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Weekly Astrology Forecast for December 12–18, 2022* - Fated Mercury and Venus Transits!

Hey star-gazers, this is your weekly astrology forecast for December 12–18, 2022, and your penultimate forecast for the year as I’ll be taking the week of the 26th off.

We begin the week in a bit of a celestial holding pattern, with a number of planets still either retrograde or slow-moving, offering us a much-needed period of introspection, reflection and ease from some of the recent forward-moving energy we started to experience back in December.

On December 12, the Sun, which is in the last third of Sagittarius, gets a helpful hit from sober Saturn, forming a harmonious sextile.

Saturn in Aquarius will offer the Sun a moment to think beyond itself and its ego-drive, potentially contemplating necessity, obligation and duty to those around us, be it family or community.

This aspect will ultimately have a good feel to it, allowing us to deepen some of our relationships through acts of service or channeling our aims and desires into those to whom we owe a debt of gratitude.

Next, on December 14, the Sun in Sagittarius squares Neptune in Pisces, making this a slightly challenging day to get a grip on our objectives.

Neptune in watery Pisces can cause us to entertain daydreamy possibilities, get lost in our imagination, or build castles in the air, all predicated on our highest hopes and dreams.

While the Sun will struggle with asserting itself and propelling its own agenda for expansive ambition forward, this will be a great day to sit back and let the nebulous effects of Neptune wash over us. I also think that this would be a great day to let our imaginations roam, undertake some creative and intentional visualization, or work on our vision boards for the future.

Also occurring on December 14, Mercury in Capricorn trines the North Node in Taurus, potentially offering up a positive, fated and almost unexpected communication or message — emphasis on the sudden and unexpected owing to the loose but still operative conjunction from Neptune.

With the North Node in the financial sign of Taurus, this message or communication could correspond to something monetary, or, alternatively, with Mercury, involve contracts or a business venture, depending on your own individual natal promises.

Three days later, Mercury will trine Uranus, making December 17 a slightly wild day for erratic thoughts, unstable energy, and a difficulty for many of us to retain any clarity of focus while under the influence of the Promethean planet.

Mercury trining Uranus could also bring an unexpected but expansive message or communication or way, extending from that North Node operation a few days earlier, so give or take a few days on this celestial message, since the stars definitely have something specific in mind and a little more emphatic given the double-dose of energetic potential.

Finally, on December 18, Venus in Capricorn will trine the North Node in Taurus, providing a lovely and possibly auspicious signature for experiencing a turn of good fortune as it could relate to a fated karmic meeting. Given the loose Uranian influence, this could be an unexpected but beneficial event, and a lovely way to cap out a sleepier week, but one we will no doubt welcome as we count down the remaining days of 2022.

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