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Rising Sign Horoscopes for the Upcoming Triple Conjunction: Mars-Uranus-North Node in Taurus August*

If you didn’t catch my general forecast for the upcoming triple conjunction, then be sure to check it out for a more in-depth overview of the energies at play over this period. You’ll see that this could be a very unstable and unpredictable time, even up to the fall, with a tense, abrasive square from Saturn within an engagement with the triple conjunction, but perfecting with Uranus toward mid-September.

Before jumping to the rising sign horoscopes, I want to provide a couple of caveats to anyone new to the concept of the “ascendant” or “rising sign.”

First, I know how frustrating it can be when astrological forecasts don’t reflect what could be happening in your life, so take care not to read for your sun sign, since the areas of your life being activated are going to correspond with that of your ascendant sign.

Second, remember that transiting planets are going to activate everyone’s charts differently, so, as they move through a house they could emphasize those house topics, but bear in mind that the houses that have those planets natally also get lit up and aspected, so there is a great deal more specificity that I can’t get into because I don’t have everyone’s charts. That’s why these are general forecasts. This said, if you have your birth chart handy, or you cast one on any of the various natal chart websites, then make sure to look at where Uranus, Mars and the North Node are natally, since their house positions can add colour to the below.

Finally, please remember that all astrological forecasts are for entertainment purposes only and that any decisions you make or actions you take are entirely your own. The below does not constitute legal, financial, medical, or other advice — for that and more you should seek the assistance of a qualified professional.

With that out of the way, let’s get started!


This conjunction is taking place in your second house, so be prepared to have the stability of your earnings and material possessions potentially interrupted. Now, this may not necessarily coincide with a job loss, but it could be a consideration around transforming how you make money with a sudden flash of inspiration or an idea for a business that you want to launch.

Mars rules both your first house and your eighth, the latter of which coincides with debts, taxes, inheritances, joint ventures, and management of other people’s resources, among other topics. Given that the South node is in your eighth house and can represent losses or release, you could also be saddled with an unexpected bill that leaves you extremely frustrated. A more positive alternative is that, with Uranus representing sudden windfalls, you could get an unexpected benefit — maybe a lottery win, a tax benefit or an inheritance of some kind.

Uranus could also bring a frustrating desire to rid yourself of many of your material possessions. I know this probably sounds strange, but ever since Uranus entered Taurus and hit the mid-degrees where I have planets natally, I felt this overwhelming urge to purge. This could very well be a signature here for you, where you might suddenly be frustrated by clutter or want to streamline what you have.


This transit is taking place in your first house and if your ascendant degree is close to 18 degrees, you’ll be most impacted.

In your first house, Uranus is asking you to shake up your own foundation — maybe your appearance, your health routines, your diet, or other elements of your own personal psychology.

Because Mars also rules surgical procedures and your ascendant ruler is Venus, be careful if you are undertaking any cosmetic procedures during this period since Uranus could unexpectedly bring about — and pardon the term — freakish results. It’s best to wait if you can and, instead, start examining the root of any insecurities surrounding your appearance which could be motivating a desire for the procedure in the first place.

With Mars ruling your twelfth house and your seventh house, you need to be on the lookout for themes of deception or secrets with respect to partners — both romantic and business — and, given that the twelfth house can be a house of both transcendent spirituality but also deep depression, exile, and self-undoing, ensure your support network is in place to help you through any emotional and psychological difficulties during this period. On the flip side, with the South Node in the seventh, you may be getting sudden bursts of psychic insight that help you to release baggage you’ve been carrying from past relationships.


This conjunction is occurring in your twelfth house, which, at first blush may not seem like a particularly good thing, but harsh transits in non-angular houses are always preferable since they sometimes aren’t as emphatic. Though this can be a placement of psychological discomfort (think Nine of Swords energy), it can also be a transit of getting in touch with your psychic side, listening to intuition and experiencing sudden flashes of insight.

The other topics ruled by the twelfth house are sudden journeys, including short trips in connection with work, so you may be unexpectedly taking a job-related sojourn.

In my general forecast, I mentioned the element of crime and attackers associated with Uranus, so, in case you didn’t read the forecast, this is just a PSA that because the twelfth house can also rule crime, including theft, you may wish to exercise heightened caution into mid- to late-August. With Uranus is in the mix — representing that cyber component — transiting Taurus — representing money — consider changing your online banking card password, adding additional layers of protection like two-step verification, and being extra careful with your internet browsing activities.

With Mars ruling your eleventh and sixth houses, you may want to be cautious with friends and coworkers as well. As Mars is in the twelfth house — a place of hidden secrets and enemies — this may be a transit where you could experience some trust issues with these groups — who you thought was a true friend might not be, and people you work with or who report to you could similarly be a little shadier — think Seven of Swords energy if you know the Tarot.

The other thing I might say about this is that Mars ruling the sixth and twelfth also brings a health dynamic to the fore, so just be careful about health-related issues and an increased propensity for accidents.


This conjunction is taking place in your eleventh house where the transit ruler is in your first house, so this could bring a very positive signification to you around potential mentors, benefactors, and supporters of your endeavours.

With Mars ruling your tenth house of career and your fifth house of creative endeavours, you might be getting some support to take your hobbies to the next level, possibly leading to the monetization of a former side hustle.

The eleventh house is also the place of alliances, so you might be using this time to make significant career moves in your network — possibly growing it with North Node in the picture.

If you have children, this is one of the placements for them, so this might be a time where, if you have kids with whom you share hobbies or creative activities, you could be contemplating entering into business with them.

If you already have a business, the eleventh house represents the finances and income derived from it, so just be prepared for some fiscal volatility over this period, given the Mars-Uranus influence. This could also coincide with a dramatic reinvention of the way you are doing business, or even your online e-business presence.


This transit is happening in your tenth house. It could alter the way that you’re viewed at work and from a reputation and public-standing perspective, this could include sudden promotions, accolades, recognition, or, on the not-so-awesome side, simply more work.

Alternatively, you may be wanting to blow things up metaphorically, like a simmering pot boiling over. You may be frustrated by inertia at work or desiring a change. In a word, “Don’t.” Keep in mind that you want to maintain a cool head during this time, so if there is anything bubbling, try a meditation and think twice before erupting.

On a more positive note, you could be levelling up at work as well, but be careful, since Mars rules your fourth, and this could occur at the expense of family commitments.

Mars also rules your ninth house, so you could be relocating abroad for work, or alternatively considering a career shake-up that could see you doing more holistic, spiritual, or learning endeavours and making a career out of them.


This transit is taking place in your ninth house. I really like this placement since it could be an exciting time for foreign travel, spiritual pursuits, higher learning, and even astrological study.

Given that Mars rules your eighth house as well as your third, you may be thinking about how to diversify some of your income sources to pursue ninth-house endeavours, or you could be considering how to pare back expenses at this time.

With the third house also activated, you could be thinking about how to take a business online, especially if you’re a counsellor, health practitioner, or wellness coach. You may be levelling up your online offerings through taking some webinars on building a brand, digital marketing, or developing your online platform.


This is a money transit for you, which could be very Dickensian — the best of times or the worst of times, since the conjunction is taking place in your eighth house. This is the place of expenditures, debt, taxes, but also inheritances, so, while you may be whacked with an unexpected bill or two, you could, on the flip side, be the recipient of a windfall (but don’t hold me to it!). Just note also that transiting South Node is passing through your second house of earned income, so you may be seeing a corresponding loss to an income streams.

Mars rules your second and seventh houses, so, if a windfall is in the cards, it could come through a spouse and their money, or through a change of employment. This is also a conjunction in the eighth house that could bring a very Nine of Swords energy your way, since the eighth house can be a place of anxiety, fear, death, rebirth, and transformation. You may have a great deal of anxiety around money and money matters, or around your personal relationships. Take care to manage these.

Finally, I might mention that, since the seventh house rules court cases and the eighth the outcomes from them, there may be something unexpectedly occurring in this arena that could catch you off-guard if you are embroiled in any legal matters.


This conjunction takes place in your seventh house. This is definitely a fascinating transit since, beyond bringing some electricity, inventiveness, innovation, and unexpected dynamics to your relationships, it could be a transit that has something unexpected occur with friends in foreign lands that you learn about — just note that it may not be good news.

Mars rules your first house as well as your sixth house, so there could be a flavour of needing to extricate yourself from a relationship (South Node transiting the first), and this goes for both romantic partnerships but also work-related relationships that are becoming excessively toxic.

Your sixth house also doubles as your partner’s twelfth-house, so just be aware, similar to what I indicated for Gemini, that this could be a period where your partner should be mindful of hidden enemies or work colleagues that could be undermining or undercutting them. This could also be a period of time where you are unexpectedly called to support your partner through their own dark-night-of-the-soul.


This transit takes place in your sixth house. This could coincide with sudden changes in your workplace or with people who report to you if you are in a leadership position. With the North Node, you may have a sudden expansion of your responsibilities at work, or, given that Mars rules your twelfth and fifth houses, your role might become more creative, or you could take a sudden work-related trip abroad. Alternatively, you may want to shake up what you do for work, potentially looking to turn one of your hobbies into a career.

The sixth house is also the house of health and health matters, so take extra care during this transit, since Mars can increase the propensity for accidents. Mars also brings headaches, so, if you suffer from migraines, this could be a time when they strike unexpectedly or are particularly acute.

Because Mars also rules liquor, as well as liver troubles, I might suggest paying greater attention to your alcohol intake. If you are someone who drinks a lot, consider cutting back and thinking about revamping your health routine, especially because North Node can be a malefic influence of excess.


This transit is taking place in your fifth house, and therefore, for those of you with children, the triple conjunction could bring about some tensions with them — sudden fights, disagreements, or even assertions by your children for greater independence and wanting to move out or break free from the metaphorical chains of home and family. It will be especially important to keep a cool head during this time, as family disagreements can get heated.

Another thing that this transit could bring is a desire for greater entrepreneurship. The fifth house represents self-employment and business owners, so you may be thinking about how you could muster some backers and supporters for turning a hobby into a business.

If you’re a creative type, this could be a really prolific time for you. Uranus could bring inventive ideas and flashes of brilliant insight, Mars represents that desire to create, and the North Node expansive potential, so this could very well coincide with a really productive cycle for you and offer new and exciting creative potential.


This transit is taking place in your fourth house, which is a signature of home, family, and real estate. You might be wanting to pick up and move quite suddenly or, because Mars rules your tenth house, you may need to move because of an unexpected career opportunity.

If you’re a property owner, don’t be surprised if this is a period where you might have to replace some of your appliances. Here I’m thinking big ticket electronics with Uranus and Mars in the mix (TVs, ovens), so there might be an unexpected outlay of cash relating to household goods.

The other thing to watch out for is electrical fires as the Uranus and Mars conjunction amplifies the topics of electricity, energy combustion, fire and accidents, and this is happening in your property house.

With Mars also ruling your third house of contracts in the fourth, you may have a desire to purchase property. Just be aware that the fourth house is a position of land disputes, so be careful with your communications, read all the fine print in contracts, and make sure that you aren’t caught unaware with any acquisitions that you might be making.


This transit is occurring in your third house. I’m a bit jealous. Learning, publishing, writing, and communication are all areas of emphasis. During this time you may be thinking about how to make money from some of your ninth-house endeavours — perhaps you’re a spiritual coach, a teacher of some sort, or have a career related to travel. You may be blessed by sudden insights and clarity around how to boost your income through your communications and marketing activities — possibly through your website, blog, social media, or other digital platform. You may also be taking some online marketing or social media seminars that are geared towards helping you build your online business.

Also, you may be shaking up your daily routine — perhaps you are missing a spiritual practice or not feeling nearly grounded enough — so expect that these might see an overhaul, but again, you may need to ensure moderation. North Node can lead us to excessive — sometimes obsessive — behaviours that amplify a good thing and turn it into a negative, so be careful not to swing too much in any particular direction.

You could also be confronted with is a sudden urge to travel, with the third house ruling transportation and Mars ruling your ninth. If you’re taking off on any trips, just be sure that you’ve got enough cash in the bank to cover it, since Uranus is pretty unpredictable.

Because the third house rules communication more broadly, including lectures and lecture halls, I wonder if some of you might not be invited to give motivational talks about your businesses and experiences, particularly at institutions of higher learning.

This could also be a transit where you’re thinking of going back to school to level up your skills for the purposes of adding an income stream. You may also be considering pursuing more ninth-house studies at this time — metaphysics, theology, or spirituality.


*DISCLAIMER: All astrological forecasts are for ENTERTAINMENT PURPOSES ONLY. Any decisions that you might make as a result of reading this or any other astrological blog entry are YOURS ALONE and the creator of this blog will not be held responsible! For any legal issues, see a lawyer; for medical ones, consult a physician. None of the information in this blog constitutes actionable advice from a licensed professional. Once again, this forecast is for ENTERTAINMENT PURPOSES ONLY!

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