this could manifest as feedback we receive from a higher up that leaves us questioning our capacity and wondering if they misread the situation.

Although the Leo New Moon will likely perfect on our morning commute, being mindful of its sky dance can help us centre ourselves as we fight through traffic or hold steady on the subway train. If the mood strikes you, set your intentions on the go. What do you hope to achieve in the weeks ahead? What house does Leo correspond to in your natal chart? Where might you be best served in starting fresh with some mini-goals that can better align you with your purpose?

The lunation almost exactly squares Uranus in Taurus, offering a little creative sizzle to our short-term planning. Its trine to Mars may have us feeling like any ideas we had the day before deserve to be birthed under this soli-lunar fresh start. While the leonine energy has no trouble thinking big, some of the bravado under this celestial signature may be checked by Luna’s entry into “let’s be realistic” Virgo. The Moon may have us feeling a little less confident in our ability to conquer the world. This said, the Venus-Ceres sextile may soften the blow of a Moon that’s struggling with big-picture thinking and imagination. Ceres in Libra might balance out any overconfidence that Venus, still in the heart of Leo’s fire, may be purporting.


Thursday, August 17 may be a little light on aspects, but the Moon-Saturn opposition could be wreaking havoc on our emotional stability. Although Saturn in Pisces may have a little of its edge taken off in a sign where its austerity and harshness may be diluted under the tidal wave of Neptunian emotion, it could still leave us feeling barren and more than a little discouraged, especially as the Moon in Virgo finds reasons to be unhappy. With the Mars-Uranus trine in effect, we may have a little push to hold severe doubts at bay.


TGIF as the Sun trines retrograde Eris in Aries, lighting a competitive fire under us to get things done before the weekend hits. The Moon meeting up with Pallas Athena in Virgo may benefit from her strategic insight, helping us tackle to-do lists with a particular propensity for logic and efficiency.

In the background, the Ceres-Chiron opposition may be stoking some low-grade disappointments with colleagues who might have been co-opted to help us on special projects. People not pulling their weight could be a perennial struggle for hard workers who know there’s no “I” in “team.” The wide-orb quincunx between the Sun and Pluto may have our contributions flying under the radar of those in charge. The good news is that we may not take anything lying down as the Moon trines Uranus in Taurus and conjuncts Mars in Virgo, giving us unexpected confidence in our worth. Mercury hovering within a few degrees of conjunction with Mars all day helps sharpen our minds and tongues if the need arises to verbalize our feelings.


A desire for refined sociability may overtake us on Saturday, August 19, as we wake up to Luna in Libra. We may find ourselves debating whether our day might best be spent at an art gallery or a museum as we sip on our hand-pulled espressos and read the culture section of the paper. With Venus retrograde in Leo applying to Jupiter in Taurus, the vibe could be vintage as we dig into our closets and unearth old treasures with fresh takes on accessorizing for our afternoon out.

The Sun trining the North Node may make for fated meetings. Perhaps perusing a Cezanne, we may find ourselves taken on unexpected adventures with mischievous Eris in tow. The vibe for exchanging glances with future gallery-going paramours may be strong under the Venus-Jupiter square, with Uranus still operatively engaging a separating Venus. If the object of your museum affection doesn’t invite you to dinner off the bat, don’t let the Moon-Saturn quincunx leave you feeling bummed; count on the potential of a future meet-up when Venus goes direct in the sky next month.

*DISCLAIMER: All astrological forecasts are for ENTERTAINMENT PURPOSES ONLY. Any decisions that you might make as a result of reading this or any other astrological blog entry are YOURS ALONE and the creator of this blog will not be held responsible! For any legal issues, see a lawyer; for medical ones, consult a physician. None of the information in this blog constitutes actionable advice from a licensed professional. Once again, this forecast is for ENTERTAINMENT PURPOSES ONLY!

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