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I Can Buy Myself Flowers  -  The Astrology of May 2024*

Predicting the effects of celestial movements is always a speculative exercise. With astrological glyphs having a range of innate and acquired meanings depending on their placement by sign and house, it’s little wonder why astrologers are frequently charged with “being wrong.” Interpreting a single aspect — a relationship between two planets — is a deductive exercise, but one that, I believe, still allows the future to be shrouded in mystery, despite our best efforts to decipher the movements of the planets.

The one thing that I’m bound to get right — me and every astrologer that remarks on it — is the concentration of planets in just four consecutive signs of the zodiac. From Aquarius to Taurus, the beginning of the month sees heavy Aries and Taurus energies — the will to initiate something new and the desire to carry it forward — juxtaposed against the fettering influence of a past that’s slowly melting away. Saturn has only just crept past the mid-degree of Pisces, still clinging to familiar structures even as they crumble. This is a little like Nero fiddling: Rome is burning around us — we see it in the news headlines daily — but the old guard isn’t quite ready to make way for the new, despite the Neptunian push to get that vision in order before everything is razed to the ground. 

Pluto, like a kind of underworld janitor, is cleaning up the mess of the past. As it turns retrograde this month (May 2), expect its final dip into Capricorn to solidify changes that we’ve been fighting tooth and nail. Before the archetypal transformer, destroyer and disruptor forces us to gaze into the future with Aquarian glasses, it invites us once and for all to release our vice grip on the way we’ve come to organize our lives. Discipline and hard work have only got us so far; before we can throw out everything we thought we knew about the way we want to order our lives. We need to make peace with the fact that dramatic changes might be needed. 

Pluto has a two-part rendez-vous with Venus this month, kicking off a combative square (May 1) that sees resolution in an empowering trine (May 25). As we are challenged to go deep in a relationship, we ought to take care not to let Pluto’s shadowy expression of compulsive thoughts, behaviours and ultimately destructive actions ruin something that just began a few months ago when Venus and Pluto conjoined in the early degrees of Aquarius. Venus is in the seat of her celestial power this month, directing our personal interactions from the place of the sensual and the sensory; the mind games Pluto wants to play will not be easy to deal with, especially with our sensitivities heightened. 

On the bright side, our personal agendas get some much-needed support as the Sun continues its jaunt through the resilient sign of the bull. The luminaries conjoin in Taurus (May 7), urging us to lighten up and prioritize pleasure wherever we can. This New Moon demands that we seed intentions aimed at living our best lives, whatever this means to us. Even in these cash-strapped and seemingly bleak days of global chaos, our microcosms could use a little attention. Concentrate on what makes you feel safe, cared for, comforted and, yes, what brings you pleasure. You can always buy yourself flowers or take yourself dancing. Let loose. 

Empowered by a dignified domicile lord early in the month, Sol will appreciate a mid-month meet-up with Uranus (May 13). Be true to yourself and your ideas, but recognize that — not unlike Saturn’s tenuous grasp on a changing reality — the lightning-rod influence of Uranus could have us feeling profoundly dissatisfied with present circumstances. Though a comparatively brief transit, this is the day where we wonder if we can go on in the same way we always have and whether there’s any room for large-scale shake-ups. Any bright ideas seeded from this inspirational union could gain traction on the heels of Mercury’s entry into Taurus two days later. You’ll definitely talk the walk, but can you walk the talk? Ideas can have staying power if properly executed and, with Mercury answering to Venus, planning will be key to follow-through, so ready your coloured pens and pretty bullet journals. The big reveal could come as the Sun meets abundant Jupiter (May 17) before both benefics conjoin (May 23)— the same day that an adventurous Full Moon finds expression in Sagittarius. I love this late-month lunation for the powerful presence of Pluto in harmonious aspects to the lights. This is the cosmic signature of unequivocal support to seize the day!

As the Sun (May 20), Venus (May 23) and Jupiter (May 25) enter Gemini, there’s bound to be demands on your social life. In fact, in addition to the Venusian push to make connections, Jupiter’s expansive drive amplifies how widely we cast our net, though we need to watch for the possible consequences of thinking more is better. Jupiter always wants to go big, but in Gemini it could go home instead, realizing that quantity may not immediately render quality where connections are concerned. 

A powerful moment for potential conflict comes under Mars’s conjunction to Chiron (May 29). As the God of War meets the wounded healer, we need to be vigilant in our actions, lest we hurt rather than help. The converse could be true as well: an aggressive act comes our way, leading us to raise our hackles. Remember that we not only teach people how to treat us, but we choose the way we respond. Make the choice that’s right for you. 

The month ends on an inspiring note as Mercury conjoins Uranus (May 31). In Taurus, financial and relationship matters could take centre stage with the planetary meet-up signalling a bright idea in entrepreneurial, business or contractual ventures. This can also be a startingly supportive or pivotal communication landing in our inbox, or an unexpected boon to mercurial activities — we can count among them writing, marketing or blogging among so many others. Let inspiration be your guide as you slide into the sunny month of June!


*DISCLAIMER: All astrological forecasts are for ENTERTAINMENT PURPOSES ONLY. Any decisions that you might make as a result of reading this or any other astrological blog entry are YOURS ALONE and the creator of this blog will not be held responsible! For any legal issues, see a lawyer; for medical ones, consult a physician. None of the information in this blog constitutes actionable advice from a licensed professional. Once again, this forecast is for ENTERTAINMENT PURPOSES ONLY!

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