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Weekly Astrology Forecast for April 23–28, 2023* - The Power of Words

Hey star-gazers! As we enter the final full week of April, the little grey planet, Mercury, takes centre stage. After its thrice-annual direction-shift began last week, we may have found ourselves confronting deeply personal questions around money, material resources and even how to finance our personal ambitions, especially with Vesta entering the sign of the bull. If you’re like me, the manifestation may have been more basic and

literal: with Mercury retrograde in my eighth house, I received a notice yesterday that I may need to refile my taxes owing to an issuing error in a form from a financial institution. Just when you think astrology can’t get any more literal — it gets oh-so literal.

Mercury’s periodic backpedaling invites us to rethink grand ideas, or to confront much-needed do-overs where convos are concerned. In Taurus, this could be about realizing your worth — and the fact you ought to be compensated accordingly! — or crunching the numbers around a personal or professional goal that you might have set for yourself during Mercury’s last retrograde in fellow earth-sign Capricorn.

Mercury remains in the headlines this week not least because it will disappear from visibility in the sky, ushering in a just-over-two-week-period where communications, messages, correspondence and contractual matters may seem more occluded. Until May 10, when Mercury returns to visibility, we may find ourselves flying blind, lacking the information we need to make decisions, or, at worst, feeling as though Mercury’s more trickster energies are amplified. It may be prudent to avoid making contractual decisions during this period if you can since you’re unlikely to have all the facts. If it can’t be avoided, dot your Is, cross your Ts, and read the fine print more than once.

Mercury also starts the week sextiling Mars in Cancer in a positive and helpful aspect that could give voice to our personal needs. Mars in Cancer can be a formidable warrior, despite the fact that it’s considered to be debilitated in the sign of the crab. This doesn’t mean that we can’t get traction, but it can make Mars prone to emotional wounding and a little less courageous than in other zodiacal positions.

Where Mars derives its strength in Cancer is recognizing its emotional wounds and channelling that personal hurt into empathetic engagements with others. As retrograde Mercury backs its way into that sextile, it will be revisiting an aspect that it previously formed with the God of War, making this an ideal time to rethink any sharp words or bullish behaviour that put those closest to us on the offensive.

Thankfully, Mercury and its domicile ruler, Venus, are in each other’s generosity — a weak form of dignity, but one, which, nevertheless, may make Mercurial words tend more toward peace-making. This aspect may be echoed by the sextile that Venus in Gemini will form to Chiron in Aries on April 24, seeing kind words act as a salve for old emotional hurts to our self-identity.

Between April 23–24, the Sun gets a benefic blessing from its conjunction to one of the Nodes of Fate. The North Node can represent opportunities towards which we need to grow in this lifetime. It can usher in periods of expansion and seemingly fated events that make us feel like synchronicities exist. As the solar symbol — the archetypal vessel for our identity, vitality, and luminous self-expression — meets up with one of the fated lunar nodes, opportunities are ripe for helping us down a path towards realizing part of our destiny.

On April 24, Pallas Athena in Cancer trines Neptune in Pisces, which could see us getting in touch with our more mystic side. A chief strategist and creative consort, Pallas is currently hanging out in watery Cancer where it benefits from digging deep in nostalgic and homey depths for inspiration. Hooking up with Neptune in transcendent Pisces in a bright, expansive and harmonious aspect, this could be an ideal celestial signature under which to engage in something artistic.

Finally, on April 25, the Sun in Taurus will sextile Saturn in Pisces. This can be a positive aspect for sharpening our focus and enhancing our discipline, especially as the Sun separates from that fated meet-up withthe North Node.

The Sun could be wrapped up in monetary and financial affairs. Tied into retrograde Mercury’s storyline, the Sun could have us considering how to finance our soul’s desire and balance the books on our dreams.

*DISCLAIMER: All astrological forecasts are for ENTERTAINMENT PURPOSES ONLY. Any decisions that you might make as a result of reading this or any other astrological blog entry are YOURS ALONE and the creator of this blog will not be held responsible! For any legal issues, see a lawyer; for medical ones, consult a physician. None of the information in this blog constitutes actionable advice from a licensed professional. Once again, this forecast is for ENTERTAINMENT PURPOSES ONLY!

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