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Triple Conjunction Dysfunction: A General Forecast for the August 1 Mars-Uranus-North Node Transit

I’m often surprised how closely news headlines reflect major planetary transits. I’m not sure why I’m repeatedly shocked; after all, I believe in the symbolic language of astrology, yet I’ll read the paper and think, “Holy smokes! Could astrology be any more literal?”

The most recent news that caught my attention was a massive internet service outage in Canada. First reported on July 5, the UK’s NetBlocks indicated that a quarter of the country’s observable connectivity was disrupted. I only learned of the incident when I went to the store and was told that merchants were only accepting cash. As a geriatric millennial, I’m fortunate to still carry some paper money, but for the vast majority of individuals that have eschewed hard currency, they were clearly met with a rude retail awakening that morning.

The service outage not only affected internet customers, but debit and credit transactions, and even mobile phone subscribers’ ability to call for emergency services — the last of which is the most essential of everything we expect from mobile carriers. Might this have been a foreshadowing of what to expect from the upcoming Mars-Uranus-North Node conjunction? Let’s dig in.

Archetypal Players: Uranus, Mars, North Node and Taurus Explained

If you’re not familiar with the archetypal energies of these planets and points, let me quickly sketch the players of the upcoming triple conjunction. At a very high level, you need to remember that Mars and Uranus both rule things that are sudden, abrupt, harsh, hard, angry, and at times violent. Ultimately, these planets have malefic influences, though, in many modern astrological circles, their more constructive effects are sometimes overemphasized.

Uranus — the electric, rebellious, freedom fighter who abhors anything that fetters and restricts it; who pushes boundaries, destabilizes the status quo, shuns the mainstream, has a taste for the fringes, and brings sudden flashes of insight — is going to act as an ignition point for this transit. It will almost certainly be a trigger to the events that Mars brings.

With Mars — the lesser malefic and archetypal warrior — the ruler of accidents, conflict, anger, frustration, weapons, metals forged in fire, and myriad other significations blends with bumpy Uranus. Mars can bring a very constructive energy as well — goal-oriented, focused, and having that libidinous creative impulses — but let’s not forget that the Roman God of War also rules poisons, toxins, death, battle, blades, cutting, and other fairly unpleasant things.

Then there’s the North Node — we’ll call it NN for ease. NN is not a planet but a point on the ecliptic, which has its direct axial counterpart in the South Node. Depending on your astrological practice, there are various significations of this point, including an area of personal growth, our fate, future, expansion, and amplification of whatever it conjuncts. It can also have a very malefic flavour to it — excesses, toxins, a lack of boundaries, and unruly, uncontrolled growth. So, on the one hand, while this could be a transit that is putting us on a new path of personal development or even more in line with where we might want to take our lives after a Uranian shake-up, on the other hand, we need to be careful during this transit to ensure we aren’t engaging in anything to unhealthy excess.

Lastly, there’s Taurus — the sign in which these three planets are meeting up on August 1. Venus is ruled by Taurus and is therefore the ruler of this conjunction from the sign of Cancer, which has a certain home and security flavour to it. Taurus rules money, material possessions, currencies, the stock market, food, nature, our sensual pleasures and art, as well as our self-worth and our bodies, with the throat being the specific part of the body that it rules.

What happens when we stick all these significations into the astrological blender?

General Forecast

Uranus rules the internet, social media, and anything happening in the digital sphere. It also rules criminality, aberrations and disruptions. Taurus, representing money, could blend with Mars’ conflicting influence and North Node’s amplification in which we might see more institutional banking disruptions potentially due to cyber crimes. Alternatively, we could see grassroots organizations and movements band together to disrupt the status quo of institutional banks and lending houses, not unlike the activities we saw with respect to Gamestop last year.

Further echoes of 2021 could include a slight reactivation of the 2020–2021 Pluto-Saturn-Jupiter Conjunction in Capricorn energies that seemed to shift to the Saturn-Uranus square of last year. This square highlighted themes of independence and restriction. I’m not sure if the upcoming square in September-October might necessarily be COVID-related — Mars does rule medical matters and plagues — but don’t be surprised if there could be a new wave of COVID in which we could see appeals for a return of public health restrictions to ultimately help society (Saturn in Aquarius) butt up against a desire for personal freedom (Mars, Uranus in Taurus). This square energy will be most active between September 15 and October 23 of this year, potentially corresponding to a fall wave of the virus, if that is indeed in the cards as some experts predict.

Then, let’s think about the connection to food and security, since these are very Taurean topics as well. Uranus — disruptions. Mars — slashing. North Node — unchecked growth. And all in a sign of agriculture, squared by Saturn, which is forming an aspect of conflict, friction and challenge. Saturn also has its own associations with agricultural as well, so we shouldn’t be surprised to see the Dutch farmer protests spreading across the EU. Crippling renewable energy policies along with the rising inflationary costs of fertilizers are causing farmers to take to the streets. We’re already seeing supply chain impacts to key food staples owing to the war between Russia and Ukraine, so it would stand to reason that this trend could continue.

Uranus is also the planet of invention, ideas and breakthrough. It’s also a sign that strives to elevate the collective, so there could be some positive components to this transit in the areas of food cultivation and food security, stewardship of the earth, or even collective spirituality (especially since Uranus is typically quite a prominent planet in the natal charts of religious leaders and it’s the modern ruler of astrology!). The square from Saturn, within a three degree engagement, could, however, bring continuing conflict around the topics of agriculture (as noted above), food security, food prices, access to essential goods, mineral resources and shipping, with the theme of lack, anxiety and austerity heightened at this time.

Now, without getting too grim, Uranus and Mars as well also rule sudden bursts of anger, frustration, and violence. With Mars conjunct Uranus in Taurus, there could also be heightened protests, as well as an increase in natural catastrophes or freak accidents. Guns are also one of Uranus’ significations, so we might see sporadic bursts of aggression culminate in the fall with meaningful and longer-lasting gun control measures, as Saturn’s square will perfect at that time, bringing limitations and restrictions. This is where Saturn’s typical correspondence with maleficence could be a welcome counterweight to the Uranus-Mars influence.

The other thing Uranus symbolizes is intruders and Mars symbolizes attacks, so there could be renewed or new incursions between countries by militaries, or, on a more universal level, an increase in residential and business break-ins, including potentially increased knife violence (Mars rules blades).

In the realm of natural disasters, Uranus and Mars are the classic signatures for earthquakes and volcanic eruptions, but I’d also add forest fires with the North Node’s expansive quality making them potentially more difficult to contain.

On a positive note, the trend of the Great Resignation seems particularly germane to contemplate here, as the conjunction could bring much more destabilization to labour markets, since Taurus rules money and, individually, could translate into many people suddenly resigning or dramatically altering the way that they earn income as a result of the Uranian and Martial influences. Workers may be increasingly fed up with the restrictive hierarchy of their workplaces (Saturn square influence) or, alternatively, place greater emphasis on monetizing their side hustles in the digital economy. (Uranus rules the internet, Taurus the economy.)

Finally, because this transit is ruled by Venus, there could be a strong theme of creative arts to this 15-year cycle — and Uranus often rules things that are avant garde, shocking, non-mainstream, and, in a word, bizarre. We could see more shock value in the visual arts, or, alternatively, an increasing use of metal as a medium, as Mars signifies things that are forged in fire. In the realm of fashion, beauty and cosmetics, the beauty industry could see more Uranian-flavoured trends towards the unconventional. As Mars rules knives, blades, needles, and medical procedures, we might also be seeing increases in body art, cosmetic procedures, and enhancements that could be slightly atypical.

In the coming days, I’ll be posting rising sign horoscopes for the triple conjunction for all zodiac signs, therefore, be sure to follow me for updates so you know when this post goes live.

On July 21, I’ll be releasing a triple conjunction forecast video, inclusive of both these general predictions, as well as rising sign horoscopes, so, if you can’t wait for my post here, be sure to check out my YouTube channel, “The Eclectic Occultista.”

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