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December 2023 Astrology Outlook*

November 26-December 2, 2023

Luna enters Gemini (Nov. 26) only to send our minds racing. If to-do lists, must-meets and information overload have you reeling, the operative Venus-Uranus quincunx may amplify lingering doubts: financial, creative, or romantic. Mercury’s square to Neptune (Nov. 27) will only heighten our struggles to see the bigger picture. 

The Gemini Full Moon (Nov. 27) may bring an unexpected communication, confirming something we’ve long suspected. As Luna achieves its maximum monthly brightness, a floodlight will shine on matters under this house’s rule in our natal charts. With Mars closely burned by Sol’s unrelenting heat, we may hesitate to act on any information learned as we seek out the truth of a matter. Saturn’s tense, mutable T-square may demand careful, measured responses, while tempering any emotional overload the Moon may incur under this more challenging configuration. 

Thankfully we get a much-needed reprieve from go-go-go pressures as Luna enters Cancer (Nov. 29). Expect a modicum of calm to prevail, though the Moon’s square to retrograde Chiron, Eris, Venus and Pluto (all Nov. 30-Dec. 1), could see matters flare on the home front, though a fleeting Moon-Neptune trine may have us gaze compassionately on the situation.

Perspective comes as Mercury enters Capricorn (Dec. 1). While the Moon’s propensity towards drama may be enhanced by its entry into Leo (Dec. 1), its trine to the Sun (Dec. 2) may bring levity and hope to any personal stresses. 

December 3–9, 2023

The week begins under a challenging Venus-Pluto square (Dec. 3). Secrets may be unearthed or sometimes-overt, sometimes-subtle power plays may leave us feeling uneasy about the status of a relationship. 

Our spidey senses may tingle as Aphrodite enters the scorpion’s den (Dec. 4). Relationship tensions may be heightened just as Luna briefly squares a combust Mars (Dec. 4). We know that someone isn’t being entirely truthful. With Venus trining Saturn (Dec. 5), we may be reminded that jumping to conclusions benefits no one. Take time to gain emotional clarity as you seek out all the facts. This may be complicated by Neptune’s direct station (Dec. 6), jumbling our perceptions, though the pursuit of truth and an emphasis on mature wisdom prevails under a powerful fixed Mercury-Jupiter trine (Dec. 7). 

Luna’s entry into Scorpio (Dec. 8) invites relationship instability as she joins Venus and opposes Uranus. Shocking secrets threaten our rosy outlook, especially as others may hold all the cards. Venus’s opposition to Jupiter (Dec. 9) may have us demanding clarity, especially if our gazes turn to the future. 

December 10–16, 2023

A series of minor aspects may temporarily hit the release valve on the pressure cooker. Notably, a Mercury and Venus sextile (Dec. 10) could introduce a window for productive (if not weighty) conversation. 

The Sagittarius New Moon (Dec. 12) invites holiday hope largely free of malefic influence. The Saturn sign-based square is of little consequence, especially during the season of miracles. Mars remains combust, albeit gradually regaining its strength. This is the quintessential signature of finding our feet (and faith) after the rollercoaster signatures of the first-half of the month. The applying square to Neptune may signal hope, imbuing this lunation with the kinetic energy we need to stoke the internal fire of our unspoken dreams. 

Don’t let Mercury’s last retrograde of the year (beginning Dec. 13) derail any big plans made under the Sagittarius New Moon. Accept the delays the cosmic messenger brings as a sign that new beginnings may best be saved for the New Year, but the balance of this one may benefit from doing your homework. After all, Sagittarian energies typically suffer from a lack of pragmatism in actualizing big, bold ideas. Luna’s conjunction with Pluto (Dec. 15) may be the ideal signature to commence your research, while the Mars-Chiron trine (Dec. 15) may help us find faith in ourselves, even if the Sun-Neptune square may have us wavering in our convictions (Dec. 16).

December 17–23, 2023

Luna’s entry into compassionate Pisces (Dec. 17) sees us cut everyone around us a little slack, while Mercury’s trine to Jupiter (Dec. 18) may renew optimism around past projects and ideas. Expect a sudden shift in your gut-instincts as Luna in Aries (Dec. 19) reminds us that we can all benefit from a little gumption. 

Under the winter solstice (Dec. 21), the Sun and a combust Mercury trines Luna just having entered Taurus. The strong fixed energy reminds us that perseverance is key. The Moon in its exaltation may remind us that pragmatism and pessimism don’t have to be essential bedfellows. 

Mercury’s conjunction with Sol (Dec. 22) brings a fresh start to our Capricorn-ruled house. Between now and April 11, 2024, we have time to make good on any promises seeded and any intentions sown for our personal happiness. 

December 24–31, 2023

Our gazes turn to 2024 as we close out the year under various winter festivities. A mild Sun-Saturn sextile (Dec. 24) invites joviality with kith and kin. The moon’s monthly transit of Gemini (Dec. 24) strikes just in time to amp up our anxieties, but don’t worry, everyone really is enjoying themselves, even if the cookies are a little too brown and the turkey a touch on the dry side. 

A watery trine between Venus and Neptune (Dec. 25) may have us ruminating on the magic of the season. Though Venus may feel a little battered as she continues her Scorpionic transit (with no aid from its domicile ruler), Neptune may help her transcend any woes, looking more hopefully into its crystal ball. What does 2024 hold? Planetary signatures are simply potentials; they are what you make them. 

A Boxing Day Cancer Full Moon may stoke tensions with family — not in a bad way, but maybe you desperately need a breather. The sympathetic sextile between Luna and Jupiter may have you moderate any snappiness, reminding you of the concessions we make this season and the strength we gain from surrounding ourselves with loved ones. The Greater Benefic’s retrograde motion may add a little nostalgia to the holiday feel. 

Lightness continues under a luminous Sun-Jupiter trine (Dec. 27). Just be careful not to poke any bears as Mars and Mercury conjoin later in the day. Indecisiveness may strike under the Mars-Neptune square (Dec. 28); alternatively, this may be the signature of emotional fatigue, or indecision about next steps. Too much holiday wassail? Take it easy if you can. 

As Venus leaves Scorpio (Dec. 29), expect shifts on various fronts. Relationship prospects may be reinvigorated. Despite the annual drain on bank accounts, we may feel optimistic about our financial outlook into the new year. Friends from afar may reconnect with you as the Lesser Benefic comfortably ensconces herself in the archer’s home. 

Just in time for January, Jupiter returns to direct motion, bringing all manner of auspicious blessings your way under its powerful station (Dec. 30). Be bold. Make a wish. A big wish. The Moon will be back in practical Virgo by year’s end (Dec. 31), shifting us back to the minutiae of entertaining all too soon. Try not to stress about that party dress — you’re still fab, star-gazer!

Happy holidays, everyone!


*DISCLAIMER: All astrological forecasts are for ENTERTAINMENT PURPOSES ONLY. Any decisions that you might make as a result of reading this or any other astrological blog entry are YOURS ALONE and the creator of this blog will not be held responsible! For any legal issues, see a lawyer; for medical ones, consult a physician. None of the information in this blog constitutes actionable advice from a licensed professional. Once again, this forecast is for ENTERTAINMENT PURPOSES ONLY!

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