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Weekly Astrology Forecast for April 9–15, 2023* - A Major Silver Lining

Hey star-gazers! Buckle up for a bumpy week — though one with a pretty big silver lining.

As we drift down from last week’s Libra Full Moon, Luna’s more volatile start to the week in the last degrees of Scorpio could leave us feeling vulnerable. With Mars in Cancer making a sign-based quincunx to the Moon in Scorpio — and with both planets in mutual reception by fall —don’t expect either to lend you a helping hand in whatever emotional disarray the weekend leaves you in.

The Moon in Scorpio may find you emotionally isolating, under attack, or even considering whether expressing your feelings in a present circumstance will get you anywhere. With the God of War doused in the deep-feeling waters of Cancer, you may be thinking that confronting whatever and whoever’s got your goat won’t amount to much. Side-stepping the issue in true crab-like fashion could be what this configuration demands.

This celestial signature could be echoed in the retrograde Ceres-in-Virgo-Neptune-in-Pisces opposition, which might have you misjudging a current predicament. An opposition to Neptune can also spell a lack of strategic focus, an inability to think clearly, or a heightened propensity to get dreary-minded about certain outcomes in our lives.

In the last few forecasts, we’ve been emphasizing the relationship-double-take that Ceres’ retrograde jaunt through Libra and Virgo may have us confronting: who let us down, who withheld resources from us, and how might we do better (potentially on our own) in the future. Overall, April 9's energies will less than inspiring, so avoid seeing any situations as permanent or unyielding.

The stick-in-the-mud energies continue into April 10 with a conjunction between Juno and Uranus in Taurus. Despite Juno’s more positive effects in the sign of Taurus where its transit may have seen us making conscious and enduring commitments in the areas of our lives under the bull’s auspices, unpredictable Uranus meeting this asteroid could make for a rude awakening.

Uranus demands that we let go, give up, roll with the punches, and accept the chaos that life can bring. And, with Juno having done the very opposite after entering Taurus, this may be a pivotal turning point, asking you to rethink a major commitment, or accept that something you’ve been banking on is no longer feasible.

This energy is sure to feel amplified by the square between Pallas Athene in Cancer and a combust Jupiter in Aries, where our strategic forethought and drive for expansion is having the brakes applied by the Sun’s debilitating beams. This is sure to be a difficult two days, calling on us to recognize that the best laid plans never go to waste, even if we have to abandon them for the time being.

On a brighter note, April 11 is one of the busiest days astrologically. First, Venus enters the social and communicative sign of Gemini, making this an ideal time to fill up your social calendar, make new friends, and network your way into new financial and creative opportunities.

Upon entering Gemini, Venus will square Pluto in Aquarius, bringing intensity to friendships, love and romance. Pluto can also bring compulsion towards novelty and innovation and, in relationships, it can sometimes invite an obsessive quality, or a sudden, explosive and sometimes chaotic push to rule-breaking. With the added fixity of elemental air to this planetary meet-up, the compulsive mental drive towards out-of-the box thinking could push Venus outside her comfort zone.

Later in the day, the Sun moves into a conjunction with Jupiter, making this one of April’s most auspicious days. Talk about Hallelujah energy!

In the heart of the Sun, Jupiter is supremely empowered — the Greater Benefic on steroids — so expect blessings to come your way, particularly as it relates to your independent desires, personal passions or solar aims. This could also be an excellent day to indulge in something that brings you outrageous joy or, if you feel Jupiter’s more spiritual call, then the meditation cushion or yoga mat may beckon you for a more focused union with the divine that could leave you feeling optimistic and revitalized.

Worth noting in your celestial dayplanner is the commencement of Mercury’s retrograde shadow period around April 11–12, depending on where in the world you’re reading this. With Mercury passing over 11 degrees, 57 minutes of Taurus, where it will turn direct again on May 15, start paying attention to events in your life pertaining to communications, money, stability, finances, relationships and luxury goods since any Mercury-in-Taurus-like event in your life could come up for grabs by the little grey trickster during its retrograde movement commencing next week.

While Mercury won’t fully exit its post-retrograde shadow until June 1, I don’t think we should halt any necessary activities, contractual negotiations or purchases after Mercury turns direct on May 15, though I’d at least wait until the planet returns to visibility in the sky on May 10 whenever possible.

I issue all of the usual caveats that the pre-retrograde shadow period requires, including paying attention to the days between April 11 and April 21, since events taking place around this ten-day window could see unexpected reversals or losses during Mercury’s retrograde period. If you’re booking vacations, making appointments, contemplating big purchases, or negotiating a new job, take care since this period from April 11-June 1 can risk our plans going topsy-turvy.

Finally, on April 14, Venus in Gemini squares Saturn in Pisces, making this a day in which you could grapple with the emotional fulfillment of social engagements.

Saturn in Pisces can sometimes present a flavour of emotional retreat and a desire to recharge our spiritual and emotional batteries, and with Venus in a high-speed, socially charged sign, your obligations may be at war with your desire to fulfill them. Take the day in stride, since you could struggle with forging meaningful connections with others if you’re just not feelin’ it.

*DISCLAIMER: All astrological forecasts are for ENTERTAINMENT PURPOSES ONLY. Any decisions that you might make as a result of reading this or any other astrological blog entry are YOURS ALONE and the creator of this blog will not be held responsible! For any legal issues, see a lawyer; for medical ones, consult a physician. None of the information in this blog constitutes actionable advice from a licensed professional. Once again, this forecast is for ENTERTAINMENT PURPOSES ONLY!

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