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October Monthly Astrology Forecast - Top Transits to Watch for All Rising Signs*

Hey, star-gazers!

These your October transits to watch!

As I’ll be posting dedicated eclipse season forecasts, which will also include deep dives into Mars retrograde for all rising signs, these astrological events are largely excluded from this forecast so you’ll need to check back for when those get posted to round out this FYI.

You can read for your Sun, Moon and rising signs, although I typically recommend beginning with your rising sign.

Let’s dig in!



I have my eye on three transits for you in October, so get your astrodiaries ready, they are:

  • October 9, Full Moon in Aries

  • October 22, Venus’ superior conjunction with the Sun in Libra

  • October 28, retrograde Jupiter dipping back into Pisces

The Full Moon this month is taking place across the axis of your first and seventh houses — yourself versus your relationships — could bring elements of your own personal agency, autonomy and desires to fruition against the backdrop of solar Libra going through a slightly bumpy time in your house of relationships. This brings something you might have initiated back in the spring when the New Moon was in the Aries to culmination.

Under this Full Moon any minor disagreements that you could be experiencing with a partner — be it romantic, business, a friend or the like — could come to a head, causing your blood pressure to creep up. Bear in mind that this could be connected to the second transit that I have flagged for you — Venus’ superior conjunction with the Sun, occurring on October 22 also in your seventh house of relationships.

If you’ve been reading my forecasts, then you know that I mentioned that as Venus shifts its visibility in the sky, it could have brought about similar shifts in our relationship topography on earth. Thus, in early August, an issue might have cropped up that could have gained prominence around mid-September, just as Venus was turning invisible.

As Venus embarked on its underworld sojourn from September 15 to October 21, you might have experienced a brief period of burnout, a lack of agency or assertiveness in your relationships, greater passivity, secret retreat or a propensity to let things go in the hopes that the situation would improve.

While Venus was maturing at this juncture in her synodic cycle, it might have caused you to put off dealing with something needling at you for the sake of preserving a relationship. Now, as Venus forms the superior conjunction, the next few weeks could see you regain confidence, but cloaked in the mantle of emotional maturity to address any issues that might have come to the fore these past several weeks.

Finally, the last transit that you’ll want to pay attention to is retrograde Jupiter’s sign change occurring on October 28.

As the planet continues its apparent backward movement in the sky, it slips from your first house to your twelfth, potentially bringing up issues of invisibility and any struggles that you might have previously experienced earlier this year around being seen and heard.

Additionally, if this earlier year-long transit had manifested as something health-related, particularly heightening any issues concerning anxiety, depression and mental health, just be aware of similar themes resurfacing. You have time to prepare yourself and put whatever supports in place that you may need over the next few weeks.

Jupiter from the twelfth, also your ninth house, so you could be revisiting topics around spirituality, higher learning and deep contemplation. Perhaps you had been considering some sort of a retreat to recharge your batteries, or maybe you were thinking about taking some classes in the areas of psychology, psychoanalysis, dream interpretation, spirituality or occult matters. Now could be a time when you’re revisiting these ideas, making it an excellent few more weeks for research and planning before Jupiter turns direct again on November 28.


Aside from the very potent eclipse taking place across your seventh-house/first-house axis on October 25, I’ve got my eyes on two transits that you want to pay attention to:

  • October 22, your ascendant ruler, Venus, undergoes its superior conjunction with the Sun in Libra

  • October 23, Saturn turns direct in your tenth house of career

On October 22, your ascendant ruler conjuncts the Sun in your sixth house of work, people you employee or who report to you, and health-related matters.

As I mentioned with Aries risings, this transit is part of a larger storyline for all of us since the topics that Venus rules naturally and specific to our individual charts is undergoing a period of change, moving from the waxing to the waning phase of its synodic cycle.

The past couple of months may have had something brewing, first coming onto your radar in early August. This could have concerned matters on the work front, possibly with colleagues or direct reports.

The energy was potentially more problematic, testing your resolve, first as Venus transited nurturing Cancer, and then, in pragmatic Virgo, where you might have tried to analyze your way out of the situation.

As Venus was in Cancer around the time that this issue might have cropped up, you may have been inclined to meet it through an over-compensatory kindness, thinking that support, careful communication, and an appeal to commonalities could resolve it.

If it persisted through the month, then, as Venus entered Virgo where both the Sun and Mercury were, then you could have seen more of an inventorying energy, wondering what strategies you could employ to bring about a more favourable resolution.

Unchecked, this issue could have culminated around September 15, just as Venus was disappearing from view in the sky. This could have seen you put things off, thinking that they’ll go away.

With Venus now completing her underworld metamorphosis, emerging older, wiser and more introspective in the latter half of her cycle, you may find yourself revisiting any challenges with coworkers or employees, using the energies of a less-fiery Venus to negotiate for positive outcomes.

Now, because Venus is also your ascendant ruler and it’s currently transiting the sixth house of health-related matters, this transit could take a very different flavour for you, possibly bringing up some health challenges in this half of its transit.

Because Venus’ synodic cycle began in the sign of Capricorn in January, it’s conceivable that a health matter is coming full circle — Venus-related health issues could include the lower back, cysts, diabetes, glandular swelling in the neck, kidney troubles or issues pertaining to muscular tissue just to name a few. As the Capricorn New Moon later this year conjuncts the asteroid, Hygeia, which rules preventative health and medicine, it could introduce an important moment to put your health back on track.

Alternatively, if this transit didn’t coincide with anything health-related, the Capricorn New Moon conjunct Hygeia in December occurs in your ninth house, which could introduce a new opportunity to prevent ninth-house-related health issues, including those pertaining to the hips, liver, upper legs and thighs, so I’d simply maintain an awareness of what this waning hemicycle could bring.

The other transit that I’d note for you is Saturn’s direct motion occurring on October 23. This might have felt like a long time coming, Taurus, especially as it’s taking place in your tenth house of career and public standing.

If your mid-heaven is around the degree of Saturn’s station (+/- 18 degrees of Aquarius), then you could feel this switch in direction most acutely, though all Taurus risings will breathe a sigh of relief for the forward momentum.

Since early June you might have felt as though some aspect of your career had ground to a halt, thanks to Saturn’s retrograde motion. Maybe you found yourself having to work harder, or, alternatively, confronted with more obstacles than you might have liked.

Career accolades that you could have worked hard for might have seen a reversal or a period of retreat, or the general sense of frustration that you might have felt owing to some stagnant retrograde Saturn energy might have had you questioning aspects of your overall career trajectory.

The good news is that as Saturn gears up to switch signs in early March of next year, you will also feel some relief as this planet moves out of your career house and into your house of hopes, dreams, wishes, friends, social groups and mentors.

Saturn will also finally slip out of that square with Uranus, which it has been engaged in since last year. These energies could have had you in an uncomfortable tug-of-war between personal metamorphosis and the stable, sober, saturnine demands of your career.

Hopefully, as this transit closes out its journey through your career house over the next five months, you get clarity on any material changes you may need to make on the path to personal fulfillment.


There are three transits to watch this coming month:

  • October 2, Mercury turns direct again

  • October 28, retrograde Jupiter’s ingress back into the sign of Pisces

  • October 30, Mars turning retrograde

October 2 is a big moment for you Gemini — the moment where you can begin taking decisive steps again, emboldened by the knowledge that the ruler of your first and fourth houses has a lot of momentous energy to give you at last.

The little grey planet is once again in the waxing phase of its hemicycle, busy spreading its tendrils into the world to collect all the data that it requires to make informed decisions before turning retrograde again in December.

Mercury, in its Promethean phase, is an action-oriented, highly risk-tolerant and expansive Mercury, so this sudden burst of vital energy will help you initiate new projects, particularly as they pertain to the realm of communications.

Where your first and fourth houses are concerned, Gemini, this new Mercury cycle will see the star of Hermes inch its way through the signs of Libra, Scorpio, and Sagittarius, corresponding to your fifth house of children, pleasure and creativity; your sixth house of work, service and health; and your seventh house of relationships. As the Mercury retrograde of September began in your fifth house, this next three-month period could be concerned with trying to plan how to put some creative endeavour into action, whether you were trying to monetize a side hustle, sell your artwork, or simply improve relationships with your children — if you have multiple, Mercury can often correspond to the first-born. Since Mercury rules your first and fourth, this could bring in topics of yourself, the way you present to the world, your home, family and foundations.

The December Mercury retrograde in the sign of Capricorn, occurring fully in an earth sign, is going to ask you to put build strong foundations as you attempt to concretize any ideas that might have cropped up for you this retrograde season. Therefore, pay careful attention to how information comes into you right now and, as you plot the next three months, be proactive in contemplating the kind of research you need to do and the type of data you need to build a solid plan for the next stage of your life.

The second transit you need to watch is retrograde Jupiter’s ingress back into the sign of Pisces on October 28. This transit is occurring in your tenth house, which may have you rethinking aspects of your career.

Although retrograde Jupiter never goes far back enough to make a tight conjunction with retrograde Neptune, it’s instructive to consider that both of these planets are in Mars’ decanate — that’s the portion of the house that’s concerned with action, momentum, assertive and bold energies and strategic planning, and since Mars is in your first house, about to turn retrograde, it will be important to consider how these transits speak to each other and how they impact you. Where might you be considering taking action? Where might you be best served holding off until you have a more bulletproof plan in place?

Although I’ll be doing a dedicated Mars retrograde video, you need to be aware that with Mars transiting your first house, and turning retrograde there, could signal massive changes in that direction, too. Ruling the last decanate of diffuse and dreamy Pisces, you may be rethinking or reconsidering your career plans.

This first-house/tenth-house dynamic will be doubly important because retrograde Mars rules your eleventh- and sixth houses as well, so there is quite a cohesive nexus here around work — what you do, how you’ll move forward, whether you’ll revisit and revamp your overall trajectory and the supports that you need to put it all in place in the forms of allies and networks.

Bear in mind that with eclipse season occurring right before these transits, the timing is ripe for endings and beginnings so mark your astro diary and be sure to come back for your eclipse season forecast to round out these three major transits of the month. I’ll be posting these in the coming weeks!


There are three transits you need to watch this month:

  • October 8, Pluto changing direction in your seventh house;

  • October 9, Full Moon in Aries, crossing your tenth and fourth-house axis;

  • October 28, retrograde Jupiter ingressing back into Pisces, which rules your sixth and ninth houses.

Let’s tackle the Full Moon first, occurring on October 9, since it involves your ascendant ruler.

The Moon is separating from the exaltation ruler of your first house, Jupiter, bringing the constellation of your first, tenth and ninth houses into greater focus.

As the Moon is in hard aspect to your first house, this could be a bit of a mini-crisis point in the areas ruling career matters that weigh on you personally, mentally and emotionally.

Given that the ruler of this Full Moon is Mars in Gemini in your twelfth house, there can be a signature of tension, indecision, regret and sorrow, reconsideration of action and, even a potential of concern for loftier, abstract crises, like what you’re being called to do from a more spiritual, soul-path dimension.

Full Moons are always tension points between our solar aspirations and our emotional comforts, and with this signature happening in your tenth house, the energy is potent for a bit of a check on your big plans and hopes and dreams.

Next, Pluto turns direct, which technically occurred the day before on October 8, but you may not have noticed the slow motion of this planet grinding to a halt to change direction.

Pluto has been in your seventh house for over a decade, which could have initiated some monumental, life altering and lasting changes in the area of your personal relationships — this includes best friends, romantic partners, business partners and, because some of the Plutonic energy could have taken on various destructive incarnations through its transit, known enemies as well.

Maybe Pluto hasn’t been hammering your axes directly in these later degrees, but its presence has likely been no picnic overall and the retrograde motion might have added a feeling of prolonged weightiness, sluggishness, and protracted darkness in this phase of your life.

If, on the contrary, this is within three degrees of your ascendent-descendant axis (+/- 26 degrees of Capricorn), then this transit has been especially challenging, so Pluto finally moving forward will start to ease the extreme burdens you might have felt in this area of your life.

Finally, on October 28, retrograde Jupiter moves from your tenth house back into the ninth. There might be some unfinished business that Jupiter needs to take care of in that house, owing to topics relating to foreign travel, higher learning, spirituality, but also tying in sixth house topics of work.

For Jupiter to firmly embark on a new, decisive, and expansive transit through the house of your career and public standing, it needs to wrap up ninth-house business, so be aware of the themes of closure in this area of your chart taking place between now and November 23, when Jupiter turns direct again.


The three major transits you need to watch, in addition to the eclipses which will be angular for you, are:

  • Your ascendant ruler, the Sun, conjunct Venus on October 22; and

  • October 23, Saturn turning direct in your seventh house of relationships.

First off, you’ll want to mark your calendar for the superior conjunction of Venus and the Sun occurring on October 22. Venus is the ruler of your third and tenth houses, bringing the significations of career, communications, writing, siblings, extended family and skills to the fore.

As this conjunction involves your ascendant ruler, and it’s kicking off the waning hemicycle of a transit that began in early January in the sign of Capricorn (that’s your sixth house of work, service and health), it shouldn’t surprise you to see some of these themes crop up again after a mini-crisis period likely percolated around early August and came to a head in mid-September.

Venus in this superior conjunction is emerging from her underworld sojourn, older, wiser and more inclined towards judicious and discriminating decisions, particularly in the areas of relationships, so you’ll want to pay attention to whatever this Venus began in the sign of Capricorn in January. This likely corresponded to your place of work and people who report to you, but it could have also initiated some Venusian health ailments, including but not limited to the lower back, cysts, diabetes, glandular swelling in the neck, kidney troubles or issues pertaining to muscular tissue. Whatever was initiated back in January, and came to a head between August and mid-September, will play out over the next nine months, into the middle of August 2023, when it will see a resolution.

Then, on October 23, Saturn turns direct in your seventh house of relationships. Though Saturn has been in a favourable place in Aquarius, dignified and, for you, strong and angular, for Leo risings with night charts, this transit could still have posed more difficulties for you than Saturn in day charts.

Saturn moving direct is going to wind down its jaunt through your relationship house, ending a protracted period of changes in the stability and even configuration of those closest to you. These relationships could include business partnerships, marriages, long-term relationships and friendships.

Given that some of Saturn’s significations include separation, isolation and endings, some of you might have called it quits in a relationship or could be on the cusp of doing so. That wouldn’t surprise me as Saturn gears up to shift signs and enter your house of joint finances, shared income, debt, taxes and inheritance as of March 7, 2023. This is a period where you could be settling accounts after you parted ways with someone materially significant in your life.


For Virgo risings, there are three transits that you’ll want to watch this month:

  • Mercury turning direct from October 2;

  • Retrograde Jupiter re-entering Pisces on October 22; and

  • Mars turning retrograde on October 30.

First off, your ascendant ruler, Mercury, is turning direct in your first house, initiating a new three-month cycle, culminating in its retrograde motion again in your sister earth-sign of Capricorn in late December.

This cycle will kick off an important new phase for you relating to yourself, your hopes and dreams and what you want to do in the world, with due consideration for your second house of resources where Mercury initiated its retrograde motion.

For you, this direct motion will usher in an important period of recalibration and considering how you materialize any desires for greater personal autonomy and potentially creativity, while contemplating how to concretize and bring structure to your ideas.

Next, on October 22, Jupiter ingresses back into the sign of Pisces. This corresponds to your seventh house of relationships where Jupiter needs to wind up some unfinished business before initiating a new, more lasting year-long cycle in your eighth house.

This Jupiter in the eighth will attempt to unify and bring cohesion to the area of joint finances, income from investments and other people’s money, which might somehow be a continuation of its seventh-house transit.

Sometimes Jupiter’s ingress into the seventh house can coincide with marriages or important relationships in our lives, so Jupiter likely wants to close off any loose ends in this area of life that it touched, for better or for worse, in sickness and in health, and all that jazz!

Finally, while I’ll have a dedicated Mars retrograde post later this month, Mars will be turning retrograde in the sign of Gemini in your house of career. This is going to be a period of rethinking action, direction, and even strategic approach, so prepare for potential reversals of any actions you could have taken during Mars’ pre-retrograde shadow which kicked off on September 3, as well as any opportunities for massive overhauls in your overall career direction and desires.


There are three transits worth watching for you this month:

  • The Aries Full Moon on October 9;

  • Pluto turning direct on October 8; and

  • Your ascendant ruler, Venus, conjuncting the Sun on October 22.

The Aries Full Moon on October 9 activates your first-house/seventh-house axis, bringing something to culmination that began under the Aries New Moon earlier this spring. It could be a brief period of considerable tension, but also manifestation concerning a matter of close personal relationships, be they business, romantic or friendships.

Given that Mars, the ruler of your seventh house, is going to be turning retrograde in your ninth house by the close of the month, this could be an important transit for relationships concerning close mentors, spiritual gurus or friends that may be somehow connected with foreign places, institutions of higher learning, or spiritual and philosophical circles.

The next transit that you’ll want to pay attention to is Pluto turning direct on October 8. You’ve likely been waiting for a while, Libra, to see Pluto get its way out of your fourth house of home, family, property, foundations, beliefs and values.

For those whose MC-IC axis is very late-degree Capricorn, then you’ll have to bear Pluto traversing the axis one more time before it leaves this sign for Aquarius next year. However, this is the start of an important transit for winding up the storyline of transformation and, on a metaphorical level at least, profound underworld destruction and recreation in this area of your life.

Finally, on October 22, your ascendant ruler makes its superior conjunction with the Sun, initiating the waning half of its hemicycle. This transit may have certain echoes of the Pluto transit associated with it, given that it kicked off its transit in early January in your fourth house of home, family, property, foundations and hidden treasures (most likely of a more abstract, metaphorical nature).

This Venus is culminating, reaching a period of maturity and wisdom to disseminate, resolve, and build new and lasting foundations relating to your personal relationships in this area. It reached its quasi-Full Moon-esque phase earlier, around September 15–16, bringing some sort of matter, likely concerning fourth-house topics, to a head.

You’ll want to pay careful attention to this transit since it’s angular for you, in your first house, and therefore bringing to bear some important influences on your own personal psychology and individual agency.

You’ll be in the driver’s seat for the balance of this transit, harnessing the wisdom learned over the last nine months, including during potentially tenser periods throughout August and into mid September, where challenges to your family relationships might have become more prominent.


For Scorpio risings, the eclipses are going to be super important for you this season, so make sure you follow my blog so you don’t miss this forecast when I post it. However, for the month of October, the other transits to watch include:

  • October 23, Saturn turning direct in your fourth house; and

  • October 28, retrograde Jupiter dipping back into the sign of Pisces.

Saturn turning direct in your fourth house is likely closing out a fairly difficult transit for you, since it was in a sign-based and then degree-based square to Uranus in your seventh-house of relationships since 2021. The effects of this celestial configuration could have resulted in an uncomfortable tug-of-war between obligation and the desire for liberation.

Saturn in your fourth house could have led to some difficult issues arising in your home and family life; for example, a desire for maintaining the integrity of your family unit and finding some way to bend those expectant structures, while possibly feeling the pressure for independence from Uranus in the seventh house of relationships.

This pressure will ease next year as Saturn slips into sign of Pisces and, for you, your fifth house, moving from a square with Uranus to a sign-based sextile. Make sure you check out my Saturn-in-Pisces rising sign preview to get a flavour of what that transit could bring next year.

The second transit that you’ll want to watch is Jupiter dipping back into the sign of Pisces, reactivating a flowing trine to your first house. This transit is occurring on October 28.

As retrograde Jupiter revists the last few degrees of Pisces, it’s there to do some housekeeping, tie up loose ends, and close out that chapter of your life. For you, Scorpio, this is your fifth house, corresponding to children if you have them, romantic relationships, pleasure, luxury, hobbies, side hustles, and gambling (if that’s your fancy).

This also happens to be the sign of income from real estate, since it’s second from the fourth, so you could be winding up a deal related to the sale of property — and maybe it’s a foreign property since Jupiter is in the mix.

Ultimately, this last jaunt Jupiter makes through this sign is going to wind down a year-long transit, where it passed over Neptune, and brought some significant growth to you personally as you learned some sometimes jarring lessons about illusions and delusions.

As Jupiter gears up to return to Mars’ sign after it turns direct in November of this year, it’ll be answering to Mars in Gemini — your sign ruler, which turns retrograde on October 30.

That’s the other transit to watch and, consequently, this retrograde Mars will tie into your eclipse storyline, so make sure you’re paying careful attention to how this transit might be lighting up the placement of Mars in your natal chart and the first and sixth houses, since those are both Mars-ruled for you.

As you know, if you’ve been reading my forecasts regularly, I’m of the school of thought that as much as retrograde periods can correspond to times of interiority, reconsideration and revision, they may also represent a loss of gains or reversals of direction or fortune that the planet might have bestowed upon us while direct, so consider how the topics of work and health tie into your individual identity, personality, hopes, dreams and overall aspirations in the world as this is going to be the topical areas of your life likely undergoing some serious changes.

Since Jupiter will dip back into Aries on December 21, 2022, marking the beginning of a new year-long cycle affecting your work, health, healing, hard labour, domestic pets and service, this may be a very satisfying and positive ending to this chapter of Jupiter’s transit through your fifth.


The major transits for the month of October that you will want to watch are those bookending the beginning and the end of the month:

  • October 2, Mercury turning direct in your tenth house;

  • Jupiter dipping back into your fourth house — in the sign of Pisces on October 28; and

  • Mars turning retrograde in your seventh house of relationships on October 30.

First off, Mercury turning direct on October 2 is an important moment for initiating a new cycle in your career and in the areas of social groups, alliances, supporters, mentors and friends.

As I noted for your sign in my earlier Mercury retrograde forecast, the retrograde period could have seen you rethinking your overall career trajectory and the allies needed to advance them. Now that Mercury has helped you take a step back, its emergence into the Promethean phase of its new hemicycle could have you renewing forward momentum with more confidence and general gusto.

The other two transits to watch at the end of this month — Jupiter re-entering Pisces and Mars turning retrograde — are important turning points because Jupiter is marking an ending and Mars is initiating a change of course with respect to something that it initiated during its ingress into your seventh house of relationships on August 20.

We’ve been in the Mars pre-retrograde shadow period since September 3, initiating that DEFCON-2 level of caution around new ventures — this goes for new relationships, or, alternatively, taking action where business partnerships are concerned.

As Mars ingressed into your seventh house, it also imported the topical significations of your tenth house, career and public standing, which is the place where Mercury went retrograde for you back in September.

So, as you consider and re-consider some sort of major action, initiation, but also potentially segmentation and separation in your personal relationships, know that your tenth and eleventh houses may be implicated, since the ruler of this Mars retrograde is ruled by Mercury.

By October 30, Mercury will be in Scorpio, which is your twelfth house, and so this Mars-retrograde period could begin with a bit of an isolating flavour to it or some sort of relationship circumstances that has you feeling a lack of visibility in terms of your needs and wants, or simply feeling like an outsider, left out in the cold.

Pay attention to the beginning and the end of the month, especially because the career transit that Mercury’s direct motion on September 2 is initiating will come to fruition in late December when Mercury turns retrograde again in the sign of Capricorn — your second house of earned income and material assets.


There are four transits that you need to mark in your astro diaries — lucky you! They are:

  • Pluto’s direct motion on October 8;

  • The Full Moon in Aries, which is occurring in your fourth house on October 9;

  • Venus’ superior conjunction with the Sun, taking place in your tenth house on October 2; and

  • Saturn, your ascendant ruler, turning direct on October 23.

Pluto’s change in direction may have you breathing a sigh of relief, Capricorn, as this transit occurred in your first house. This could have corresponded to a protracted and heavy period of inner transformation. While Pluto will remain in your first house for another few months, it’s hopefully beginning to release any pressure that earlier ascendant degrees may have felt.

Very late-degree Capricorns may still be feeling the mammoth burden of this malefic planet grinding down on matters pertaining to their personal psychology and constitution. Hang in there a little longer, and take some solace in the fact that the direct motion kicks off Pluto’s slow but steady exit from your first house.

Next, the Full Moon in Aries, taking place in your fourth house, is bringing a matter involving the topics of home and family, property, and your personal values and foundations to the fore. Consider how this transit may be connected to a larger lunar storyline since the corresponding New Moon in Aries, which occurred back on April 1, likely initiated these events.

Then, on October 23, your ascendant ruler is turning direct, which is an important development in your second house of earned income and movable possessions. If matters concerning your finances may have felt stalled, or if you saw any significant reversals in monetary gains, then this transit could restore forward momentum lost from Saturn turning retrograde several months ago.

As Saturn winds down its transit through your second house, note that it’ll be finalizing any business that it has here before entering your Pisces-ruled third house on March 7, 2023.

Finally, this last decanate of Capricorn, having a Virgo flavour to it, is all about intelligent, well-thought-out and pragmatic foundations, and as Saturn wraps up this transit in your second house, it will put sold foundations in place in the area of your finances, so be prepared for any changes in money matters to gain solidity under your own commitment to scrutiny and sober second-thought.

Lastly, Venus’ superior conjunction with the Sun is taking place in your tenth house of career, kicking off a cycle that began in your first house nine months ago.

A crisis may have come to a head in the area of your personal relationships in early August and could have gained increased prominence toward mid-September just as Venus was about to make its morning setting.

It’s important to consider what this nine-month narrative exposed for you in the areas ruled by Venus in your chart — that’s the fifth house of children, pleasure and creativity, and the tenth house of career — and so, with a strong thread of personal relationships in the mix, this transit is bringing these topical significations together in a manner that portends not only to a matter culminating, but also a period of closure, which will take you all the way to August of 2023, finishing up an important sequence of events for you in these topical areas of your life.

The second half of Venus’ synodic cycle — from October 22 to mid-August 2023 — could see you deal with any issues relating to home and career challenges with more wisdom and dignity, owing to the energies of mature, introspective, and sage Venus emerging after her underworld descent from September 16-October 21.


The transits to watch include:

  • Pluto turning direct in your twelfth house on October 8; and

  • Your ascendant ruler turning direct on October 23.

The eclipses will be especially important for you during this upcoming season since they will be occurring across the angles of your chart — your fourth and tenth houses — but we’ll tackle the eclipses in a later blog post.

For you, Aquarius, Pluto turning direct is going to cap off a more than decade-long transit through your twelfth house. For many people, given the powerful, generational energies that Pluto in Capricorn brought us during the pandemic, this transit may have been more potent and noticeable.

In the twelfth-house, which rules the topics of mental health, isolation, exile, dreams and, in general, sorrows and difficulties, you may have had a particularly tough go with all manner of deep mental and emotional challenges piling up on you, especially under the weight of the various conjunctions hitting Pluto in 2020.

Given that the twelfth-house can also rule the illnesses of grandparents, issues pertaining to siblings-in-law, and some very difficult matters pertaining to children, some of you may have seen the effects of this transit hit your family harder than perhaps you had been prepared for.

Now, in its final degrees of this sign, Pluto is closing up shop in the work it was undertaking in Capricorn — whether that was laying bare your feelings of isolation and smallness in the world, or forcing you into an unplanned relocation abroad — you name it, Pluto was likely responsible for it, forcing you to build resilience when you least expected it.

Next, on October 23, your ascendant ruler turns direct, initiating its wrap up of massive renovation in the area concerning yourself, your appearance, personal psychology and constitution. Saturn transiting your first house could have initiated some changes in your overall self-perception, as well as the way that others perceived you.

Since Saturn prefers your rising sign for the warming and therefore more stabilizing properties it offers, this could have been a highly constructive transit for you, Aquarius, where the massive housekeeping of the last few years saw you give your personal philosophy and outlook a drastic reorientation.

The square that you would have felt from Uranus in your fourth house could have also initiated a tug-of-war between feelings of obligation that are part and parcel of your make-up and a desire for liberation and independence in the areas of your home and family life.

Saturn will slip from its square to Uranus to a sign-based sextile next year, and you’ll know, if you read my 2023 rising sign preview for Saturn in Pisces, that there will be some crunchiness during its transit in the areas of your earned income and movable possessions, but the sextile, especially when it perfects, could bring about some unexpected windfall or positive development in your life.


There are two major transits for you to watch this month and both of them occur towards the close of October:

  • Retrograde Jupiter re-enters your first house on October 28; and

  • Mars turning retrograde in your fourth house on October 30.

First off, your ascendant ruler is retrograding back into your first house on October 28 to tie up some loose ends. Jupiter, as teacher and guru, often brings lessons for our own personal development and growth in whatever sign it transits through each year, and for you, Pisces, its lessons were all about aspects of you, yourself, your health and vitality.

Perhaps this transit was helping you broaden your horizons, revamp your personal philosophies, or engage in more expansive opportunities of possibility.

For those of you who will be experiencing your Saturn return next year in the sign of Pisces, then this may be a two-part story, where transiting Jupiter expanded your horizons and attitudes, showed you boundless aspects of your own individual potential, and elevated aspects of your consciousness before Saturn comes in to solidify those effects for the next 29 or so years.

This is going to be the last hurrah for Jupiter in Pisces for twelve years, and so, in Scorpio’s decanate, answering to Mars in Gemini, its implementation tools may be more about diving deep in the realm of ideas and setting you up with the big-picture plans that Saturn will swoop in and help you build the foundations for next year.

Next, Mars turning retrograde in your fourth house is going to usher in an important period of revision, reconsideration and consolidation.

When Mars entered Gemini in August, it might have done so with a bang, since nothing that Mars does is ever quiet.

In the area of your fourth house, this could have quite literally represented something to do with an older sibling (most likely a brother if you have one), a home-related matter tied into your personal finances, or set wheels in motion to change up your living situation — maybe as significant as choosing to move abroad or contemplating it.

You may have been full-steam ahead in this area of your life, especially as Mars rules action and in Mercury’s sign, it’s especially swift; however, Mercury’s retrograde period in September might have seen some delays or other types of wrenches thrown into your plans.

As Mercury moves direct on October 2, you may regain some of that forward momentum, but, proceed with caution, since Mars entered its pre-retrograde shadow period on September 3, meaning that it is now transiting past the same degrees that it will go back over when retrograde.This can often coincide with things needing to be done over, with reversals of decisions or actions taken when Mars was direct, or other upside-down and discombobulating challenges from Mars’ retrograde period lasting October 30 to January 11, 2023.

Instead of rushing ahead with your plans, you may be better served using this time to consider what actions you can take in the new year, especially since you have one more Mercury retrograde coming towards the close of December in the sign of Capricorn.

This December Mercury retrograde will be a heavily concretizing and stabilizing Mercury, trying to lay leaden foundations based on ideas that you may have had during the September-October retrograde transit. And, since Mercury had been transiting Gemini just a few months before that, some ideas you had percolating in the areas of your life pertaining to home, family and real estate could resruface given that the god of war and action is visiting this sign.

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