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Astrology of Eclipse Season, Part 2 -Monumental Changes - Lunar Eclipse in Taurus, November 8, 2022*

Hey star-gazers! This is your November total lunar eclipse forecast for all rising signs.

If you haven’t checked out your solar eclipse forecast for the October 25 lunation, make sure you go back and read it so you have a complete picture as to the changes that you could expect over the next six months.

With that, let’s dive right into the astrology of this eclipse.



Once again, the eclipse is taking place again across the Taurus-Scorpio axis at around 16 degrees of Taurus, lending this eclipse a great deal of fixed energy — an energy that craves stability, security, staying the course, and doing things the way they’ve always been done. However, with the Full Moon occurring in the sign of Taurus, conjunct the shocking sign of Uranus that shakes things up, we need to prepare for interruptions to the status quo.

Taurus is a sign connected with what we value, our possessions, self-worth, and things that we tend to privilege in this lifetime as worth the work and the getting. Scorpio, on the other hand, can be those things that eat away at us — yes, this is an axis that’s typically associated with finances and Scorpio with debts and money owed in particular, but on a much deeper, psychological level, it’s also connected in with fears concerning scarcity, lack and insecurity.

Scorpio is also a sign of exchange. In contrast with Venusian giving, acquiring, obtaining, maintaining and retaining, this is the axis of Martial taking — of cutting, excising, releasing and the harsh reality of trade offs.

This is also an axis of pleasure and peril — the things we love and luxuriate in, but also anxieties, limitations, past traumas, and other psychological and emotional events that we hold within our psyches and physiology. Wherever this axis falls in your chart, you will be involved in these dualities this entire eclipse season.

Transit chart of the November 8, 2022 eclipse. Created using AstroGold for Android.


This is a Full Moon eclipse, meaning that the Sun and Moon will be forming an opposition. This is an aspect of tension, but one which, emphasizing polarity, can have echoes of Saturn associated with it: boundaries, limits, lack, fear, desire and a desire to break free from constraints — particularly with Uranus in an operative conjunction to that Moon.

It’s also worth noting that Saturn is in an operative square to this eclipse, emphasizing the pull between constraint, responsibility, obligation, and freedom — a theme that we’ve been feeling in the background for at least the first half of this year after the 2021 squares receded, but which sprung back into focus beginning around Triple Conjunction back in August, and which perfected around the end of September/beginning of October.

This eclipse is challenging this dynamic — shaking up our conceptions of stability and safety and where we feel scared and apprehensive. And the close conjunction to the North Node is amplifying these sentiments, magnifying our desires for liberation and freedom.

Mercury is in an operative conjunction to both the South Node — a point of release — and the Sun, under whose beams Mercury is supremely empowered via an astrological configuration known as cazimi. For some of you, this could signal some mental energies, profound fears, or other self-defeating thoughts finally releasing. This Mercury is strong, self-assured and powerful; it’s also in its superior conjunction, or Epimethean phase, which is all about culmination of effort.

You may recall, Mercury’s inferior conjunction with the Sun back in the sign of Libra in late September started Mercury’s new synodic cycle. This was a period of Mercury bounding forth in the world, with Aries-like pioneering and adventuring energy, to collect new information and make a plan for your life. This plan will see its consolidation over the balance of November and into December, before Mercury’s next retrograde period.

Before we get to that stage, however, Mercury, in its Epimethean phase, is all about synthesis — experience, refining raw material and making sense of possibilities. So, as part of this eclipse, Mercury is also in this opposition to the Moon, signaling a tension between our thoughts and emotions, and the South Node inviting us to release limiting beliefs, as echoed by that square from Saturn.

It’s also worthwhile noting that the ruling planet of this eclipse is Venus, in its exile in the sign of Scorpio, in a loose conjunction with Mercury and the Sun. This is a Venus that will have challenges to overcome to get what she wants in terrain she’s not familiar with — namely, the depth-defying, strategic and intense sign of Scorpio.

In an opposition, she is also pulled into this tug-of-war between where we feel a need to change — that’s the Moon-Uranus conjunction — and where, in the sign of Scorpio, she may feel limited in her options, challenged by potential limitations.

This eclipse is part of successive eclipses that have been occurring across this axis, beginning back in November of 2021 — so this eclipse is part of a storyline that will be wrapping up in October of next year, with eclipses occurring across this Taurus-Scoprio axis until then. As the nodes continue to move backward in the sky, the eclipses will eventually shift to begin fully occurring across the Aries-Libra axis, initiating a new cycle of changes in our lives.

Finally, the general caution with all eclipses is to avoid any actions, initiatives, travel, or other activities that are not necessarily routine as the overall celestial energy is highly unpredictable.

The ancients believed that conjunctions and hard aspects between the Moon and the North Node were particularly problematic as we typically see with any eclipse.

This caution is intensified if the degrees of the Moon and the North Node are exact. And so, beginning anything — a new business, a new relationship, or new venture, a new trip — was considered especially unfortunate, setting the native up for bad luck. This was certainly a perpetual treatment of the eclipses throughout much of the course of Western astrology and is one of the reasons why I often think that it’s best to lay low and do as little as possible during this two-week period. Business as usual should be the name of the game, especially if we suddenly feel compelled into action by Uranus needling us to take action and break free.

So, with that, let’s dig into the effects of this eclipse on all rising signs, but don’t forget that you can also read for your Sun and Moon sign as well.


For Taurus risings, this eclipse will occur in your first house.

Given that this is a much more interior-focused eclipse, expect some jarring but potentially liberating personal awakenings, especially with the Moon exalted.

Perhaps you’ve been involved in a lot of deep, interior work, going through an inner transformation? Maybe you’ve been inventorying limiting beliefs and feeling like you need to make radical changes? Either way, this is going to be the watershed moment for you — especially those of you who might have been born with Uranus in Scorpio natally — since this will be your Uranus opposition.

Opposing the Moon, the Sun-Mercury conjunction in the seventh house could see you releasing some negative and self-defeating thoughts and communications patterns in the area of your personal relationships. These might have been holding you back from furthering your own personal aims or standing more fully in your own personal power.

This eclipse could also be shedding some light on where you’ve been undervalued in your life — by the people closest to you, including partners, family and close friends. You’ll be standing up and speaking out, Taurus, and asserting yourself, especially as your confidence grows with this eclipse.

With Saturn in the mix, squaring this eclipse from the tenth, there could be an added dimension of control, restriction, stress and friction coming from matters in your tenth — that’s your career, public standing in the world, reputation, and, depending on your astrological philosophy, either parent — a mother or a father.

If you think bigger picture, you will want to consider how these eclipses have been unfolding a particular narrative storyline for you across your first- and seventh-house axis, underscoring the themes of security, safety, value, worth, including self-worth, and restriction, control, obsession, fear, and release related to you and your relationships.

This is a storyline that likely began in the Fall of 2021 and will end in late October of next year, so this is a critical turning point — watch the events of this eclipse closely as its energy will unfold until the next eclipse occurring in May of next year.


For Gemini risings, this eclipse is taking place across your twelfth-house/sixth-house axis, emphasizing a longer-term storyline for you that likely began in late 2021 around the topics of work-related matters, health and wellness, pets, and deeply psychological transformation.

Given that this Full-Moon eclipse is taking place in your twelfth-house and conjunct Uranus, issues could come a head in matters that traditional astrological texts consider to be quite difficult. Although modern astrology often puts a more positive and transcendent spin on the twelfth house — and I, myself, include those considerations in delineations — we can’t ignore the fact that this is also a house that shares Saturnian significations with lack, sorrow, bondage, chronic illness, and self-undoing.

Now, before anyone gets worried, I always like to issue my standard caveats that we’ve all survived various transits through this house before, and, depending on our age, we’ve all had at least one, if not more depending on your age, twelfth-house profection year, so before we all suddenly fear for our material and physical welfare, we’ve all lived through this before and survived it.

But I do think it’s important to be honest about the astrology and to flag the potential where, for certain Gemini risings out there, this energy can manifest in more difficulties for all manner of reasons; this includes planets conjunct or in hard aspect to the eclipse in your natal charts.

Alternatively, the twelfth house can also represent matters that are percolating in the background of our lives — potentially out of sight, owing to the secretive association with this house.

The aspect of this challenging house that I most often rely on for delineation purposes is the notion of self-undoing, and avoiding any actions that could go against our own self-interest. And so here, too, Gemini, I think there could be a very real caution around the impetus for action that you could feel from Uranus conjunct the Full Moon applying pressure on the planet of emotions, instincts and desire for safety and security.

Opposing an empowered Mercury in your sixth, with the Sun and a difficult Venus all on the South Node, you could feel ready to release something and be done with a persistent challenge that’s been dogging at you for over a year — it could be largely confined to your work, people who report to you, people you employ, or for those of you who may own property with tenants. Ultimately, this energy could manifest in a very real issue concerning them and feeling fettered in a situation that isn’t permitting you a clear sightline to an exit ramp.

Uranus in this conjunction may be asking you to consider novel solutions — sweeping into the fixed signs that tend to do things the same way they’ve always done them because they’ve worked to date. With Uranus retrograde, however, I’d suggest hanging tight, even if the empowered Mercury in opposition contributes to a bright idea and potential solution.

All in all, this could be a sudden breakthrough for you — an eclipse that not only shines a spotlight on the problem, but also presents the solution.


This eclipse is taking place in your eleventh house — a signature that I really envy for the culmination of matters pertaining to changes in your acquaintances, social groups, benefactors, hopes, dreams, ambitions, positive expectations, and income from businesses you own.

Given that the storyline of this eclipse has been unfolding across your fifth-house / eleventh-house axis, this is could be continuing a very interesting theme for you around value, income, worth and resources, especially around your creative endeavours, pleasure, hobbies and children — or children that you’re trying to conceive.

For some of you, this Moon in the eleventh, conjunct Uranus, could be unexpected, but very positive news of a pregnancy, while, for others, you could be changing up the circles you move in, better aligning your associations and acquaintances with any shifts in your overall outlook and aspirations in life.

Given the opposition from the empowered Mercury in its Epimethean phase, this combination with Uranus across the axis could portend to a “Eureka!” moment in this area of your life as well, so be on the lookout for sudden bursts of creative inspiration to hit.

I especially like this for the sextile that this eclipse is forming to your first house, and, given that the configuration is between receptive signs, this could be an unexpected opportunity that falls into your lap, or a kind of metaphorical door-opening moment that you have only to step through to take advantage of.

I also like this signature, in particular, for creative types — artists, writers, craftspeople, and anyone involved in Venusian and Mercurial endeavours.

This could be a continuing storyline around your efforts at monetization of your creative work and garnering the support and backers needed; or, alternatively, you could get a big idea around marketing your artwork, taking your business to the next level, or generating income from your creative pursuits. This eclipse could also see you finally recognizing the value of what you do and the fact that you ought to get paid for it.

While I know Venus is in a slightly challenging position in this house and debilitated under the Sun’s beams, there are hints that the ancients considered the Lesser Benefic’s presence nonetheless beneficial and a symbol of everything turning alright in the end.

Therefore, if there are some immediate obstacles present, or you might feel slightly concerned that any radical efforts may not pan out, know that, first, you need to moderate any impulses towards action due to Uranus’ continued retrograde movement, but don’t immediately disregard any bright ideas either, since they could be a ticket to the next phase of this storyline that takes you into May of next year.


This exalted eclipse is angular for you, occurring in your tenth house, so you, in particular, could expect some big changes, particularly in the areas relating to your career and public standing.

Like all of us, you’ve had Uranus inching its way through the sign of Taurus now for several years, which could have already caused some unexpected zig-zags in your career path.

More recently, with Uranus turning retrograde, you could have experienced an unexpected setback or reversal in career matters, and sometimes these sudden shifts can be quite upsetting for us.

This eclipse could shed a cosmic light on the larger purpose of those challenges or reversals, but with the eclipse squaring your ascendant, the overall flavour could be one that still presents some friction in our lives.

Given that this eclipse is ruled by Venus, in a fairly challenging position down in your fourth house, there could be some lingering issues relating to the area of home, family, ancestral property, real estate or issues concerning your foundation, that is, who forms part of your support network and your core beliefs. These could somehow be posing some limitations, potentially to any Uranian desires you could be experiencing.

These issues could also be inextricably linked to your own self-worth and value, too, especially with Venus in the mix. Overall, however, there could be a very exciting culmination in work matters, which, with the Moon also signifying travel, could see you unexpectedly taking on some new jet-setting opportunities.

With the opposition from the cazimi Mercury, this could also be a very interesting time for your thinking, ideas and mental outlook to get a shakeup around how you’re viewing obstacles and limitations in your life.

Finally, for anyone embroiled in a legal matter, the tenth house was often associated with the conference of a judgment, and so, this could be an unexpected resolution to an outstanding matter potentially pertaining to lunar concerns — including but not limited to property, real estate or family matters. Because it is in a square aspect to your first house, it could still be quite a challenging or friction-causing outcome for you, and, despite the Moon’s exaltation and strength in this sign, it’s still aspected by malefic Saturn by a two-degree orb-of-influence by square, so, simply put, prepare for some of the good promised by the Moon’s placement to be slightly eroded by undercutting energies.

This said, it’s important to recognize that this won’t be an ending to the overall plotline of this eclipse cycle. The story will continue its unfolding into May of next year, when the Nodes shift into the Aries-Leo axis, and so, you’ll want to pay attention to events playing out around this eclipse in November.


This eclipse is occurring in your ninth house, which could be part of a storyline for you that began last year around topics concerning learning, skills, spirituality, religion, matters of philosophy, or travel to culmination for you.

Given that your ascendant ruler is involved and empowered by its cazimini with the Sun, this could be a more significant eclipse as it touches personally upon your first house, but also your tenth house as well — your standing in the world and broader career ambitions.

The Moon can have very esoteric connections as well — often connecting us in with our emotions and more primal feelings.

Ancient astrologers often took the position of the Moon and Mercury into account in natal astrology, particularly as it related to the soul of the native, with the Moon representing our more instinctual side Mercury the more thinking, contemplative, and intellectual side. This eclipse could therefore have you trying to harmonize these disparate threads — your mind and your feelings concerning first, third, ninth, tenth and eleventh house topics — into something intelligible.

This is certainly, to me, a very logical confluence of house topics coming to bear on this eclipse, as, Virgo, you could be figuring out what calls you deeply, personally, and at a soul level. This could be something that you’re aspiring to do in the world, but you’re not sure how you could turn it into a viable career right now. Given that the eclipse is also trining your first house, this could be an expansive energy, opening up a realm of possibility for you as you gain insight into the possibilities that this eclipse in your ninth awakens.

So, what are some more concrete archetypal possibilities that could be at the fore for you around this time? Higher learning — perhaps you’re finishing up classes, graduating or winding down a journey that has been about gaining additional education or some sort of certification in your life? This could be associated with the healing arts, given the Mercurial threads connecting your first and tenth houses and Mercury in your third, or with more holistic practices concerning health and wellness. Alternatively, you could be answering the inner call to finally go in that direction — maybe you’ve felt compelled to achieve greater alignment between your hopes and career trajectory since this eclipse cycle began last year, and so, this could be calling you to take inspired action.

Another possibility with Uranus and the Moon — the Moon also ruling travel, and potentially travel over water in ancient astrological significations — is that you could be taking an unexpected trip abroad, potentially connected in with these topics.

The only challenges that I may foresee is around the operative square from Saturn hitting the eclipse from your sixth house. This could be a perpetual concern that you might feel around certain obligations or responsibilities concerning your work or to service in the world. The good thing is that, with Uranus still retrograde, you have some time to figure things out before taking any actions. Just be aware that as much as lunar eclipses can be more interior focused, Uranus can and does thrust things upon us unexpectedly, so prepare to roll with whatever this eclipse might bring.


This eclipse is occurring in your eighth house of debt, taxes, loans, inheritances, fear, anxiety, Nine-of-Swords-type mental anguish, psychology and other slightly difficult significations.

Now, this isn’t to suggest that this will be an especially challenging eclipse for you Libra — this is simply to say that, especially if you have any natal planets in these houses, then it may be more impactful overall.

Given that this house rules joint finances and can represent your partner’s material earnings, you may wish to begin examining alternatives around revenue streams to ensure your longer-term security, not least because the eclipses will shift into your first-house and seventh-house axis next year.

One of the predominant themes of this eclipse cycle across the Taurus-Scorpio axis is concerning your finances — your second house of earned income being Scorpio-ruled, and your eighth house of money-out or financial dependence on others sources, being Taurus-ruled. So, many of these eclipses, beginning last year, could have shone a spotlight on your material security, including your finances and financial health. This storyline will, of course, end next year, but it’s important to consider whether anything this eclipse brings up could require you, in turn, scrutinizing the books.

Additionally, the Moon is in a loose opposition to your ascendant ruler, which is in the place of its detriment. While it has some dignity in Scorpio by triplicity and within 7–10 degrees of the sign, it’s outside of its home territory, and so less capable of enacting its agenda according to the harmonizing, balancing, and beautifying principles that it knows best.

Given that this Venus is also under the Sun’s debilitating beams, this could also be a signature that suggests something concerning eighth house matters is currently hidden for you — obscured from sight, only to be revealed once Venus emerges from the Sun’s harsh, obscuring glare.

Because this eclipse is also taking place in signs that are technically in aversion to this ascendant, I might go so far as to speculate that you may be flying slightly blind in financial matters. This isn’t because there aren’t things that you don’t want to see but because these places are typically not seen by the first house and, as such, you might expect some of the matters concerning this axis to come to light later — potentially even next year as the eclipses come home to roost in signs that directly concern you and the people closest to you.


This eclipse is taking place in your seventh house of relationships — this includes close friendships, business partnerships and marriages.

In previous forecasts concerning Uranus, I’ve spoken at length, Scorpio, about the challenging influence that Uranus could have had on your personal relationships. Given Saturn is in your fourth house of home and family, I know I’ve delineated potential tugs-of-war between obligation and responsibility to your home life, but with a shocking, potentially jarring pull either from yourself or from a partner wanting more independence in their lives.

It’s important to consider that this Moon is bringing a storyline of these eclipses, which began touching down across your first- and seventh-house axis last year, to a kind of crisis point or culmination.

The Moon is where we feel stability, security, and at home, and so, with Uranus conjunct this planet, forcing sudden, unstable changes in this area of your life, you could see security in your personal relationships challenged. At the same time, Venus, which is the natural significator of relationships and the ruler of your seventh and twelfth houses, is in a very challenging position in your first. This could be manifesting as a very direct toll on yourself personally as your relationships undergo a seismic shift.

With the South Node in your first house, closely conjunct a highly empowered Mercury, this could also be a time where you may need to undertake some monumental conversations to clear karmic burdens.

Given that the last total lunar eclipse back in May 16 of this year and the recent partial solar eclipse of October 25 all occurred within your sign, there is a continuing emphasis on this axis for you and, in particular, concerning a very personal transformation.

The challenging wrench being thrown in for you, Scorpio, is the continuing contraction and conflict aspect from Saturn, leading you to a potential inner and relational struggle within your home and family life and personal foundations.


This eclipse is taking place in your sixth house, concerning topics relating to your health and wellness, work, people who report to you or whom you employ, house pets, service, and, if you happen to be a landlord, it could also concern the people who rent property from you.

Given that the Moon can represent ourselves, our bodies, health and constitution, this can certainly be a health-related eclipse for you Sagittarius, particularly given the fact that this eclipse storyline has been taking place across this axis since last year.

With a very modern twist on the significations of the twelfth house including respite, retreat from life and hermitic tendencies, this could be a continuing signature of you feeling as if you need to make significant changes in your life in order to allow you better mental and physical health outcomes, and that can, of course, be tied in directly with your employment.

Given that you have Virgo on your tenth house and Mercury is empowered at the time of this eclipse by its conjunction with the Sun, you could be contemplating some fairly significant shifts in your career path.

Another archetypal possibility associated with this eclipse is, of course, the dynamic of service and where and who we serve from more of a charitable perspective in this lifetime. There could be an element of you making some significant shifts in this arena, particularly with the North Node present at this eclipse, there could be an element of a fated pull for you in this direction.

Another signification of this house can also be feelings under-appreciation and sorrow, and so, around this eclipse, you may experience some unexpected past feelings surface around this, given the amplifying Full Moon. With the South Node in the twelfth with the ruler of your sixth house, this could also be a very poignant time for you to release old self-defeating patterns and challenging ideas around your own worth and value.


This eclipse is taking place in your fifth house, which, I think, is a positive development in your life, especially if you’ve been feeling a bit battered first from Saturn’s transit through your first, and then, of course, some likely challenging activations from Pluto wrapping up its transit through Capricorn this year and into early next.

The fifth house is a house of Venus — pleasure, creativity, hobbies, enjoyments, luxuries, romantic affairs, and children — and so, simply put, Capricorn, this could be a very positive, albeit unpredictable eclipse, for changing up where and how you nurture yourself through your creative outlets.

Because there Moon can represent maternal instincts and affairs as well, this eclipse can portend to you unexpectedly spending more time with or improving the quality of time that you spend with your children. Alternatively, for those Capricorn risings looking to get pregnant, this could be an unexpected albeit welcome development.

This house, however, can also represent the health and condition of your children and so, if it’s afflicted, as this Moon is by a square from Saturn, I’d suggest that you simply monitor and exercise some care over the next six months concerning the health of your offspring.

However, as this eclipse cycle has been fairly consistently occurring across this axis, this may already be a very active archetypal possibility that some of are already experiencing.

More positively, because this can be quite a social house, associated with parties, pleasure and places of entertainment, you could simply be shaking things up, Capricorn, going out and yucking it up, which may not sound like you, but Uranus transiting through this house for you could be forcing you into reconsidering your naturally Saturnine nature.

The opposition in the eleventh with an empowered Mercury cazimi the Sun could also be tied into some of these social impulses. Given that Gemini rules your sixth and ninth houses, you could be revising your philosophy of all work and no play, or desiring to broaden your horizons through more communication and social interaction, including online, which is great if you tend to be more interior-focused.


This eclipse is taking place in your fourth house, implicating your home and family, property, ancestral wealth, and parental influences on your psychology.

Given that the Moon can represent our home, as well as real estate, Uranus in a near-exact conjunction could see you unexpectedly and potentially radically changing your living situation — this could either correspond to you picking up and moving, or simply renovating your existing home.

With Venus in a difficult opposition and Mars retrograde, however, this could correspond with some difficulties over the next few months, especially if you do go down the route of major home renovations requiring contractors and tradespeople. I would exercise a modicum of caution, particularly because Uranus remains retrograde at the time of this eclipse and Mars is also retrograde, and so, we could wind up regretting any major decisions when both planets go direct.

Uranus, especially, could be wrapped up with with dramatic, unpredictable, and sometimes aestheteically inventive changes. If you’re decorating, be careful what you pick out, since any design elements may no longer appeal to you once Uranus turns direct.

Concerning the potential for relocation, which could very well be a topic initiated by this eclipses across this axis, you may need to similarly exercise some caution. Saturn, your ascendant ruler, remains in your first house squaring the eclipse axis, and so, this could constellate a fairly difficult set of circumstances around yourself, your career and your home and family life, so take care, with that empowered Mercury, to leverage it to your advantage around any necessary conversations that you need to be having.

Finally, be cognizant that with Venus, the ruler of the fourth, in opposition in the tenth and in a difficult place that some of your major relationships could go through a rocky period as a result of these topical activations. However, with a benefic ultimately present in this configuration, it could portend to positive outcomes at the end of this six-month cycle.


This eclipse is taking place in your third house, potentially ushering in tremendous changes for you in the area of learning, extended family, communications, short-distance travel, writing and publishing and skill acquisition.

Given that Saturn is squaring this eclipse from the twelfth house, this could be a slightly challenging aspect around releasing past karma and baggage — something that this eclipse may be urging you to do for your own spiritual growth, owing to the South Node’s current transit through your ninth house.

This could therefore be a very cathartic eclipse for you for growing emotionally and healing unexpectedly through, potentially, writing, journaling or some other communicative expression of your own inner landscape.

The Moon, which can be a proxy for our emotions and nurturing can also correspond to writers and publishing, doubly emphasizing this potential signification for you. However, the Moon is also the ruler of your fifth house of creativity, pleasure, and children, and so could be importing these topical significations into this eclipse, tying them into the overall flavour of Uranian shake-ups and sudden changes.

The opposition occurring in your ninth-house has an empowered Mercury cazimi the Sun, which means that this could be an excellent signature for releasing past family- or relationship-related karma.

Given the stellium emphasizing this house at the time of this eclipse, there is likely some continuing emphasis occurring spiritual or religious matters that you could alternatively be coming to terms with, or gaining sudden enlightenment from.

At the time of this eclipse, your ascendant ruler is back in your first house, finishing up some unfinished business and widely conjunction retrograde Neptune, which has that revisioning energy with respect to hopes, dreams and aspirations. And so, given that your ascendant ruler is in a sign-based sextile to this eclipse, I can’t help speculating about the potential of this eclipse opening an unexpected door for you and ushering in new opportunities in third-house matters. As this is a very communicative and thoughtful sign, it could be tied in with an area of skills and learning for you.

Jupiter also rules your tenth house and so, having it back in your first house, tying up loose ends could signify that there’s something here relating to your aspirations, life path and career, but also something that may be predicated on the changes that have been taking place across your third- and ninth-house axis since last year. Levelling up in terms of your knowledge, or unexpected opportunities to launch online endeavours could be a very real possibility for you here, especially with Uranus, which rules the internet, in the mix.


This eclipse is taking place in your second house of earned income and moveable possessions. It also has connotations around what we value from a material perspective, including our own self-worth according to more modern astrological circles.

The exalted lunar conjunction with Uranus could make this an unexpected time for you to see some income coming in potentially from property, or, alternatively from your mother or a maternal figure. However, similar to the cautionary note that I provided Libra risings with owing to next year’s eclipse sign changes, it’s likely a good time for you both to review your finances overall, particularly since this eclipse also implicates your eighth house as well.

You have a debilitated Venus, the ruler of this Moon, over in the eighth house. It’s also hidden under the Sun’s beams, potentially portending to matters that are somehow hidden from your view right now. Given this configuration, you will want to be cognizant of the possibility that there could be some matters that are obscured, out of sight, or not yet in your line of view right now — they’ll come to light later, but could materially impact any of the beneficence that this Full Moon might bring.

The other planetary player in this eclipse that you may want to pay attention to is the empowered Mercury, cazimi the Sun and opposing this Moon. It’s a Mercury that can represent financial matters, business affairs, accounting, but also, since it rules your third and sixth houses, could tie in work-related matters, siblings, extended family, and communications. Therefore, some of these finances could very well be tied into a sibling connection if you have one.

Finally, with Saturn in an active square to this eclipse in your tenth house, know that there could be a tension aspect here too concerning your public standing, career or, alternatively, depending on the astrological tradition you adhere to, your mother or your father.

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*DISCLAIMER: All astrological forecasts are for ENTERTAINMENT PURPOSES ONLY. Any decisions that you might make as a result of reading this or any other astrological blog entry are YOURS ALONE and the creator of this blog will not be held responsible! For any legal issues, see a lawyer; for medical ones, consult a physician. None of the information in this blog constitutes actionable advice from a licensed professional. Once again, this forecast is for ENTERTAINMENT PURPOSES ONLY!

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