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One Transit You Need to Watch for the Week of August 21-27, 2022*

Hey star-gazers!

This is your weekly astrological forecast and, YES, if there is only one transit that you need to know this week, then read on because it’s a doozy!

First off, the energy of the week is very much a combo of The Lovers — The Major Arcana card of Gemini — and The Fool — The Major Arcana card of Uranus.

…Maybe it’s more appropriate to read The Fool reversed as Uranus goes retrograde this week, urging us to rethink and redirect some mental energies.

I’ll discuss the impacts of this transit below, but what you need to know is this is A MAJOR WEEK for actual and foreshadowed changes in our lives.

The choices we make now will inform decisions later — that’s The Lovers Card — so, this week, pay careful attention to any major decisions you make as many planets turning retrograde and joining already-retrograde planets — Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune and Pluto — will have long-lasting effects.

In short, the energies this week, including Mars’ ingress into Gemini — which happened yesterday — the Sun’s entry into Virgo and square to Mars, coupled with the ongoing Uranus story, are setting us up for SOME SERIOUS QUESTIONING of what the heck we’re doing with our lives over the balance of the year. The choices that we make now and into early 2023 will be profound.

The major transit that began yesterday, but one that I wanted to cover as part of this week’s forecast because of its mammoth impacts on everything from the Sun’s entry into Virgo to the New Moon, is Mars’ ingress into Gemini.

If there’s only one transit that you need to watch this week, it’s THIS ONE!

Mars’ Transit: Not Just a 2022 Story

Mars is going to spend a lot of time in Gemini between this year and next, totaling over 30 weeks, from August 20 to March 24, 2023. It will finally enter Cancer on March 25, where it will be in the place of fall (a major debility for the red planet!), so expect challenges next year arising from the choices we make over its sojourn through Gemini now.

The TL;DR is that you want to pay attention to events occurring between September 4–5 (give or take a few days), since this is the degree that Mars will turn retrograde on in October. Events bookending these dates could see their reversal or a necessary re-do, before the planet turns direct again in 2023 at 25 degrees of Gemini. If you have any natal planets on, very close to, or aspecting that degree or 8 degrees of Gemini then this could be a pivotal moment for you as well!

This week is all about fresh and new ideas, sharp minds and battles of the wits, but let’s be careful not to say anything we might regret down the road as the ghosts of transits past often come back to haunt us! Now, here’s your day-by-day download…


On Sunday, August 21, Mercury in Virgo opposes retrograde Neptune in Pisces.

This is going to be a fairly swift transit since Mercury doesn’t hang out anywhere too long, but expect a couple of days where you might struggle with your organizational abilities, thoughts or words. You might find your thinking clouded, even with Mercury strongly placed in Virgo — that’s Neptune’s murky influence!

With Neptune being retrograde, we also need to be careful with things not being what they seem. This is compounded by Mercury’s trickster energy as well, and with the little grey planet going retrograde in a couple of weeks avoid inking any contracts or sealing any deals now. Mercury will retrograde all the way back to the degree of Virgo that we find it today (in fact, it’ll go as far back as 24 degrees, where it was yesterday), so anything we conclude over the next couple of weeks could be subject to all the terms and conditions and fine print of retrogrades, including reversals of fortune.

Despite the well-dignified Mercury, the Moon in Gemini will square it briefly, so this could be a slightly emotionally charged and impulsive energy. Further, Mercury is in Mars’ terms, meaning that it will have a slightly Martial energy to its manifestation in our lives this week. This could make Mercury’s words more cutting than usual, so consider this my standard issue red-flag around any commitments you make or things that you might say to people which could come back to bite you later.


On Monday, August 22, we have two transits worth nothing: the more significant Sun ingress into Virgo and Mercury’s trine to Pluto.

My cautionary notes around the Mercury-Neptune opposition are relevant here, too. (All I seem to do is put caution tape around planetary transits!) Given the Sun’s ingress into a sign that it has very little dignity in, it needs to depend on the condition of its planetary host, Mercury, for assistance.

Mercury is going to struggle a bit to support the Sun during its Virgoan sojourn. Obviously it’s in Mars’ bounds now which colours its actions, but then Mercury will change signs by the middle of this week. In Libra, it has no traditional sightline to Virgo, one of its two houses of rulership, since, according to Hellenistic optical theory, planets couldn’t see houses immediately adjacent to them or 150 degrees away from them (the modern quincunx aspect). Under these circumstances, when Mercury moves into Libra, we could be blindsided in a relationship or in financial matters. And the Sun, of course, is receiving that square from Mars in Gemini, so this isn’t an easy solar ingress. Our plans might go awry, may meet some unexpected challenges, or you may have difficulty getting the information you need to make key decisions.

Then, Mercury’s trine to Pluto is something else to look out for, but I wouldn’t consider this an especially significant transit.

All Pluto transits tend to have a slightly consuming quality about them — often our behaviours can become more obsessive than usual, and given that Mercury is in analytical Virgo, this energy can take on a shadow quality of excessive nitpicking.

This said, I do like the expansive Jupiterian energy of this transit. It can help unearth certain bits of information that we might be looking for, it can encourage us to go deep in our analytical efforts, especially given Mercury’s strengths in this sign, and, given that Pluto also rules waste and rubbish and things that get cast aside, this could be a day that we’re doing some mental clean up after the mildly discombublating Neptune opposition.


Wednesday, August 24 is a big astrological news day, since Uranus changes direction. It will be turning retrograde on the 18th degree of Taurus, only to turn direct again on January 22, 2023 around the 14th degree of Taurus.

A couple of things that can help you gauge the effects of this transit will be:

  1. Looking back to May of 2022 when Uranus was around the degree that it will station direct on — any decisions that you made, or changes that you initiated in and around this time may be up for grabs from the Promethean god.

  2. The other thing that you’ll want to note is if anything occurred in and around the Triple Conjunction that was a clear Uranus-Mars-and-North Node-in-Taurus signature. The storyline for this event may not be over, so pay attention to how things will unfold, since Uranus will then pass over the degree that it stationed retrograde on around March 30, 2022.

Ultimately, we could be forced to undo any hasty decisions or actions that we undertook, or maybe a particular event that was triggered in our lives will see various Uranian reversals, surprises and interruptions at least until the end of March/beginning of April 2022.

AUGUST 25, 2022

Next, late on August 25, Mercury enters Libra.

Planetary ingresses are usually fairly noticeable events, so this could be anything from receipt of a message to an important conversation with a partner.

Mars is within orb of a trine, so this could also be a particularly beneficial energy if you need to undertake any communications. Given Mercury is in Venus-ruled Libra, you may find yourself being unusually eloquent or finding the right way to be diplomatic. The trine from Mars can help you be more decisive, since Libra’s energy can be, at times, wishy-washy.

AUGUST 25–27

Between August 25 to 27, Venus in Leo squares both the Nodes and Uranus. Taken together, this could be a challenging but cathartic transit involving past relationships, releasing long-held tensions, and unexpectedly finding positivity and personal growth as a result. With North Node in the picture, this transit could have a strange way of feeling fated, too!

I don’t think this one is going to be an especially groundbreaking transit, but maybe one where you find closure in a certain area of your life, especially if this transit is hitting the angles of your chart.


Then, on August 27, the Sun in Virgo squares Mars in Gemini.

We already talked a little bit about the effects of Mars on Mercury, so this is going to be similar for the Sun.

The square from Mars in Gemini is going to create tension and conflict between what you know and what information you have access to — possibly even what you think — and what you want to do according to your unfolding solar life path. Whichever way you cut the celestial mustard, Mars in Gemini can be extremely impulsive, rash, cutting, and liable to make decisions without having all the facts.

With Mercury in aversion to the house that it rules, you may be forced to make decisions without all of the information you need. As the old adage goes, act in haste, repent in leisure, and, if you aren’t careful, then Mars’ retrograde period could see you leisurely repenting!

The last thing colouring this transit is, of course, the New Moon in Virgo, which is occurring fairly early on the 27th. Be aware that there could be further impulsiveness to this transit, more emotional sensitivity, maybe a desire to make a decision based on gut instinct, or reckless action, since New Moons have that Aries energy where they don’t really consider consequences.

Again, just be cautious that day if you’re being asked to make major decisions.

That’s all I’ve got for you this week. If you found any of this helpful, don’t forget to like, comment and follow! Come back next Sunday for another week-ahead forecast.

Watch the video version of this forecast on YouTube:

*DISCLAIMER: All astrological forecasts are for ENTERTAINMENT PURPOSES ONLY. Any decisions that you might make as a result of reading this or any other astrological blog entry are YOURS ALONE and the creator of this blog will not be held responsible! For any legal issues, see a lawyer; for medical ones, consult a physician. None of the information in this blog constitutes actionable advice from a licensed professional. Once again, this forecast is for ENTERTAINMENT PURPOSES ONLY!

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